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8mm Strong Rubber Rolls Reviews

8mm Strong Rubber Rolls
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$7.80 Linear Foot
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linear foot $10.40
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Customer Reviews

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Happy Customer
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Leesburg, VA wrote...
Happy Customer

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
not so happy.
Installed in clinic gym
from NJ wrote...
I was advised to glue this down to the plywood floor which we did. I bought this flooring for a good gym surface for plyometrics and basically to quiet down loudness of a mini trampoline in the room. I wish I had bought the thicker flooring. The reviews said the 8mm is this most common for gyms, and I was afraid the thicker one would not fit up against the carpet or tile floor it connects. however I find this flooring to be very hard, no give, and it is very loud- I am disappointed I went with the reviews and suggestions of the people I talked to.
very confortable
Self-installed in Bicycle shop mechanics area.
from Massachsetts wrote...
if it wasnt for the high cost of shipping, I would cover my whole BikeShop with it. But, I have to just cover the rest with wooden floor. Maybe you guys should have your own shipping trucks.
Happy Customer
Self-installed in Gym
from West Hartfird, CT wrote...
Happy Customer

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Worked perfect
Self-installed in Home Gym-Basement
from Lapeer, MI wrote...
I purchased, 4, 18'x4' rolls of the 8mm rubber flooring. I want to say it probably was the easiest project I did around my house. I am a handy person, and this was simple enough for a not-so-handy person to tackle. I wanted a rubber floor for the gym I made in our home basement. I wanted to include photos, but this email sat in my email box too long, I want to spread the word. Following is all it took to get this MYSELF! First, clean the sub-floor and mop it, let dry, then simply roll out the mats, cut them to fit the room, let them sit for a day or two to get acclimated to the surroundings, then lift up the outside edges and seams and apply the double sided tape (I purchased this too) to fasten to the floor. This step reminded me of my High School Wrestling days, since I would run and "stomp" at the seams, to be sure they were "tight" before taping. I didn't want something permanent, in the event I wanted to change that room someday. Thus...the tape! Worked wonderful. Overall, it turned out nice. I get compliments on how the seams "cannot be detected". I know where they are, but without looking closely, you cannot see them. My room was 17'x15', so it wasn't super big, but perfect for this product! And the 8mm is VERY durable for a gym floor. I wanted something a little more durable than what I seen out there, this was perfect. Kind of tough to cut (which is good), I used a Carpet Knife (switching to new blades often) and a T-square...worked perfect! I will refer people to this site if they want a good rubber flooring product. I see I can send some pics to the email below, I will forward a few.
Flooring Looks Awesome!
Self-installed in Community Fitness Center
from Lackawaxen, PA wrote...
The flooring looks awesome at our Masthope Mountain Community Fitness Center.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Great stuff
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Woodland, Ca. wrote...
I got the 8 mm baby blue rubber flooring. It looks great when installed and was fairly easy to install by myself. One thing to be aware of is, make sure the color is specified when ordering. There are different options of colors between the pre-cut and rolled and I wanted the bright blue but got the baby blue. It turned out to work for me but if it hadn't shipping would have been a great cost to me. I highly recommend using double sided carpet tape which I got from Home Depot for about $8 to do a 12 x 24 room.
Holiday Inn NW/UTSA Fitnes Center
Installed in Vendor
from San Antonio, TX. wrote...
Excellent product.
Happy Customer
Self-installed in Basement
from Rocky River, OH wrote...
Very Happy

RubberFlooringInc- Customer

RubberFlooringInc- Customer

RubberFlooringInc- Customer

RubberFlooringInc- Customer

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Great home gym floor
Self-installed in Basement home gym
from Marshall, MI wrote...
The 8mm rolled rubber floor was exactly what I was hoping it would be. I was skeptical to order so much flooring online without actually seeing it, but I was very happy with the quality when it was delivered. I installed it myself in an afternoon in a 24x16 area and it came out perfect.
Do it yourself = Great Value
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Great Mills, MD wrote...
I planned on installing the rubber matting in my 12x14 exercise room and doing it myself. My local flooring dealer wanted $1800 for one roll (4'x50')of 3/8" rubber floor cover. I thought for that much it would include delivery but I was informed that I would have to drive to their warehouse (1 hour drive) and pick it up myself. I decided to research this online and found the Rubber Flooring INC website. I purchased 3 rolls for $532 shipping included. One week later the freight delivery driver was dropping off the pallet in my garage. It was easy to install by myself but would recommend having someone assist with the lifting/installing. I laid it on a Sunday, allowed the rubber to relax from the rolled state it was in, and the next weekend I used double sided tape around the edges except where it lies beneath the baseboard. Depending on where/what you plan on using the flooring for, you may not need to use any adhesive products during the installation. Approximate cost savings $1260.
Awesome Product
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Seminole, FL wrote...
This was a great choice for our home gym. Did not order samples first, just went ahead with ordering 4 rolls, which were heavy but relatively easy to work with and install. Put down on concrete and we used PL400 around the seams. We chose the color with purple and it looks great. Haven't put any equipment on it yet, but I am sure it will stand up to any weight. Would recommend to others.
Fast and easy install
Self-installed in basement workshop
from Greensboro, GA wrote...
Only had a small project (264 Sq. ft.), but the product worked out great. Cutting was relatively easy with a heavy utility knife and thick straight edge. Edges of the rolls were in good shape, so I didn't even cut an overlap except at the end. The product is heavy and wants to lay flat. I would use it again in a heartbeat!
Durable, good looking, very pleased with product
Self-installed in Basement (Home Gym)
from Toledo, OH wrote...
I was pleased with every aspect of this purchase, from placing the order on the website to using the floor. The website was easy to use, and answered all my questions. I like that I could input the room dimensions, and it gave me a recommendation on what to purchase. Rather then purchase (4) standard 4'x25' rolls it recommended to purchase three 4'x28' custom rolls, which worked out perfect...had much less scrap materials left this way. It also recommended getting two rolls of carpet tape, which I did. I ran out of tape right at the end, but I probably over did it with the amount I used. It wasn't difficult working with the rolls, but definitely a two person least for me anyway. My wife and I did it in about 5 hours. Floor looks great after install. I use it for a home gym, and seems to be holding up very well. I was going to purchase the foam interlocking squares originally, but after doing a little more research I decided to go with the rubber flooring. Let me just say I am very pleased I went with the rubber flooring instead.
New Rubber Floor - New Adventure!
Self-installed in home play room
from northern Wisconsin wrote...
We had a spacious room off our garage to convert to a "grand-kids and lounge area". We were not sure how to get all our ideas into one room; i.e. something safe for young kids to ride bikes. build block houses, learn to roller skate and something for the 'older-people' to be comfortable, watch TV/movies, etc. We installed (ourselves, very easily!) 760 sq/ft of 8mm rubber rolls. Super durable! Perfect solution! Answers all our Wishes! The Rubber Rolls were cut to our request; laid even and flat with little or no effort to install. It provides safety for the kids playing, is comfortable to walk on, pleasing to look at and give a warm cozy feeling to the room. VERY happy with the product!
great gym flooring
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Baltimore, MD wrote...
The shipment was delivered in a timely fashion. Product is exactly as described. Install as expected. Did by myself. Looks great in a home gym. And has NO "stinky rubber" smell to it!!! I would highly recommend it. The price is reasonable. Unfortunatley to get other colors (besides black with10-20% colored specks, it can get very pricey.
Fantastic Find!
Self-installed in Kitchen/ laundry area.
from Hawley,PA wrote...
I am always in the kitchen. I love to cook and enjoy baking, the kitchen is my "zen" The house is old and needs to be remodeled in every part of the house. My biggest concern is the kitchen, of course. I also have bad knees and standing in one place for a long time hurts. We purchased a small roll of rubber flooring to buffer our powerful washing machine from shaking everything off the walls during its spin cycle,it worked! There were some smaller pieces left when my hubby finished this minor project and decided to put them in the kitchen in front of the stove and counter where I prep my food. I fell in love with this flooring immediately and decided that we are going with rubber flooring throughout the entire kitchen area. I love the look and its easy to care for, plus, it totally relieves the stress on my legs/knees/hips and lower back! Fantastic Find!!
I Love It
Self-installed in Basment Gym
from Menasha, WI wrote...
I thought the rubber flooring laid very nice and I love it. We bought the 8mm rubber rolls with brown fleck and love the way our new gym looks. Mops up really easy with a damp mop Here are a few pics

Image sent in by customer
Soft Tiles outdoor
fine floor; accessories not so much
Self-installed in workshop
from Waynesville, NC wrote...
I installed 8mm black strong rubber rolls in a workshop which has plywood subfloors. I ordered custom cut (16') rolls rather than the standard 25' rolls and am glad I did because I don't think I could have handled the larger ones alone (and I can bench press 300 pounds!). Cutting and fitting was fairly easy, but be sure you have a good supply of sharp blades for your box cutter because they dull quickly when cutting this material. I also ordered seam sealer caulking to prevent water from getting to the wood floors beneath the rubber and this appears to be effective. However, the liquid floor sealer I bought to finish the floor surface was a bust. It goes on easily (although 4 thin coats with 24 hours dry time between coats is a little tedious) and gives a nice shiny finish, BUT it scuffs so easily that the "finished" floor almost immediately looks worse than the original dull unfinished rubber. I do NOT recommend this product unless you do not plan to actually use the floor.
Beyond satisfied
Self-installed in Workshop
from Plymouth, Ohio 44865 wrote...
So impressed with the quality of this floor. I put it in a 16x14 room off of my shop that I turned in to my main work area. Very easy on your feet reducing fatigue. Install could not be any easier and cuts to fit easy with a utility knife. Also love the fact that it absorbs impact so well so that if something were to fall on it, nothing gets damaged! So happy. Customer Uploaded PhotoCustomer Uploaded PhotoCustomer Uploaded Photo
results 1-20 of 148
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