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3/8" Rubber Gym Tiles Reviews

3/8" Rubber Gym Tiles
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Customer Reviews

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Self-installed in Home Gym
from Dawsonville, GA wrote...
We were very excited about this flooring for our new gym area in our basement. We installed it shortly after it arrived and it looks great. But the smell is terrible! It has been about 5 months now and the smell has just now not been as evident all throughout our house! We could hardly stand it for the first few MONTHS. We had our windows and doors opened daily. And this is not an enclosed area we are talking about. The room has 2 windows and double doors to the outside. The positives are...I really like the look, it was fairly easy to install, and it is great for a gym area. But honestly if we had it to do over again, I am not sure we would go through the hassle of dealing with and trying to get rid of that terrible smell again!
Great Product and Great Delivery Company
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Westlake, OH wrote...
Product meets my expectations. Durable and easy to install. Fedex delivered my product and while at first they told me a wide window for delivery they ultimately gave me a specific time they would deliver the product (as I had to sign for it) and they were there waiting for me when I got there right at the time we set up. Also the driver was great - very polite and helpful.
GREAT FLOORING--but has a "one way grain"
Self-installed in Church gym
from Sulphur Springs, TX wrote...
Tiles were shipped within 10 days of ordering. The company figured number of corner tiles, border tiles and center tiles we needed. The tiles have a definite one way grain. The factory does not know how to cut the tiles so that the grain is going all the same direction when installed. Company had to replace half of the corner and border tiles with all center tiles. Tiles are very easy to install and floor looks great (just a little smelly). If we had it to do over again, we would only order center tiles (we covered a 3600 sq ft area with 9 door openings). Company took about 30 days to get the correct tiles to us. They were easy to work with. Would definitely order from them again.
3/8'' rubber gym tiles
Self-installed in Home Gym (garage)
from San Diego, CA wrote...
I just installed my new rubber flooring last night and it looks great! Just like you see in high-end gyms. Easy to install (about 2 1/2 hours) need a heavy duty utility knife. Ordering was a breeze and the delivery arrived at my front door step 1 week earlier than I was expecting. The only reason I did not rate this product with 5 stars is the odor. The odor is very strong, almost toxic smelling. Unfortunately, my wife will not work out in the gym until I can air it out. Rubber Flooring Inc. states that it will go away over time or you can scrub with soap and water. I am hoping this is true. Other than that, I am very happy.
Great Exercise Room Flooring
Self-installed in Exercise room
from Minneapolis wrote...
The flooring is great! Very easy to install. The only complaint is that the tiles are described as being 24" but actually they are only 23" They should have laid out perfectly wall to wall but now there is a 1/2" gap around the room.
Gym tiles - excellent quality
Self-installed in Home gym
from Skaneateles, NY wrote...
I purchased these gym tiles for a home gym. They arrived the day they were expected and were easy to install. They have been in for several weeks and, so far, have proven to be very sturdy. Since the tiles are so big and heavy, they don't move around and the sections where they interlock are tight. My room is of a size that when I asked for the 10% coverage, I had a lot left over so I tiled my crawl space as well. Fair warning: these tiles are very big so if your room is like mine and several small pieces of a few tiles are needed to make an exact fit of your room, it will leave you with large amounts of left over. Not a problem for me because of my crawl space, but if you don't need it for anything else, you may have to find a place for it. One option that I didn't choose is to buy a center piece that you know you will use for your smaller cuts instead of a greater number of excess tiles. That may save you a bit of money.
Gym floor tiles
Self-installed in Newly constructed home, gym floor.
from Mason, OH wrote...
The ordering process was extremely easy, and the delivery was exactly when promised. The tiles installed very easily and looked great upon completion.
Spectacular Product & Service
Self-installed in over basement concrete floor
from Staunton, VA wrote...
I bought the 3/8" gym floor rubber tiles. Yellow Truck delivered the product on time as estimated. They were great. The order left rubber Flooring, Inc. when they estimated. Deliver service from Rubber Flooring to my door was sterling! The rubber tiles fit together perfectly. They were tight and fit with precision relative to an earlier delivery of the same product. (Yes, I am a repeat customer.) The flooring rubber tiles are heavy enough to maintain contact with the floor, they provide protection for my old bones from the concrete floor below them, and they help to quiet the room. Great product with great service. Yes, I'll buy from Rubber Flooring again.
3/8 Rubber Gym Tiles
Self-installed in Basement Home Gym
from Long Island, NY wrote...
I purchased these tiles for my basement floor. I needed a tile that resisted moisture. The tiles appeared to be high quality and had a lot of weight to them. Installation was easy and went very fast. I used some of the left over pieces as movable mats. There was very little to no smell. I use the basement as a gym and these tiles are plenty thick enough to handle dropping dumbbells on them. I highly recommend these tiles.
Home Gym
Self-installed in Home Gym/Basement
from Fall Branch, TN wrote...
The original color selected was going to be delayed an extended period of time, so Rubber Flooring, Inc. contacted me and worked a speedy solution with an alternate color. The floor arrived right on time, in good condition. Installation was very simple and went smoothly. After a little research, found the right way to cut the floor - use a sharp utility knife, dipped in laundry detergent and cut along a good quality straight edge - the edges were perfect and accurate. As you install, be aware of a natural grain to the patterns. I found that a damp mop after installation cleaned up any loose items. It works PERFECT for a weight/gym area - could not be more pleased.
As expected
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Fresno, CA wrote...
I read the information and watched the videos on the website as well as read a lot of reviews. I purchased the 3/8" vulcanized rubber for my home gym (I'm a weight lifter). It is a commercial grade gym flooring (as expected). Here are a few comments: 1-The stuff stinks and will take a while for the smell to go away. It's rubber, what do you expect?!!! 2-If you want the "grain pattern" ("little arrows") to all line up (which gives the best possible fit), only order center pieces and plan on making cuts for your borders/corners. If you order border/corner pieces, it will change the grain pattern when they are assembled (will be 90 degrees off), but it will still yield a good fit and still look pretty good. 3-To save money, only order the exact number of center pieces. Do the math on your own (don't use their overage calculator) and order the exact amount you need (maybe 1 or 2 extra). When the pieces fit together, each square measures 22" (for my product type), not 24" for a single tile. I bought extra tiles thinking I would make lots of mistakes, but now I have all of these extra tiles. It isn't rocket science to cut and put these tiles together. 4-Use a carpet knife (or utility knife) and change the blades frequently. I read that someone dipped their blades into soap detergent to make it even easier, but I did not need to do it (it was pretty easy to cut with the sharp blades from my carpet knife). I changed my blade edge after every 2 or 3 sides cut. There are 4 sides to a blade before you have to discard it, so I only went through 5 blades or so for my project. 5-Shipping is expensive (anything over 150 lbs has to use freight shipping), so be prepared! The product will get stepped on and possibly damaged during the process. Mine was just stepped on.
utility room use
Self-installed in HOME GYM
from KENT, OH wrote...
the product is as expected -- i received a few sample pieces. it is dense and heavy, a plus, easy to work with, the 4' X 4' size allows for less connections, also a plus, and hopefully it will be durable. the most disappointing aspect was the packaging and delivery. the product was not protected in any way--it was not damaged, but all 11 sheets were filthy from lying uncovered in the back of a delivery vehicle. this was not expected and it was time consuming and difficult to clean the 'brand new' product. there was an expectation of a clean product upon delivery. this issue had not been addressed by the sales person or myself. i did not address it as my expectation was, again, a clean product upon delivery. i accepted the product because i needed it immediately. this casts a disappointing light on my future referrals for this company and product. i would appreciate a response to this issue. regards, greg
Rubber Gym Tiles 3/8"
Self-installed in Work-out area in gym.
from Williamstown, MA wrote...
Great Product!!
Outstanding Tile - Top Quality
Self-installed in Basement Home Gym
from Ambler, PA wrote...
I purchased the 3/8" Rubber Gym Tile for my basement floor, which I use as a gym. I was so pleased with the quality and weight of the tile pieces. I shopped around and Rubber Flooring's prices were competitive including the shipping charges. The tiles were easy to install and look great. I am a personal trainer and run my business out of the house. So it was important for me to get a top quality tile that also looks great. I love the larger tiles (48 x 48). Not all the vendors I looked at hard this option. Highly recommend!
Great Gym Floor
Self-installed in home gym
from Wirtz, VA wrote...
Received within 2 weeks of ordering. Able to install in one day. Looks great. Super happy. Be aware there is a rubber smell. Not real bad but noticeable.
Just what i was looking for
Self-installed in Home gym
from Silver spring, MD wrote...
Its perfect for my basement good quality ..definitely not that the cheap kind made of foam. Easy installation.
Floor for Home Gym
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Portland, OR wrote...
The tiles were very easy to install. The flooring is heavy duty, looks great, and doesn't move around when I'm squatting, lunging, jumping, etc. If I ever need heavy duty rubber flooring again, I'll definitely be coming back to rubber flooring inc. Great product, fast delivery.
G-nat vertical trainer
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Cheyenne Wyo wrote...
The floor was just what I needed to complete my exercise area
Works Wells!
Self-installed in Lower level multipurpose room for home gym
from Como, CO wrote...
The rubber mats work well and dense enough to prevent weight equipment from sinking into the rubber mat material. The smell is minimal, although other reviews suggested a stronger odor.
Heavy Duty , Gorgeous
Self-installed in Home
from Des Moines, IA wrote...
Perfect product for free weights and dumb bells for my in home gym. It is high end gym quality. I am extremely pleased with this floor
results 1-20 of 65
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