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Playground Rubber Mulch - Bulk Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.6 / 5
Playground Rubber Mulch - Bulk
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Customer Rating 4.6 / 5

Customer Questions

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I have a doggy daycare area I’m just curious about the Palatability of the rubber rocks. Some freaky dog mignt eat it. The question is it manufactured with toxic properties? What is the products life span in the Houston Texas weather?
Our Playground Rubber Mulch is made of the same material that's used to make the soles of shoes. It would be toxic, but will not cause any life-threatening harm since dogs often chew on the soles of shoes without any significant health issues to them. Rubber lasts forever, and so will this product. The color may fade over time.
How many yards are in each bulk?
Las Velas at Hillcroft
Each bulk consists of 50 bags that cover 300 sq ft (or 34 sq yards) to 3 inches in total.
How much does 100 pounds cover.
100 pounds will cover approx 15 sq ft, however, our Playground Rubber Mulch is available for purchase only in pallet quantities. You may either purchase a pallet of 50 bags that weigh 39lbs each or a pallet of 98 bags that weigh 20lbs each. Each pallet will cover 300 sq ft to 3 inches.
How many pounds of mulch is needed to cover a 10’X15’ area?
For a 10' x 15' area, which is 150 sq ft, 1 pallet should work. You can simply use our flooring calculator on the product page to calculate how much flooring you would need for your area.
Does it absorb water and get soggy or spongy after a rain?
Leona Lowry
Our Playground Rubber Mulch will not absorb water. In fact, it provides superior drainage.
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