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Helios Deck Tiles (4 Slat) Questions & Answers

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Helios Deck Tiles (4 Slat)
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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is the floor suitable for slightly uneven surfaces
brad toth
It is best that the subfloor surface be as even as possible so that the tiles stay snapped together.
Can I put composite deck tiles over grass?
Composite deck tiles are recommended to be used over a densely compacted and level surface to avoid potentially sinking in.
Can I put composite deck tiles over wood?
Composite decking tiles can be installed over wood and any other surface that is densely compacted and level.
Is Helios tile ok to install directly on EPDM flat roof? Any suggestions for decking on EPDM?
Lawrence Tuthill
Deck tiles are not recommended to be installed directly over EPDM roofing, as any sharp pieces underneath the floor could cause it to tear.
How do I cut composite deck tiles?
To cut composite deck tiles, you can use a sharp tile cutter or a hand saw.
How do I lay composite deck tiles?
Composite deck tiles are built with an interlocking system which allows them to be easily installed and interlocked to the tile on each side. It's like an easy to put together puzzle.
can tiles be installed over GEO GRID or TRUEGRID . These are honey comb gravel stabilizing products typically used in gravel drive way applications. I am installing a patio with foot traffic only
The surface underneath the tiles needs to be dense enough and level enough to not allow the tiles to sink in/become unaligned.
How heavy an item can be placed on the tiles before the plastic connector base breaks? I am hoping to put some large (3x3x3') planters filled with dirt and trees on the deck.
The breaking point is about 2000 lbs.
we tried walking on the IKEA version of this product and sounded hollow and loud (ikeas product seems cheaper made) does this muffle sound pretty well when walking on it?
Outdoor deck tiles can make noise when walked on. You can lessen noise by adding an underlayment beneath the tiles.
When the floor is completed, can water penetrate through when it rains? If so, what do you recommend underneath to prevent that?
Vincent Sica
These do allow for drainage so that rain does not stay on top of the tiles. The rain would just go underneath the tiles and eventually evaporate.
Hi, can these tiles be installed on a concrete patio? and do they need to install/put anything between tiles and concrete?
Rabia Hussain
These tiles can be easily installed on a concrete patio and would not need anything between the tiles and concrete.
Are the Helios Composite Deck Tiles non-combustible?
These tiles have not been tested for this.
Is there edging/trim available for this product?
We do not currently have edging.
Can the 4-slat tiles be installed perpendicularly or solely in a parallel manner and, if so, still allow for the installation of edge and corner pieces?
Yes, the Helios Deck Tiles can be installed perpendicularly. The edge and corner pieces can still be installed.
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