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8mm Designer Series Rubber Tiles - Coffee Creek Reviews

8mm Designer Series Rubber Tiles - Coffee Creek
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$27.34 Tile
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tile $36.45
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Average Rating 4.8/5
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  Our New Basement Floor - The Best Decision We Made
Self-installed in Basement
Emily from Portland, Oregon wrote...
Completed a basement remodel for a home business. What to put on the floor?!? We had much to consider: rainy Portland, wanted something extremely durable, easy to clean, quiet and soft. Could not find anything that fit our needs. Started to notice my gym's flooring and looked online for rubber flooring. We had a very difficult time trying to decide on the color. Because the ceilings are low, we did not want a dark floor and a dark room. We loved the Designer Series Strong Rubber, 8mm, in the tan color. The price held us back a bit. We could not find anything comparable. So, we went ahead with our order, but were still worried if we would like it. My husband installed the flooring. It was very easy for him to do. It totally transformed our room. Our contractors kept telling us, the floor was beautiful and was the ″STAR″ of the remodel. They marveled at how you couldn't even see the seams! I found that odd, since they didn't praise anything they did! My customers all ask, ″What is this flooring?″ ″It is REALLY nice!″ This floor never looks dirty! People track in dirt and little rocks, kids have eaten in there and left crumbs all over. But, you never see anything on the floor. The seams are really tight and the tiles are heavy, so dirt doesn't stick between the tiles. We have accidentally dropped heavy tools on the floor and there are no nicks or dents! Couple of things to think about. We put masking tape on the floor, before we painted the woodwork. It left darker gummy marks in some areas. We can't get it off (never did call the company to find a solution). Thankfully we bought extra tiles. Do not put masking tape on the floor! Also, the plywood underneath the tiles, was not perfectly flat. When we walked on the rubber tiles we could feel raised spots. We removed the tiles and scraped down the floor in those areas. The tiles lift off easily with a paint can opener. Beautiful looking and extremely durable floor!!
Customer review image of  in Fitness Center
Customer review image of  in Fitness Center
Customer review image of  in Fitness Center
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  Home Owners Assn Fitness Center
Self-installed in Fitness Center
Al Woodall from Kure Beach, NC wrote...
We installed ourselves and it looks great. We're very happy with our purchase.
Customer review image of  in Home Gym
Customer review image of  in Home Gym
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  Home exercise room
Self-installed in Home Gym
Sharon F. from Grand Rapids, Michigan wrote...
Installed on cement basement floor for home exercise room. Looks great! Color is perfect. The installation took my husband and I approx. 5 hrs, cutting around the walls and a closet was the trickiest. We are very happy with the final look.
Customer review image of  in Home Gym
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  Very Happy
Self-installed in Home Gym
Janice G. from Charlotte, NC wrote...
I love the new exercise room floor. Installation wasn't too bad. Just a bit difficult around door frames. I suggest cutting it square around the frames and filling it in with small scrap pieces.
  Oops is No Problem
Installed in home gym
Carl W.Sisco from Lancaster wrote...
We had placed an order for tiles for our new home gym. When they arrived they accidentally sent their newest version Gatorade. We loved that mistake!Unfortunately we didn't calculate enough & had to order 30 more tiles. They were awesome and sent out the tiles ( even waved some of shipping). When the tile arrived it was the original color and didn't match at all. Luisa was so awesome! She sent our new tile and let us keep the 30 tiles as it was their oops. This company not only makes a great tile - they have integrity, great business practices and do it all in a friendly manner.
Self-installed in Basement exercise room
Anonymous from Clarksburg, MD wrote...
These tiles look great, plus they were super easy to install. We purchased them to use in our recently finished exercise room. Highly recommend.
  wish i knew about the smell
Self-installed in sunroom
Anonymous from california wrote...
Love the rubber floor, still airing out the sunroom 2 weeks later.
  Visitation center
Self-installed in Child visitation center
Anonymous from Fort Smith AR. wrote...
We needed a floor that provided 1)comfort 2)easy to clean 3)looks good 4)can be repaired 5)flexible. The interlocking rubber tiles covered all our requirements. There is over 2000 square feet for kids to play on. It went down with ease with only a box knife and square. Customer support was very helpful in getting the floor on site in time.
  Very Impressive Flooring
Self-installed in Room in basement
CM from Pearisburg, VA wrote...
I installed these tiles in a large room in my basement. The tiles are rather expensive but well worth the money. I was reluctant to spend the money for this type of flooring but I am glad I did. The quality is excellent. You really have to look very close to the floor to see the seams. Everyone that has seen the floor has not seen the seams unless I point them out. The installation was very easy. The floor is not cold like tile would have been. All in all we are very pleased with the product and service we got from I would definitely recommend this type of flooring.
Customer review image of  in Basement
Customer review image of  in Basement
Customer review image of  in Basement
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  Awesome product, looks great
Self-installed in Basement
Sam from Pequannock NJ wrote...
After our hot water heater blew and destroyed the carpet in our finished basement, we wanted to put something down that was easy to install and ok if it ever got wet. The floor arrived on a pallet, all 173 pieces! Putting it down was easy, the tiles have some weight so we paced ourselves and it took a couple of days to do all 600sq ft but the end results are great!
  Good Serivce
Anonymous from Highlands, NC wrote...
Just wanted to send a note to inform Inc.Stores of above and beyond, great customer service from Alicia V. Today I was in a predicament, due to a misunderstanding in shipping arrangements for a 1,100 lb rubber flooring order. I called Customer Service and spoke with Alicia, explaining that FedEx called yesterday to state that their delivery truck was 28 feet and could easily deliver my flooring, when in fact the Delivery man called as he was in route to my house and would be pulling a 28 foot trailer with a tractor for a total of 40 feet, this will not bring the flooring close to my house. Alicia was very concerned about my situation and offered several delivery options to help me out. The freight delivery driver and I made the delivery work and when he left Alicia had called me to ask how everything turned out. She showed a genuine concern for my situation, when in fact she could have just stated that receiving the shipment was my problem and I would have to work it out. Thank you to Alicia.
  Home Gym
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Charlottesville, VA wrote...
Very easy to install and the delivery was as promised. The only drawback was that we have at least 12 tiles left over after the calculation of square footage.
  basement replacement
Self-installed in Basement
Anonymous from Appleton, WI wrote...
Looks great-replaces carpet and pad that was ruined with basement ″waterfall″ from faulty seal on window. Goes together easily and cuts relatively easily and cleanly as well. I laid it all by myself-and I'm a nolonger under 50 woman. The biggest problem was moving the tiles collectively since they are so darn heavy. They have to be carried a couple at a time, but they don't move once put on the floor. I didn't have to do any special basement floor prep, just cleaned and locked them together. Not cushioned, if that is what you are looking for, but great for the workout area, and put an area rug down on top of the tiles in the kids tv area. I got the designer tan coloring, to go along with the carpet left on the other half of the basement and it looks great. I would do it again without hesitation.
  Good Product - Top Quality
Self-installed in My Den/Mancave when my wife is mad at me.
Richard and Regina from Sedona, AZ wrote...
My wife and I bought these tiles even though they are newer due to the positive reviews for the standard series strong rubber tiles. I can assure everyone these were very good quality and you really have to try hard to find the seam once you lock them together. They actually lock together so tight that I found using a rubber mallet came in handy to make sure they were locked together the best way possible. You don't necessarily need the mallet but your fingers can get tired after awhile without it. The only part that can be a little tricky when installing is that I did a wall to wall install and had to cut the tabs off of the tiles along the wall to fit it in but it was pretty easy to do if you have any decent handyman skills. Basically I used a utility knife like they recommended and cut along the side of metal yard stick. As long as you measure twice and take your time, you should be able to do this pretty easily. Oddly enough, I purchased the Sedona color since I live in Sedona, AZ and those colors best matched my home decor.
Customer review image of  in
Customer review image of  in
Customer review image of  in
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  Such a difference
Darci W. from Renton, WA wrote...
I just wanted to share some photos of the flooring that I purchased. It makes such a difference! Thank you.
  rubber flooring screened in porch
Self-installed in screened in porch
Anonymous from goldsboro nc wrote...
It is vary easy to install we installed it on our rear screened in porch it came out vary nice but would have been better if our cement floors would have been flat you could see the jointing lines this is not for floors that are wavy we love the looks and would have do it again
  Somewhat Happy
Installed in Home gym
Bill Meyer from Louisville, KY wrote...
The rubber tiles I ordered for my home gym turned out to be what I was looking for, except for the coloring. Even though the tiles were all supposed to be the same color (black with tan specks), some of the tiles were different shades than the others. As such, the floor has a puzzle piece look that I didn't anticipate.
  Should have done this long ago!
Self-installed in Basement
Anonymous from Sterling, VA wrote...
The Designer Series tiles look great in our basement. They were easy to install - albeit with a bit of elbow grease and a good cutting tool for the edge pieces - and fit together perfectly. It's very hard to see the seams. Our basement gets wet every couple of years and we'd gotten sick of messing with carpet. The tiles will be easy to pick up, wash off, and reinstall. Overall very happy. We've taken samples to work etc to show off the product.
  Not just for gym floors
Self-installed in Kitchen/dining room/bath
Dianne from WI wrote...
The designer series moved this product from the basement gym to the main floor living space. Installed, it has the look of carpet and it feels great underfoot. No more broken dishes if they fall to the floor. Product was fairly easy to install. My only recommendation to RubeerFlooringInc is to have the product shipped in smaller boxes with the tiles single wide so it can be moved using a dolly. I had to open the boxes outside, separate the tiles, and carry them by hand into the house.
  Excellent for DIY
Self-installed in Home Gym - basement on concrete
Anonymous from Chapel Hill, NC wrote...
Got these delivered after seeing the reviews. I rate it 5/5 - it is an high quality, heavy rubber tile that, once placed correctly, looks like one solid floor. Due to the pattern of the flakes, you don't see any of the tiny seams - the floor fits perfectly. I used the exact measurements and the calculator was spot on - only 5 tiles left! Well done.
results 1-20 of 63
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