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12mm Custom Cut Rubber Underlayment Questions & Answers

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12mm Custom Cut Rubber Underlayment
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$6.80 Linear Foot
reg: $2.27 sqft
linear foot $9.07
Customer Rating 0.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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Why does the 12mm rubber underlayment have a lower IIC score than the 6mm rubber underlayment? Does the 12mm really reduce sound less than the 6mm?
Maximum IIC rating can be achieved around 6mm thickness. Adding thickness from there is pretty much for adding thickness simply for height purposes, not for deduction of impact noise. Thickness of rubber underlayment compared to IIC rating has a similar relationship to that of a bell curve.
Is the 12mm product ok for underlayment under LVT floating floor. The statement not good for vinyl or linoleum is confusing.
OK for LVT?
No, we do not recommend rubber underlayment for use underneath vinyl products.
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