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8mm Strong Rubber Rolls - Designer Series Reviews

8mm Strong Rubber Rolls - Designer Series
Price from
$10.20 Linear Foot
reg: $3.40 sqft
linear foot $13.60
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Average Rating 4.9/5
Customer Reviews
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Customer review image of  in Basement Gym
Customer review image of  in Basement Gym
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  Basement Gym Floor- Renewed
Self-installed in Basement Gym
Steve from Chicago, IL wrote...
The product is fantastic and exceeds my expectations regarding quality, durability, look, and installation. I have a home gym in the basement of my 85+ yr old house-- free weights, cardio machines, etc. The old tile floor was tired and needed replacement. After a bit of research, I opted for the 8mm thick 'strong rubber rolls' with Coffee Creek finish. The total installation required 6 rolls x 15ft length x 4 ft wide (360 sq ft). Installation was relatively straight forward, but some experience needed to properly cut ends to fit non-square walls, as well as more intricate cutouts around door jams, etc. All cuts were made with a utility knife-- I only changed the blade twice. Cuts made with a metal edge straight edge with a 1/4″ plywood underneath the rubber roll. Double-sided carpet tape purchased with the rolls was also used for the seams. The seams between rolls were almost invisible, but care needs to be taken during installation. Installation took about 10 hours total, but included prep and clean up time-- a weekend project for sure. Instructions come packed in the rolls-- be sure to look for them there before you start. One important installation tip for accurate installation is to let the rolls come to room temp and let the roll being installed lay flat for about 2 hours to equilibrate. The new floor has an excellent feeling under foot- soft enough, but grippy like a gym floor. It can handle the free weights, jumping, etc. The Coffee Creek finish looks excellent if you are looking for a finished floor look-- almost looks like carpeting from a distance. And yes, my wife is happy with the new floor!
Customer review image of  in Basement Rec Room
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  A Top Choice for Residential Use
Installed in Basement Rec Room
J. Pease from South Pasadena, CA wrote...
Many reviewers online have stated that rubber flooring, especially commercial-grade, isn't suitable for home use, and that's just not the case here. I think that the 8mm flooring and underlay combination we ordered work great for our downstairs 600-ft. playroom. The flooring looks great and feels great under bare feet, and it is softer than hardwood for falls and roughhousing with kids. It's easy to clean, and it's practical for a multipet household like ours. I much prefer the nonslip feature to slippery hardwood/other flooring because I am always barefoot at home. I would recommend rubber flooring to anyone with kids and pets.
  Looks like cork or carpet!
Self-installed in Kitchen, living area, front room, hall, office
Ahlgren from Hinesville, Ga wrote...
We love our new floors! The customer service by Porscha Brown was more than excellent! She seemed to always be there to answer any question we had about the flooring. We selected the ″8mm Coffee Creek″ and are so happy with the way it installed (by my husband) and the way our home looks! The rooms are much brighter & even bigger without that old stained carpet. Initially we were doing the kitchen & living area, but we overestimated our needs so now we have done those and the front room + the hall and my office! Folks have thought we had cork installed. The seams are not visible with this pattern. The hardest part to install was the hallway because of the many doorways. Fortunately as he worked, my husband kept a basket of ″pieces″ so that he did not have to sacrifice many of the whole tiles. We have lots of dogs & this is wonderful! It vacuums easily. When the dogs were ill and vomited, the floor did not suffer..just a damp paper towel to clean the mess! Our Kaya, a white Huskey, loves to walk in the water outside and then come in...only need to take an old-fashioned mop to dry the floor!
Customer review image of  in Doggy Day Care
Customer review image of  in Doggy Day Care
Customer review image of  in Doggy Day Care
Customer review image of  in Doggy Day Care
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  Happy Customer
Self-installed in Doggy Day Care
Carol G. from Prospect, CT wrote...
Awesome product! Was so easy to install.We converted part of a dog kennel area into a cage free doggy day care area & decided to use your rubber matting.We think it looks fabulous!
Customer review image of  in Home Gym
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  Very Happy
Self-installed in Home Gym
John B. from Saint Charles, IL wrote...
I ordered your rubber flooring back in the fall. Like most house projects, they always take longer than you think they should. Your flooring worked great as you can see from the picture. This room was just exposed lumber and plywood when I started. While the flooring was heavy to get up in to this space, it rolled out and layed down very nicely. The edges are super straight and the seams are barely visible. I did not glue down or use double sided tape. Just didn't seem to be needed. I had friends help me get the rolls up there, but was alone to install it. I found that putting down some baby powder on the plywood helped greatly in being able to slide it in to place. Great product. Everyone that has seen it really likes it.
  Beautiful floor
Self-installed in Office
Mara from NY wrote...
Couldn't be happier with this purchase. The rubber floor is beautiful. The customer service at Rubber Flooring Inc was fantastic!! I saved over $1,000.00 off the price quoted by my local flooring company. Installed myself with several friends. Beware though - the flooring is very very heavy.
  Totally appreciate Rubber Flooring Inc.
Installed in Home Gym
Valerie Mingione from Cedar Grove, NJ wrote...
This whole process went so smoothly. From the order to receiving the product. The price was also very much less than buying locally. The sales associates on the phone were helpful and gave me good advice. The sample confirmed what I was told and now my gym floor looks terrific. Looks as though it will last a lifetime. The delivery time was earlier than expected. What a great company. I am always hesitant to order a big item like this online but I know I did alot better than ordering from a local flooring store. WOW thank you and I would tell everyone to use Rubber Flooring Inc........
  Great product and great price
Self-installed in Gym
Mara from New York wrote...
Purchased the ″Coffee Creak″ flooring for my physical therapy treatment room floor. Customer service was excellent. Price was about $1,000.00 cheaper than the price quoted by a local flooring company. Looks beautiful. Warning - it is difficult to work with because it is extremely heavy. But well worth the effort. Plus Rubber Flooring Inc is a pleasure to work with. Excellent communication and customer service. Highly recommend.
  I don't normally leave feedback...........
Self-installed in basement
David from Milwaukee, WI wrote...
I ordered rubber flooring to clean up the look of my basement. There was an issue where the shipping company lost my order but Alesha was incredible to work with, dealt with my crabbiness like a pro and they emergency replaced the shipment. I'm not one to leave feedback but a bad experience thanks to a shipping company issue proved what a great decision I made in doing my research. My basement looks incredible and it was soon easy and affordable. Thanks Alesha and Rubberflooringinc!
  LOVE this flooring!
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Haymarket, VA wrote...
The floor looks great and although a little time consuming, pretty easy to install!
  Home Gym
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Ashburn, VA wrote...
Easy installation and a quality product
Customer review image of  in
Customer review image of  in
Customer review image of  in
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  New space
Jim W. from Salado, TX wrote...
Mine was a small project, replacing a seldom used jacuzzi in our master bathroom with an exercise area. It was a learning experience with some delays and frustration, but we are very pleased with finished project: Demolition of the enclosure surrounding the departed jacuzzi was much more work than I planned on. But the final project came out like we hoped with the flooring matching the old tile perfectly. Thanks to Kim, Alicia, Bob, Christi and the rest of the team for their patience and assistance with my orders and concerns. Now I just need to figure out some creative ways to use the surplus flooring that I have left over. Best regards, Jim W.
Customer review image of  in Workshop
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  VERY nice stuff!
Self-installed in Workshop
Anonymous from Westerly RI wrote...
I used this in my workshop, its very heavy duty and looks great. I did a border with the meteor and filled in the middle with bright red. Looks amazing, lots of compliments so far. Was delivered ahead of schedule. Very pleased would order again from this company.
Customer review image of  in Basement
Customer review image of  in Basement
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  Color Option Was Perfect!
Self-installed in Basement
Ryan V. from Sauk Rapids, MN wrote...
Basement sanctuary. I bought the 8mm Toffeenut designer series roll out floor. Its the perfect fit for lining up to the laminate cardio area. Also color option was perfect. Glad i got the free sample as it matches the wood perfectly. Thanks again.
  Basement exercise room
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Batavia, NY wrote...
Very happy with the purchase. We built a new room in our basement and we were not sure what type of flooring that we wanted. Then we came across your website. We were apprehensive about putting a rubber floor in our new room, but we decided to try it. It looks fantastic. It looks just like a carpet, but it has all the benefits of the rubber floor. Mainly that it will not get damp in the basement and that it is durable. I put the floor in myself, and even with several door to cut around, I put in 350 sq feet in about 4 hours. I did need help getting the rolls into the basement as they are very heavy.
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from San Diego wrote...
Easy to install.
  Exceptional product
Self-installed in Clinical practice rehab room
Aaron Root from San Antonio, TX wrote...
Exactly as described and an exceptional product and value.
  Great product
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Bristol, va wrote...
  love this product
Self-installed in exam room
Carol from Prospect , CT wrote...
This is the second area we have put this flooring . we own a veterinary hospital, kennel , and dog daycare and first put the flooring in our cage free day care area where it was just perfect. We recently added a 5th exam room and put it in there . The traction the dogs have on the rubber flooring has created a more relaxed environment for them. My true goal is to replace the flooring in my entire waiting room with this product to truly make it easier for our k-9 patients! Cost is my only issue though as far as that.
  Love My New Floor
Self-installed in Full Basement
Michael from Detroit wrote...
Good quality flooring, the edges matched up great!
results 1-20 of 43
1 2 3