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Practice Dance Tile Kits Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.8 / 5
Practice Dance Tile Kits
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Customer Rating 4.8 / 5

Customer Questions

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How rigid are the individual tiles? Do they flex or are they rigid?
The tiles are rigid.
does the 3x3 mat pack (9), come complete with edges and corners pre- assembled?
walker brierley
These do not come pre-assembled.
Is this floor good for tap dancing practice?
Karolyn Senter
Yes it is recommended for tap.
Will it cause noise if living on second floor?
You can put a rug or other type of underlayment down underneath your practice dance tiles if you'd like to reduce noise.
Can this be placed over carpet and not harm the carpet when removed.
Potomac Millwork
We have had several customers install these tiles over carpet. We would recommend use with carpet that is dense and low pile, since a fluffier high pile carpet may bring the tiles to have movement issues if it cannot lay flat. Another idea would be to use a plywood sheet or another flat and dense surface over top of your carpet.
Are these the same tiles as found here, if I wanted to expand a floor later?
Is the bottom rubber or what is the material please? Do you recommend putting something underneath it to protect hardwood floors?
The tiles is constructed of hard plastic and has several 'feet' which supports the base of the tile. You'll definitely want to put something in between dance tiles and hardwood floor so that the tiles don't damage your floor and so that they don't slide around.
How safe is this flooring for pointe shoes?
There are lines where the tiles meet, which may not be completely flush / level with the rest of the tile surface. We'd recommend going with our Flat Top Dance Tile for a safer surface.
Could you dribble a basketball on it?
Ashley Allen
Yes you can dribble a basketball on our Practice Dance Tiles.
Can these tiles be assembled in a different dimension (4 x 10ft) with the appropriate amount of tiles?
Please see our Practice Dance Tiles to build your own custom size area.
Will the dance tiles damage my finished wood floors if I lay them over the wood? My daughter is home on sabbatical and needs to do her ballet pointe work. Our wood floors are too slippery and therefore possibly dangerous to do pointe.
Priscilla Krikorian
We would recommend placing something in between your wood floors and the tiles, like a our foam subfloor tiles or a rug to protect your wood flooring.
Will the dance floor slide around on a wood or tile floor or is it grippy on the bottom?
The bottoms are hard plastic, no grip added. Larger spaces will stay in place due to weight but smaller sizes could potentially move depending on movement and momentum.
Where can you buy more tiles if you want to expand the kit? Thanks!
Please see our Practice Dance Tile product page to purchase individual tiles.
Is this floor slippery? Is it good for advanced ballet?
We'd recommend using a product with less seams for advanced ballet, like our 3' x 3' Practice Dance Floor. That is one solid piece of vinyl without seams in the floor space.
What can I do so the dance tiles don’t slip ? They are placed over a wood floor. Thank you.
Frances Perez
You could add a rubber mat which would be non-slip between the tiles and the wood floor, being sure to remove and store the mat and tiles while not in use.
Are these springy so its not hard on the knees of the young dancers at home?
The tiles are not springy, they are constructed of durable, hard plastic.
If installing on concrete or tile, is an underlayment recommended if my dancer will be doing jumps?
You don't have to, but we would recommend using our foam dance subfloor tiles for some added cushion.
are the black tiles marley?
No, the tops are not marley.
Is it waterproof?
The tiles are made of durable plastic and won't absorb water, but we don't recommend using these tiles in areas with a low of water as it could be dangerous to dance on.
can you put these outside on grass for dancing events?
If possible, it would be best to include a sturdy subfloor underneath as grass,natural ground often can have variations in height and density which may cause the tiles to slope and even become loose from one another.
Is it water resistant?
Does the 9 tile tap dance practice kit come with edge pieces?
martha sichta
Yes, all of our Practice Dance Tile Kits come with edging.
Hi! Does this need a subfloor? Looking for a temporary practice space for my daughter who does pointe, tap and jazz. It would be on top of a concrete floor. Thank you!
You don't need one but you certain can use one if you'd like to protect your subfloor, lessen sound between floors of your home, or add a small amount of 'give'.
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