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Spring Fresh Turf Rolls Questions & Answers

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Spring Fresh Turf Rolls
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Is this recommended for cats?
You can use our Spring Fresh Turf Rolls with any pet. These rolls are especially great for both cat and dog paws and will not prick them as they walk across the turf.
How do you clean up dog feces and urine?
Jean Barry
To clean urine and feces off our Spring Fresh Turf Rolls would be the same as on natural grass. You would pick feces up with a pooper scooper, or you can hose the turf down. For urine, it will drain through the surface of the turf to the ground beneath. Even though this does happen, the turf can still smell like urine. We recommend hosing down the turf and then using our Pet Fresh spray to keep the turf smelling clean. We also recommend adding our Zeolite Max to any pet installations. This will help to neutralize any urine odors and also keep your turf hygienic.
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