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Vinyltrax Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.9 / 5
Vinyltrax Tiles
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Customer Rating 4.9 / 5

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Would these a good option to use as a temporary dance floor in a private events setting? Would they be able to withstand the wear of being used for dancing and being taken apart and put back together multiple times?
Our Vinyltrax Tiles feature a commercial grade vinyl top that is perfect as a temporary dance floor surface. These tiles are very durable and can be installed and uninstalled several times without being damaged.
How does this hold up in the garage? Does it get slippery when wet?
You can install the Vinyltrax Tiles in a garage. Since the vinyl top is inserted into the tile, it will not come unattached when driving in and out of your garage or when turning your wheel like other vinyl topped garage tiles. With the top surface being smooth, these tiles would be a little slippery when wet.
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