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Playsafe Premium Turf Rolls Questions & Answers

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Playsafe Premium Turf Rolls
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Customer Questions

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Can this be installed over asphalt?
Our Playsafe Premium Turf Rolls can be installed over asphalt. For added comfort, we recommend placing one of our Play Pads under the turf.
Do you have to add infill?
We do recommend adding infill to our Playsafe Premium Turf Rolls. This helps to keep the blades sticking up and also helps to keep the turf in place. Even though we recommend using infill, it is not required. Infill can always be added after the turf has been installed.
Is this heat resistant?
Ashley Bishop
Our Playsafe Premium Turf Rolls will get warm in direct sunlight. To help combat this, we recommend either watering the turf every hour or so during the hottest part of the day or adding Hydrochill to your turf. This infill is unique in that it helps to release water into your turf to help keep it cool. All you have to do is water it every once in a while, and it will help keep your turf about as cool as natural grass.
Can this be installed directly over rubber tile fall surfacing on top of concrete?
Our Playsafe Premium Turf Rolls can be installed over any hard, flat surface. So, these tiles can be installed over rubber tiles or other surfaces like concrete, asphalt, crushed gravel, and the like.
How deep does final prep need to be so it comes out flush with the sidewalk?
Robert Beeman
Our Playsafe Premium Turf Rolls are approximately 1-1/2" thick, so you will need to make sure your base is about that far down to get your turf to be virtually flush with your sidewalk.
Can this be installed temporarily over pavers with a playpad? I'm hoping to roll it up and put it away when it's not in use.
Yes, our Playsafe Premium Turf Rolls can be installed over pavers with playpad and can be easily rolled away when not in use.
Hi good afternoon the you sell blue playground turf?
We do carry blue color options in our Shock Turf X which is an indoor/outdoor gym turf.
We are thinking of using this product for the floor of a child’s play house. Do you think it would be a good application for this project?
1. Is this also safe for pets? 2. We are looking to install on it necessary to apply adhesive if swingset will be on top? If so, does the adhesive cause damage when removing the artificial grass later?
Yes, these turf rolls are pet-friendly. Using adhesive is recommended if you're looking for a more permanent install. When removed, it wouldn't damage the subfloor but may leave adhesive marks that could be removed using a soap & water solution. Alternatively, you may simply use a double-sided tape along the perimeter of the turf, to keep it in place.
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