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Putting Green Mats Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
Putting Green Mats
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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If I install the putting green turf inside on a concrete slab and don’t put any infill on it, can I vacuum it? Also, should I put some kind of material under it or just install it right on the slab?
You can vacuum our Premium Putting Green Turf Rolls. When using your vacuum over the turf, make sure to turn the bristle option to off. This will ensure that you don't cause any damage to the turf. You don't have to put an underly under out turf, but if you would like to add some comfort to your turf, you can add our Gym Turf Pad under it or one of our other Turf Pads to give you added comfort underfoot.
Can these mats be spliced together?
Greg Opheim
Yes, you can easily splice mats together by using our turf staples or the turf seam tape.
Are the edges protected to avoid unraveling?
Our Premium Putting Green Turf Roll edges are constructed not to unravel. If you are concerned about the edges potential unraveling, you can protect them by using our Wonder Edge.
If I want to put outside what kind of material goes under it, currently, we have rocks but can put pea rock?
We recommend using crushed granite under our Premium Putting Green Turf Rolls. Customers have also installed our turf over compacted dirt as well with success, but the best subsurface is crushed granite.
Have you checked the speed of the turf using a stimp meter?
Our Premium Putting Green Turf Rolls have been tested with a stimp reader. Their stimp reading is between 9 and 11. You can increase the speed of the stimp reading by adding more infill to your turf.
Does this putting green mat come with the ruff around it or is it just the putting green?
Mark Bozorth
The Putting Green Mat is just the putting green.
are the putting green mats pre cut in any shape?
Mark Bozorth
The Putting Green Mats are rectangular in shape and the dimensions will depend on the size you choose.
For an outside set up do you recommend a cover for winter snow?
Joshua Livingston
During snow, you could simply pick up our Putting Green Mats and put them away. If you want to leave them outside, you wouldn't need a cover since these mats are good for any weather condition and are perforated for superior drainage.
Will the green blow around in winds? Does it need to be secured if outdoors?
The weight of our Putting Green Mats should hold them in place, but you may either carry them and move them to a different spot during heavy winds, or secure them with our Turf Nails if you're looking for a more permanent installation.
Does the putting green mat come with holes?
No, our Putting Green Mats do not come with pre-cut holes.
At 7.5" width, I would have too much waste ... Is this available in a 5' X 20" roll?
Unfortunately, we cannot change the width of the product since that's how it comes from the manufacturer, only the length can be altered. You may see this product to order a different length if that works for you
When do expect to have the golf greens back in stock. Also I have a dog and would like to use dog turf around the edges for rough. what is the longest rough for dogs or is there another long rough that is dog friendly? thanks
RYAN Farago
Our Putting Green Mats are out of stock and we expect them to be back in stock in the next 3-4 weeks, tentatively. However, our Premium Putting Green Turf Rolls are a great product as well and are available in custom lengths. These rolls come in 7.5' and 15' widths and can be cut to any length that you may want. You may see them here For a pet-friendly rough any of our pet-friendly turfs would work, like our Pet Turf Rolls, Bow Wow Turf Rolls, Bermuda K9 Turf Rolls, and K9 Turf Rolls. All of these can be found here!filter=881,174
What is the roll dimensions? Does it drain rain water
H Jones
Our Putting green mats are available in these sizes: 7.5' x 6', 7.5' x 10', 7.5' x 15', and 7.5' x 20'. Yes, these mats will drain rainwater since they come with perforations with superior drainage. If you are looking for a different size, please see our Putting Green Rolls which is the same product but allows you to pick a custom length (length of your choice).
Can I install over the pool concrete deck and use for putting practice. Would also serve as floor for hitting cage inside pool enclosure.
Laurie Arnold
Yes, absolutely!
So the biggest roll is 7.5ft x 20ft? Or are these dimensions in inches?
Yes, the biggest Putting Green Mat that we offer is 7.5 feet wide and 20 feet long. However, if you are looking for a larger size, please see our Putting Green Turf Rolls. It's the same product but allows you to pick the length of your choice.
You say the best sub coating is crushed granite. What is the size? Is it 3/4"? 1"? ...
Charles Davis
3/4" layer of crushed granite would work well under these mats.
What’s the difference between these putting mats and the putting green turf rolls of the same size? Specs appear to be the same but the roll is cheaper.
They're the same product, these mats are just pre-cut.
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