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1/4" Pre Cut Tough Rubber Rolls Reviews

1/4" Pre Cut Tough Rubber Rolls
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$122.00 Roll
reg: $1.63 sqft
roll $162.67
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Average Rating 4.7/5

Customer Reviews

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Mats for indoor cycling & fitness studio AND g
Installed in Gym
from New York wrote...
I recently placed a large order at and the experience I had was great from beginning to end. The floors are for an indoor cycling & fitness facility and they make the place look great. I had the pleasure of working with Fatimah who promptly answered all of my questions whenever I had any. She walked me through the delivery process and when I placed the order she made it as easy as possible. The customer service was great and I'm sure the rubber floor we ordered will be just as great (based on others' reviews it is!) Not to mention the great price!

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Looks Great, No real complaints
Self-installed in Entire house
from Gardiner, ME wrote...
After doing a fair amount of research, I settled on this flooring because I am finishing building a green, off-grid house and needed an eco-friendly flooring solution to cover my cold concrete slab. I ordered the brown fleck product without first seeing a sample. I am very pleased with the color and look of the final product and although I was initially worried that my flooring would look too commercial, it looks very nice. The main reson I chose the rolls was that this particular product is floor score certified and so should theoretically have fewer emissions. Only issues with install are that the ends are poorly cut, as others have noted, and one of the 6 rolls I ordered appears to have a curve in the length of product and despite installing them tightly together, the edge will not stay tight down the center on one side and the ends on the other. Besides the one roll however, the rest were straight and laid quite flat. So far after one week the rubber smell is very strong upon entering my house but I assume that will dissipate over time. Overall very satisfied with the flooring.
1/4 Inch Custom Cut Gym Flooring Rolls
Self-installed in Bedroom for a special needs son.
from Bealeton, VA wrote...
I just installed 1/4 rubber flooring in a bedroom for my Autistic son. I used on-line chat to get my custom quote. Ahead of that I ordered samples. This was very helpful for selecting the color. The teal seemed to pop as compared to the other colors. The process was explained to me and played out as described. The delivery was placed in the open bay of my garage and care was taken in the packaging of the rolls for delivery. Scrap pieces of rubber were used to protect the ends of the rolls. The rolls arrived in perfect condition. One of my rolls needed to extend into a closet and the other two needed to extend to a door which was at at an angle. I used paper to create a template. This worked like a charm. I suggest using that method for custom cuts. Cutting the 1/4 inch rolls was easy. I used a drywall T-square and a utility knife with a new blade. I was able to complete the install using the same blade. The install went over plywood sub floor and the seams were anchored with double backed tape. Suggest placing the tape down first, then peeling off the top side last. The finished product looks great; I just hope my son doesn't find a way to destroy it, he is good at that.
Excellent Rubber Flooring
Self-installed in basement
from Chesterfield Michigan wrote...
I am glad I selected Rubber Flooring Inc, for my floor layout complection of my home fitness area. The pre-cut rolls seemed to butt up together prefectly without anyone noticing the sections. The pre cut 1/4 inch rubber materal, I thought was an excellent choice for protection the base floor regards to the free weights and heavy workout equipment. The rubber material was easy to install, and layout.
Exactly what we were looking for.
Self-installed in Home
from Rhode Island wrote...
Bought this to go over a laminate floor in the workout area of our finished cellar. It's perfect for that application, and is a very high quality product; just like the floors at most well-known gyms. A little bit pricey, but worth it.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Storage Room
Self-installed in Storage Room
from Windsor, CT wrote...

RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
1/4" rubber rolls
Self-installed in Gym
from Corinth, MS wrote...
Product was as described, easy to install and cut, made our new gym look perfect!!!! The delivery company failed to call us to schedule delivery or that the product was even delivered...frustrating. Otherwise very happy with product!!!
great value.
Self-installed in workout room
from Kansas city wrote...
Good product, reasonable price. Install not too hard. Really made my workout room pop.
PreCut Uneven
Self-installed in Prolific Fitness 24/7
from Clearfield, UT wrote...
Everything went well with my order up to the installation. I needed the length exactly 25' with straight cut edges on both ends. Every roll was about 6" too long & both ends were unevenly cut. Overall the flooring looks great, but there's now uneven edges due to having go make so many cuts alond the base boards.
Rubber floor for home gym
Self-installed in Over concrete slab in basement
from Albany ny wrote...
I'm very happy with the 1/4" rubber flooring in my new gym.Kinda wish I spent a little more for the speckled version ,but the plain black will suit my needs. Thanks for a great product and delivery
A Backcountry Installation
Self-installed in Backcountry warming hut
from Mt. Spokane State Park, WA wrote...
I installed 6 rolls of 4' X 16'X 1/4" rubber rolls on a plywood floor by myself with a 4 gallon can of poly adhesive using the specified 3/32" trowel to make sure I got the right thickness. This was a tough job that took me about 11 hours but I am pleased with the results. I did not purchase the cleaning solution which meant I had to do the entire job in one session and then discard the trowel at the end. It is very hard work to spread the adhesive and I wish I had had help. I also ordered the rolls too long, which meant cutting over a foot off each one. I made the mistake of unrolling each one first to cut them to what I thought was the correct length. They never ended up the correct length, so I always had to cut them again. When you unroll them, you can't re-roll them straight so they are much more difficult to lay out tight against the previous roll. I wish I had only unrolled them once after I had put down about 2' of adhesive at a time (contrary to the instructions). Then I would have pressed a long straight edge against the wall and cut them. Since I used a 1X4 for baseboard, I was able to cover up a 3/4" gap for poor cutting anyway. The other problem I had was not getting the adhesive close enough to the edge of each roll. It's very important to spread adhesive into the area for the next roll. If you don't, your edges won't stay down. But this also means you can't re-roll it for any reason because you will end up with adhesive on the top side and it won't come off without the special remover. So I ended up with areas of seams that were loose. I solved that problem by getting a 10oz tube of Locktite PL Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive for 6.98 at Home Depot and, using a caulking gun (after pulling out the seam sealer I had already put in), squeezed some under each spot where I didn't get adhesive. Then I set 2 courses of bricks on top of the seams, walked on them repeatedly, and removed them the next day. I was able to scrape off excess construction adhesive with a putty knife. This worked well and I now have very tight seams after applying more seam sealer. My only real complaint is that this stuff really shows dirt. My application was in a day-use winter warming hut in a state park where there is no power or water, so sweeping with a broom is about the only option for cleaning. While this works reasonably well, you just have to get used to not having a nice shiny black floor after the first person walks on it. The material has been successfully used in the ski lodges and it really holds up well to heavy boots and lots of water, which is the main reason why we chose it. I also think the instructions should be more detailed and that the ends of the rolls should be cut straight from the factory.
great product,great price
Installed in Building gym
from New York wrote...
I used this once before and loved it,now using it again for a new gym,again no disappointment. The company is easy to work with and customer service was great,the person on the phone even helped me to pick out a cheaper materials and was recycled,yay for me for saving the environment. Just know the rolls are heavy,if you buy it for a lot square footage,you need help because they are drop shipped. Shipping is also on high side. Easy to Install.
Self-installed in home gym
from Indianapolis, IN wrote...
Flooring is in great shape after delivery, easy to install.
Very Pleased!
Self-installed in Enclosed Sun Room
from Lafayette, LA wrote...
From start to finish my experience with customer service, the online order process, shipping and the product itself has been excellent. I highly recommend this product, I installed it myself, alone, without issue.
Great Product and Company
Self-installed in gym
from Chatham, NJ wrote...
The 1/4" rubber floor was perfect. We were matching up to an older floor and it worked great.
Absolutely love our new gym room!
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Daphne, AL wrote...
Hi ! I absolutely love our new gym room and the high quality sharp rubber flooring we installed from Rubber Flooring Inc. I did a ton of research and kept finding Rubber Flooring Inc had the best quality, best price, and best Customer Service. Seams cant be found with just a roll of double carpet tape under neath. I put a dense rolled under carpet foam down before installing rubber floor for added cushion. Worked perfect ! With the lowest pricing and best quality by Rubber Flooring Inc. This is the only place to shop for flooring ! You have plenty of referrals coming from Me ;) Here are so pics. 1/4" Pre Cut Tough Rubber 400sq ft.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
kid's play room
Self-installed in Kid's play room
from Greenville, SC wrote...
Installing the rubber was easier than I thought. The tough part were the corners because we have some column cutouts that made for a difficult cut. But the seams lined up well and the floor looks great. The rubber is very firm, not like foam rubber, so we put some area rug underliner underneath the rubber and that helped immensly with the cushioning. The rubber does wear off a little on your hands and knees. The flooring is for a play room for our 9 month old and sometimes she gets a little black on her hands and knees. Not too bad though.
Media Room Decking
Self-installed in Home Theater and Media room
from Modesto, CA wrote...
I have a home theater with seating for 17 people on two risers. The 1/4" black rubber flooring makes a perfect covering over the 1" plywood decks. It is quiet, easily cleaned and tolerates wet feet from the pool area without slipping. I have used it also on top of the concrete floor of the passage way to the room. Has a slight strong odor for a couple of days after first installing.
Very happy with product
Self-installed in home gym
from Salt Lake city wrote...
We are very happy with the rubber floor that we put in our basement for a home gm. This company was so wonderful to work with, very helpful. We love it. It was heavy and hard to do for a one man job! But, we are very happy and would order through rubber flooring in the future.
Rubber rolls are great!
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Simi Valley, CA wrote...
I ordered a total of 4 of these to make a gym floor in the garage. Rolls are very durable and have a great look. the only reason I didn't rate the product a 5, was that they were all different lengths. I purchased this specific size for the convenience of just having to lay them down. I wasn't too happy about cutting the edges. Beyond that, it's a great product for the money. A real professional look.
results 1-20 of 29
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