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Rosco Adagio Tour Rolls - Custom Cut Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
Rosco Adagio Tour Rolls - Custom Cut
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$19.45 Linear Foot
reg: $4.93 sqft
linear foot $25.93
Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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On finished concrete floor will I need something more than the adagio roll?
Our Adagio Tour flooring can be installed right over your concrete subfloor, but we recommend installing our Dance Floor Subfloor between the Marley flooring and concrete. This will help to prevent injuries and will also add spring to your floor. If you are just looking to add some comfort to your floor, you can also use a foam or cork underlay.
Will this floor hold up well in heat? I need a dance floor that can be installed in an un-airconditioned warehouse and hold up year round without warping.
Our Adagio Tour Rolls would hold up just fine in a non-temperature controlled room. If the rolls are not glued down, what you will see is expansion and contraction of the floor, which won't be an issue as long as you install the flooring with the proper expansion gapping. We would recommend leaving about a 1/2" around your floor to allow the floor to expand and contract properly.
How would I adhere Marley to particular wood sub floor in my basement?
Beth Conley
You can adhere Marley floors using our Dance Floor Adhesive.
Rosco Adagio Tour roll, can this floor be used for pointe. If so, can I install on a basement floor (tile over cement), would i need a sub floor as well?
Shonda Crutcher
Adagio Tour can be used for pointe. Yes you would need to add a subfloor over your concrete to reduce likeliness of dancer injury.
Can the Rosco Adagio Rolls be installed over short carpet?
Amy Fletcher
You could for select dance styles but we would recommend using a proper underlayment.
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