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Infinite Carpet Tiles - Assorted Reviews

Infinite Carpet Tiles - Assorted
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$22.28 Case
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case $29.71
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Average Rating 4.6/5
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Customer review image of  in Child's bedroom
Customer review image of  in Child's bedroom
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  Great for Kids room
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Child's bedroom
Melanie P. from Hermitage PA wrote...
I put these tiles right down on the sub flooring in my son's room. He is currently 11 years old and has a cat as well as allergies to dust. These tiles work great! With no carpet pad down, the allergens are almost nonexisten though he still has carpeting in his room and the end product looks amazing! It is colorful enough that he loves it, yet still ″adult″ enough that after he is finished using the room, I can turn it into an office without having to replace the flooring. It was easy to install and looks great! 2020-1-Infinite-Carpet-Tile-Assorted-1
  Very flimsy and color array VERY different
Verified Purchase
Anonymous from Austin, TX wrote...
Although they were easy to install and are serving the purpose they were installed for, I was disappointed with the quality. The black and blue colors appear to be actual carpet and I have no problem with those, but out of the several cartons I bought I only got 2 black and 3 blue. The rest were bright green and tan and look and feel like felt- or carpet at all. Those colors are not pictured. I was expecting an array of blue, black, grey like pictured on the website. I know they say colors vary, but they should picture All possible colors. And all tiles should be the same texture. It looks bizarre installed.
  Easy to install, looks good and easy to clean
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Playroom
Irene from MI wrote...
Bought this carpet tile and it is everything I needed. I have a lot of small grand children and I put the tile in their playroom, it's very durable and easy to clean. I will be buying again for another room.
  Fun new floors
Becky from Tx wrote...
It's a cool idea for a flooring. I like that some colors are colorful and others are more of the gray.
  Nice product
Self-installed in Outdoors
Carlos from Denver, Colorado wrote...
I wasn't too concerned about having a mix match floor so this was fine for me. The floor was lower cost than other options and I'm happy I can use them on my patio.
  Love made in USA!
Brad from California wrote...
The product has a plastic film on that back that you remove before putting the carpet on the ground. The adhesive was good and they seem to stay well so far.
Customer review image of  in
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  Flooring Picture
Verified Purchase
Kimberly L from Merced, CA wrote...
Flooring Inc proved to be a great choice for my flooring project. I had a little issue with FedEx delivering my shipment, but customer service took care of me right away. I highly recommend Flooring Inc for flooring projects.
  Easy yo install
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Living room
Dustin from OH wrote...
I love these things. I do not think i will ever go back to traditional carpet. Super easy to lay. Just make sure your floor is clean.
results 1-8 of 8
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