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1/4" Tough Rubber Rolls Reviews

1/4" Tough Rubber Rolls
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$5.94 Linear Foot
reg: $1.99 sqft
linear foot $7.92
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Average Rating 4.8/5
Customer Reviews
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Customer review image of  in Garge Gym
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  Extremely Happy
Self-installed in Garge Gym
Ed C. from Santa Maria, CA wrote...
I am extremely happy with my new purchase. Other than the smell of rubber, which has been fading over the past month, we absolutely love our rubber flooring. I feel as though my family has a legitimate gym in our garage! Thank you, Rubber FlooringINC!
  Dog Area
Self-installed in Basement
Steve from Wisconsin wrote...
I bought the 1/4 inch green fleck custom cut rubber rolls. Delivery was as expected and the FedEx driver was willing to leave the pallet loaded with 9 rolls in my garage. I installed the rolls in a 35 X 15 foot room in my basement over a concrete floor, which we use as an area for our 3 dogs. I did not have any help installing these, which made for a very long day. My room is a large rectangle, but has several features I had to work around. Cutting the 1/4 inch mat was not simple, but with the help of a 48 inch T Square I was able to keep my lines relatively straight. One negative is that the ends of the rolls are not cut in straight lines. This then requires you to cut a straight edge on both ends of the rolls, which is not as easy as you would think. I truly believe if the custom cut rolls were actually cut to size (rather than just being close) and in straight lines, I would have cut my install time (which was about 10 hours) by a third. I used Capitol brand Grip Strip (Double Faced Adhesive Tape) to secure the mats to the floor as necessary. This tape worked very well and was easy to use. All in all, the rubber floor is a nice product, but the uneven cuts and untrue measurement were actually pretty maddening, especially when you pay extra for a ″custom cut.″
  best decision EVER
Self-installed in dog training area
Marty best paws forward dog training from Medina ohio wrote...
I have a dog training facility and needed to cover about a 2000 SQ Ft areas for Agility training. The dogs needed a padded non skid surface and this fits the bill. VERY easy to put down, delivery to my door, BEST price in the country, and trust me, i am cheap and checked all over. Recommend to anyone. Cutting and fitting was easy as well. i bought the 1/4″ thickness and could not be happier!!!!!! the rolls were 61 feet long and 400 pounds, but even at that, they were not that hard to move around by one 56 year old overweight out of shape guy!
  Good product
Installed in Gym
James DeBerry from Harlingen, Texas wrote...
I recently purchased this rubber flooring to match the existing flooring in a fitness gym. It wasn't as easy to abut the center pieces as I thought it would be. I did have to do some trimming because the existing flooring stretched a little over time. Next gym I will definitely purchase a thicker floor. 1/4 inch is not recommended for commercial application but I wasn't going to pull it all up and start over. Large machines move, and when they do, they cut through these. For a home application I would highly recommend this thickness. Always purchase the edge sealer. It is well worth the few extra dollars.
  Gym floor
Self-installed in Home gym
Anonymous from Phoenixville, PA wrote...
I researched a number of options before deciding to go with rubber flooring in roll form for my home gym. I found the company to be helpful and responsive with good pricing. The product itself looks great and was easy to install. I did the job myself over about three hours in a 15 x 20 room. Here are a few tips: 1. Remove baseboard if you can. Allows you to anchor on edges after install and gives tolerance for cutting ends. 2. Use a sharp utility knife. Don't try to cut in one stroke, use several to cut all the way through. 3. Put a backing material underneath the rubber to cut against. I used a four foot wide 1/4″ plywood. Also used to insure a square cut. I used an L square as a guide. I have one suggestion for the company - cut the ends of the rolls square. This will save at least one cut.
  The Ultimate Flooring Solution
Installed in Full Basement Install- RR, Kitchen, Laundry, Livin
Anonymous from Wyoming wrote...
We gutted a basement and needed 1250 sq ft of flooring. To go with our industrial design, we chose your 1/4 inch gray fleck rolls after ordering samples in all three thickness sizes. This floor is fantastic, looks great, is durable and hid all flaws in the concrete underneath. It was a fraction of the cost of a Mohawk floating floor we were considering. It is great for the dog who likes traction to play and his hair doesn't stick to floor as he sheds year-round. It is so nice to walk on. We will be using this flooring in other applications like the man cave garage. Everyone should install this in their laundry room. It keeps appliances from ″walking″ and they are much quieter. The product delivery was excellent with tight rolls and clean edges, easy to manage. Once the cuts and trim were complete, the flooring had no curling. It did not require 24 hours to unroll. It laid right down, flat, from its own massive weight. The downside: Your QA team should test a variety of knives/blades for cutting this floor. The strongest, most expensive, utility knife struggled with cuts and we went through many blades. Find the right tool for cutting your product and advertise it with this floor. The worse downside was that we bought 3 buckets of your adhesive recommended for this floor. When the contractors opened them, it was like they had been on a storage shelf for years. We lost about 25% of each bucket because the adhesive had ″cured″ and had to be carved out in big chunks and thrown away just to get down to the usable content. Lots of wasted product from expensive buckets of glue. My contractor went to hardware store and bought a 2.5 gallon bucket of comparable adhesive for nearly 1/3rd the price that worked much better without the mess and waste.
Customer review image of  in work space, back area of a flower shop
Customer review image of  in work space, back area of a flower shop
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Self-installed in work space, back area of a flower shop
Anonymous from Bartlesville Oklahoma wrote...
I needed this for a flower shop (back area, storage, and delivery area no customers see). Our back area flooded and we had to replace the flooring. We explored all kinds of flooring options with the idea of making sure it was 1)slip resistant, 2) comfortable to stand on for long periods 3) ok to get wet occasionally....after all its for a flower shop, 4) affordable. We settled on this and we are pleased. I bought 4 tubes of the sealant and didn't use it, I didn't like it. The flooring really doesn't need it and we used double sided carpet tape at the seams. We are very pleased so far....granted it hasn't even been a week! But, I think this will definitely serve the purpose and meet all the goals we need for it to.
Installed in ski area
Camp Fortune from Chelsea, Quebec wrote...
This is my second order of flooring from Rubber Flooring Inc. Service has been great, delivery on time and the product and price is good.
  For the Dog! (in a good way)
Self-installed in Room used for dog training.
Ada Simms from W. Henrietta, NY wrote...
Spent a lot of time researching cost and durability. What kept me from buying was the $300 shipping fee other companies wanted to charge me. I bought 4 50 ft rolls and the shipping was free. It looks great, cleans well and I am very pleased with my purchase.
  Basement Flooring
Self-installed in basement
Anonymous from Danbury,CT wrote...
The product was great and I highly recommend it, shipping was a little expensive though.
  gem for gym
Self-installed in home gym/personal training
Paul H. from Helena, Montana wrote...
The rubber flooring arrived quickly and in great shape. The roles are heavy and make sure you have enough good blades to make all your cuts. The flooring required some time to relax as initially the edges curled and would not stay down. Two sided tape helped and after the room and the floor heated up...the floor looks great and works well for our personal training facility. 1/4″ flooring is great for the gym. If you are looking for a softer flooring for children...go for the 3/8″ or thicker. The only negative is we are still picking up brown/tan color flakes each time we sweep/mop.
  Rubber flooring excellent
Self-installed in exercise / laundry room
John from Grand Ledge, Michigan wrote...
This product is an excellent choice for work room, exercise room, laundry room, or just an entertainment / activity room. The flooring installs quickly and easily. If you have a straight edge, know how to use a tape measure, and can manipulate a carpet cutter, you are good to go and your finished product looks great.
  Very good product !
Self-installed in Gym
Anonymous from Salt Lake City, UT wrote...
We bought 1/4″ Tough Rubber Rolls - 4' wide for our Gym room. Packaging was excellent and Delivery on time. We just rolled and cut out the excess roll and did not use anything else to hold. Seams fit well. Everyone loves it and they are surprised we installed it by our self :)
Customer review image of  in Garage
Customer review image of  in Garage
Larger Image
  Looks Amazing!
Self-installed in Garage
James D. from Clifton Heights, PA wrote...
Here are my pictures of my home gym with rubber flooring. This gym is only the size of my garage but it looks amazing, I get compliments all the time about the rubber floors.
  Perfect for my home gym
Self-installed in Home basement gym
S from Salt Lake, Utah wrote...
Love it and it was easy to cut for perfect fit.
  Long lasting
Anonymous from Costa Mesa ca wrote...
I been beating these things up for months. They can take it!
  Perfect for home gym
Self-installed in Home gym
Anonymous from Roanoke, VA wrote...
There were some challenges getting this shipped to a residence, but once we received, we loved it. As you may expect, there is a strong rubber smell (still after a couple months) but the product is so much better than tiles. Easy to install and looks great- perfect for our home gym.
  Easy install & great product
Self-installed in home gym
Logan from Gatesville, TX wrote...
The 1/4″ rubber flooring I purchased was easy to install and looks great in place in our home gym! I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for options on flooring for a home gym or game room.
  Easy to install
Self-installed in basement
Anonymous from 55129 wrote...
Great flooring. Great price.
  I love my new flooring!
Self-installed in Florida Room
Anonymous from South Florida wrote...
So far it is better than I thought it could be. It looks great, it almost looks like carpeting. Installation was easy. I did not have a sample of exactly what I ended up ordering. I am very pleased. Feels nice under my bare feet. I did a partial covering of a cement floor in my Florida room. Wanted to see how it looked before I bought it for the whole room. I won't be ordering it for the remainder of the room because it does absorb liquid more than I expected and I have plants in there that when I water them I thought it would not soak into the rubber, but it does. So far seems to handle the vacuum just fine, no scuffing.
results 1-20 of 171
1 2 3 … 9