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3/8" Pre Cut Heavy Duty Rubber Rolls Reviews

3/8" Pre Cut Heavy Duty Rubber Rolls
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$189.00 Roll
reg: $2.52 sqft
roll $252.00
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Average Rating 4.9/5

Customer Reviews

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Solid and durable
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Rochester, MN wrote...
I ordered the product with at least a minor level of curiosity/concern as to whether the product would stay firmly and securely in place during the course of active workouts. Very happy and confident in saying that without question this is a heavy duty, durable product that can take a beating AND stay in place. The rolls fit very seamlessly together side-by-side. I used 2-sided carpet tape at the seams--between that method of adhesive and the weight of the product, it's not goin' anywhere!
Heavy Duty Floor
Self-installed in Inside home
from Charleston, SC wrote...
We wanted a product to protect a hardwood floorr that was just like a gym floor. Finding a product that also helped the environment by using recycled tires was perfect. We purchaed the 3/8" 50'' roll and are very happy with the results. Thank you.
Happy Customer
Self-installed in Fitness Center
from Federal Way, WA wrote...
We installed the rubber flooring we purchased for a new fitness center for our corporate employees here at Weyerhaeuser in Federal Way, Wa.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Installed in
from Usa wrote...
Great quality!!
Self-installed in Training Studio
from South Bend, IN wrote...
Love this floor! The first thing I did after I installed it was a leave a barbell loaded with 300lbs sitting on it overnight to see if it dented and it did not! It doesn't color flake like some less expensive versions do. Super heavy to work with but that's what you want. Delivery went great, couldn't be more pleased! I didn't even glue it down and it lays beautifully.
good product
Installed in homegym
from WI wrote...
good product, easy to install w/ their adhesive, easy clean up. like it better than the individual tiles and its cheaper
Residential Workout Room
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Frankfort, IL wrote...
I purchased the 3/8" Pre-Cut HD rubber rolls, 4' x 25'. I have to say, getting the 4 rolls into the basement was the most difficult part of the job. Rubber cut with ease with a utility knife, went througfh several blades however, because I kept making contact with the concrete underneath. Rolls laid out with no problem. Did not use adhesive or double-stick tape. Rubber is heavy enough that it won't move once you have them butt up to each other. Would do it again if I had to.
Awesome for Agility
Self-installed in Basement
from McComb, OH wrote...
We converted our basement into an agility room for our dogs to use during the winter months. This product is absolutely perfect! It is exactly what is used at facilities that host agility competitions. Great price, excellent customer service (Whitney knew exactly what we needed!) and easy to install. No glue or tape was needed. We are very satisfied and highly recommend this product.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Pre-cut heavy duty rubber roll
Self-installed in garage
from Lewisburg, WV wrote...
The roll came, delivered to the door, in excellent condition. We unrolled it and easy put it down on the garage floor where our SUV usually sits dripping water and snow in our garage. The water is now contained on the flooring, easy to sweep out the garage door or evaporate on it's own. We feel sure the snow, when it comes, will be just as easy to get rid of instead of wetting the entire garage floor. Thank you for an excellent product, great service, free shipping and a good price.
Garage Gym Floor
Self-installed in Garage Gym
from San Jose, CA wrote...
Excellent price. Fast delivery. Solid mats. Great quality and build. Easy process. Can not recommend this company more. Thank you.
Who knew
Self-installed in Light work area at church.
from Belton, Mo wrote...
Who knew that the flooring products offered would work as a great top for a light work area. The sales people were helpful and interested enough to ask questions to make sure the product would work for my application. The sales people even ensured I did not have to order more than necessary to fit my needs. The product arrived early and in excellent condition. The instructions given for cutting the product to size were perfect. The product and service were both excellent. A great product offered by a great company.
Outstanding home gym floor
Installed in
from Chapel Hill, NC wrote...
We could not be happier. This is the second time we bought this product (in different houses). Love it!
Good Quality
Self-installed in home gym
from Belchertown, MA wrote...
After shopping around many sites, Rubber Flooring was the most competitive and the customer service was a pleasant surprise. The flooring was easier to install than i thought and quality of the product was very good. The flooring arrived earlier then i expected, which was a great thing. I would order from them again!
Beautiful! But so heavy...
Self-installed in Basement and laundry
from Edina, MN wrote...
The flooring looks terrific and lays nice and flat (because it's so heavy). Was hard to maneuver and takes a few people or one strong person but the end results are worth it! It looks fantastic. Feels good on the feet too.
Great Product for Price
Self-installed in gym
from Austin, Texas wrote...
I say product is great and the service is even better Fatima is one great worker she knows her product and how to get it done. Thanks Fatima see you next time!!! People with employees that do a good job they should be rewarded since I deal with so many people and they act like they don't care but not the people I have dealt with at this flooring company. You all are great!!
Very Happy
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Milan, NH wrote...
This flooring is top notch and well worth the money. Much better than the interlocking junk that's out there. Would recommend to anyone building a workout room.
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Installed in
from Stevens Point, WI wrote...
Kanaar Schereff- was one of the most easy and nice conversationalist I have ever had the chance of talking with. She was very understanding of the price comparison, along with the negotiations. Thank You Kanaar Schereff, I would recommend Rubber Floor Inc. to anyone who is looking for or interested In purchasing square footage, and I would highly recommend them to have the chance to talk to Kanaar Schereff, she is a great sales woman that shows her customers compassion, with loyalty to Rubber Floor Inc. Sincerely, P.S- Ill get back to you on the delivery process. James J
Updated Review
Installed in
from Miami, FL wrote...
As I once mentioned once before my experience was not that pleasant, not because of Rubber Flooring but because of the delivery service. Your associate Kanar S. was a pleasure speaking with and look forward to future transactions with your company. Kanar in case you see this reply. I thank you personally for everything you have done. She is truly an asset to your company. Thank you all for your support and prompt response, John J. L.
3/8" Rolled Rubber Flooring
Self-installed in Basement Home Gym
from CINCINNATI, OH wrote...
The flooring was delivered on time as they said it would. Installation was fairly easy. All you needed was a sharp blade and a tape measure. I would suggest using double sided tape or spray adhesive to keep the floor from moving. Great product so far!!
Makes Great Skate Floor
Self-installed in Ice Rink
from Olive Branch, Mississippi wrote...
I am a general contractor who owns an ice rink. I shopped around all different flooring materials for my rink when it was under construction. I chose the 3/8" rolls because they were the best product at the best price. We used a professional flooring contractor to install it because the material is very difficult to cut and fit properly for a commercial application. It looks fantastic. We have now had two years of hard use and it has held up great.
results 1-20 of 66
1 2 3 4