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3/8" Interlocking Premium Mats Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.2 / 5
3/8" Interlocking Premium Mats
Price from
$58.80 Mat
reg: $3.27 sqft
mat $78.40
Customer Rating 4.2 / 5

Customer Questions

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Could this be used outside in a gazebo ?
Our 4' x 6' Interlocking Gym Mats can be used outside in a gazebo.
Can this mat be used to jump and exercise on in addition to holding gym equipment?
Our 4' x 6' Interlocking Gym Mats are ideal for jump training and other high impact exercises. These rubber mats are vulcanized, which means they are extra strong and durable. They are more than capable of holding any gym equipment.
Are these mats trued?
Our 4' x 6' Interlocking Gym Mats are trued.
Can these mats be used for garage use? Will they be able to withstand the weight of a car?
Our 4' x 6' Interlocking Gym Mats can be used in a garage. They can handle the weight of a car on them. The only issue that may arise is that when oil spills on the tiles, you may notice the rubber break apart. To prevent this issue, we recommend placing a plastic over the mats where the car will be parked.
Can I use this mat for an outside playground? Also I need a custom size, would you be able to cut it and send it to us if I send you the exact measurements? Thanks!
Our 4' x 6' Interlocking Gym Mats can be used outdoors as flooring for a playground, but these tiles are not fall height rated. So we don't recommend them under playground equipment. We can custom cut mats to fit a certain space and size. All you would need to do is send us the dimensions of the space(s) that need flooring, and then we can send you the size and number of mats needed and the pricing. To do this feel free to contact one of our Flooring Heros either via phone, chat, or email.
For a 12' x 14' space in black can the 3/8" Interlocking Premium Mats be cut to that size?
You can cut our 3/8" Interlocking Premium Mats with a sharp utility knife and a straight edge to the size that you need. Since these mats are vulcanized, they are a little tough to cut. You will need to make a few passes with your knife to get through the mats. You can also use a table saw, or band saw to cut the mats as well on low speed with silica or water as a lubricant to keep the mats from melting while being cut.
Could this flooring be used outside uncovered?
You can use our 3/8" Interlocking Premium Mats outdoors. These mats are resistant to the elements and are mold and mildew resistant. The only thing you will notice is that these mats will fade in direct sunlight as these mats are not UV stable.
Are edge and corner pieces available?
Edges and corners are currently not available for our 3/8" Interlocking Premium Mats.
What is the weight of each 3/8" Interlocking Premium Mat 4'x6'?
Our 3/8" Interlocking Premium Mats weigh approximately 58 pounds.
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