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3/4" Home Dance Subfloor Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
3/4" Home Dance Subfloor Tiles
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$11.97 Tile
reg: $3.99 sqft
tile $15.96
Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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I need a 4' x 8' covering for my daughters ballet bar area. she will be on pointe, what can you sell me?
Bruce D Gottsleben
For pointe, these foam tiles would not be recommended as they may be too soft when used alone. We recommend our Premium subfloor option, which includes a plastic tile surface in addition to the foam tile base, covered of course by a Marley roll.
Can i use this subfloor as an underlayment for Vinyl floor?
shiva kavosi
For vinyl rolled dance floor, yes you can. For traditional vinyl plank or tile flooring, we would not recommend.
It's ok to put this and only this on top of a concrete surface and then roll out the vinyl top layer? it's enough cushion so that after an hour of hip-hop dance I won't be feeling it in my back, shins, and knees?
Our Home Dance Subfloor Tiles are a wonderful subfloor option for many dance styles, and help to lessen joint pain. We do recommend rolling out the vinyl roll over top.
My practice board is 2'x4' so with your tile size of 2'x2' I expected to need 2 tiles; however your website recommends 6 tiles, why?
When the tiles interlock, you would technically lose some space. Two tiles would cover ~ 1' 11" x 3' 10". The next size up would be 6 tiles, covering ~ 3' 10" x 5' 9".
Can you tap and turn on this material?
The tiles are dense and durable enough for tap and turns.
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