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Adagio Rolls - Custom Cut Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
Adagio Rolls - Custom Cut
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$22.86 Linear Foot
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linear foot $30.48
Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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What kind of sub flooring is needed to put under the adagio? I have a concrete surface, and am wondering if just the square sub tiles will be good enough or if there needs to be one more layer underneath?
We offer several suitable subfloor options for our dance flooring. Please see our Home Dance Subfloor tiles for your needs.
We are looking for something to put over our hardwood floors to keep our tappers from damaging them. Is this product suitable to put over our floors once a week just for the tap class?
These rolls are approved for tap use.
Is there a top-side to the Adagio roll?
Install shiny side down, matte side up. The dance surface (top) is textured slightly, called calendaring which looks like tiny goosebumps.
Can Adagio flooring go directly on top of plywood?
For comfort, we recommend putting down a subfloor of some sort, but you certainly can install these rolls over plywood.
can this floor be installed over a floating laminate floor that is warped in places and be level?
These dance floor rolls are thin, any subfloor imperfections will telegraph through the floor.
can the adagio roll be taped to carpet - very flat and no pile for temporary use? what is the best tape that wont destroy carpet?
We usually recommend taping to a hard surface, we have no recommendation for taping to carpet at this time.
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