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Nitro Tile - Remnants Questions & Answers

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Nitro Tile - Remnants
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tile $3.00
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Customer Questions

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For the edging at the front of the garage, near the door, do you use female or male edging?
For most installations, we recommend using female edging at the front of the garage.
I am looking at putting this type of flooring on top of concrete that gets a lot of moisture coming up through the concrete in the spring (which makes it very slippery). Will I have to worry about mold growing under the mats?
Tania Garrity
Our Nitro Tile - Remnants and all of our garage tiles are mold and mildew resistant.
Would this be suitable for a ballroom dance floor? Slick enough for spins?
Linda Burke
We would not recommend using our Nitro Tiles as ballroom dance flooring. Because there are patterns to these tiles, they will not allow you to move properly without the potential of tripping.
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