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Practice Dance Tile Kits Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.9 / 5
Practice Dance Tile Kits
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Customer Rating 4.9 / 5

Customer Questions

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How rigid are the individual tiles? Do they flex or are they rigid?
The tiles are rigid.
does the 3x3 mat pack (9), come complete with edges and corners pre- assembled?
walker brierley
These do not come pre-assembled.
Will it cause noise if living on second floor?
You can put a rug or other type of underlayment down underneath your practice dance tiles if you'd like to reduce noise.
Is this floor good for tap dancing practice?
Karolyn Senter
Yes it is recommended for tap.
Can this be placed over carpet and not harm the carpet when removed.
Potomac Millwork
We have had several customers install these tiles over carpet. We would recommend use with carpet that is dense and low pile, since a fluffier high pile carpet may bring the tiles to have movement issues if it cannot lay flat. Another idea would be to use a plywood sheet or another flat and dense surface over top of your carpet.
Are these the same tiles as found here, if I wanted to expand a floor later?
Is the bottom rubber or what is the material please? Do you recommend putting something underneath it to protect hardwood floors?
The tiles is constructed of hard plastic and has several 'feet' which supports the base of the tile. You'll definitely want to put something in between dance tiles and hardwood floor so that the tiles don't damage your floor and so that they don't slide around.
How safe is this flooring for pointe shoes?
There are lines where the tiles meet, which may not be completely flush / level with the rest of the tile surface. We'd recommend going with our Flat Top Dance Tile for a safer surface.
Could you dribble a basketball on it?
Ashley Allen
Yes you can dribble a basketball on our Practice Dance Tiles.
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