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3/4" Extreme Rubber Tiles Reviews

3/4" Extreme Rubber Tiles
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$19.31 Tile
reg: $4.12 sqft
tile $25.75
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Average Rating 4.7/5
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  Takes a hit
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Weight room
Steven from Montrose, MI wrote...
I use old cast iron weights - not bumper plates and also very heavy kettlebells. I've dropped 300+ lb on this floor from over head and even though it's enough to scare everyone around it hasn't marked it once or cut it. Had a flying 48kg bell get loose and not a mark could be seen. On the other rubber flooring we had it would leave big scuffs and even cut it if a edge of a heavy bell hit it but not this stuff. I use a vacuum on it every so often because the edges of the tiles will shed off loose parts for a bit after install but then remain pretty clean. For install the 3/4 tiles cut very easy with a utility knife. I score it on the top and then bend the tile and cut in the grove I just made. Be careful! Also I cut long and snap them down in place around the edges to further bring the interlocking pattern together. They are tolerant of slight misalignment like a crooked wall. The rubber smell went away very quickly. Love it.
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  Good looking floor
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home Gym
Bill H from Grenada, MS wrote...
The floor was delivered on time and without any problems. Installation was a snap, and the tiles that needed trimming were easily cut with a circular saw. The puzzle piece shapes are virtually seemlees and easy on the eye. Comfort is great underfoot, yet the tiles are very resilient as they support my treadmill and universal weight bench without any visible compressing. I did not rate the product at 5-stars beacuse the rubber odor is substantial. It's been more than a week since the install, and I hope that it disspates soon.
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  Gym Flooring
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home Gym
Matt from Austin, TX wrote...
I got 3/4 inch gym tile with red speckle. It is more than the average man will ever need. High Quality no smell. Easy set up. Ordered it when I was overseas so I would have it before my gym equipment arrived when I got home. They held it until I called them to ship. Fantastic customer service and price.
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  Awesome stuff!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in warehouse
Mike from San Jose, CA wrote...
The best part about these 3/4″ thick tiles is the precision cut pieces. Once locked together they are virtually seamless! The benefit for me was if any once piece is damaged I would only have to replace that one tile. Great stuff!
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  Great Product!
Self-installed in Tech Room
Brad from St.Louis, Mo wrote...
Great rubber tiles from these guys! Very fast and easy setup. Shipping was fast and very convenient. Would buy from Rubber Flooring Inc. again!
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  Extremely pleased w/ our Rubber Tile Room
Self-installed in Basement - Rec Room
Anonymous from Fairfax, VA wrote...
I'm extremely pleased with my rubber tile floors! 900+ Lbs of flooring arrive in just 3 days - no problems with the delivery. Installed in my basement, which is now a large rec room for our teenagers and a home gym. Did the intallation myself, along with my 13 year old - very fast and easy! Recommend a carptet knife for custom cutting. This tile has warmed up the basement and feels good under-foot. There is a strong rubber smell in the basement, but that is disappearing with time. Our basement has flooded in the past and we wanted something to endure teen abuse, so this was a great option. It was worth the $.
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  A+ surface for home gym
Self-installed in home gym
Esther from Houston, TX wrote...
We chose the 3/4″ tiles after examining several samples we had ordered. This type is thicker and firmer than some of the others as we wanted to install it wall to wall in a 12 x 12 room we use as a home gym. We removed the base moulding and laid it on the bare concrete floor leaving approximately 1/4″ space along the walls for expansion. It was easily cut with a utility knife and straight edge. We measured and cut pieces in the same manner as you would cut ceramic tile to go around doorways and the walls. We even put in in the closet. Because we wanted to utilize the finished edges as much as possible, we started in the corner with the longest walls (no doorways) and worked across and down in order to minimize the number of tiles that would need cutting. Once all pieces were snapped into place, we replaced the base moulding and it has a nice finished look. We've had it down about a month now, and the floor is working just like we had hoped. We have an eliptical, rowing machine and stationary bike along with a weight bench and light weights in our home gym. Items need to be moved from time to time depending on the activity and in order to make space for floor exercises. The tiles are firm enough to hold up to equipment being moved, yet cushions better than other flooring for floor exercise. So far it gets an A+. We just vacumn and damp mop...easy to keep clean. So much better than the carpeting that was in there before. The only challenge has been to finish the threshold meeting ceramic tile in the hallway. We haven't been able to find an attractive threshold with a way to attach it to the concrete floor other than some kind of metal stripping (not an acceptable look). We wanted something that blended in, nothing contrasting. Our best solution so far is purchasing an unfinished oak threshold, staining it black and flat clear coating it, then hold it in place with adheasive. Any other ideas would be appreciated.
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  Gym Flooring
Self-installed in Basement
Anonymous from Chicago, IL wrote...
Tiles came quickly and were delivered directly to my garage. Were very easy to install. Make sure you use a sharp utility knife when doing so otherwise it will be more difficult. Looks very nice in the basement.
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Shannon B. from wrote...
This was the perfect solution for my loft. I used the inter-locking tiles in my kitchen and laundry room to cover the imperfections of the concrete floor. It was very easy to cut each down to size. Just perfect!!
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