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Naturesort Deck Tiles (6 Slat) Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.8 / 5
Naturesort Deck Tiles (6 Slat)
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Customer Rating 4.8 / 5

Customer Questions

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Would Naturesort work in a screened patio? Flooring would get wet in heavy rains. If not, is there another product that would?
Naturesort Deck Tiles will work great in a screened patio. These tiles are vented allowing any excess water to flow through the floor. These deck tiles are made of recycled plastic and bamboo, so they will not rot due to excessive rain.
How do the Naturesort Deck Tiles survive snow and cold temperatures? We live at a high altitude. Do you support the 20 year warranty on the product? If not, how is that handled?
Naturesort Deck Tiles hold up very well in all temperatures. They are made from recycled plastic and bamboo, which is more durable than natural wood. We do back our product warranties, and if you have any issues with your flooring, you can contact us directly to get the issue fixed.
I see that the Naturesort Deck tiles are porous to allow water to go thru...what about dirt/dust/etc? I have a covered deck (porch really) and I am trying to eliminate these things from the area below.
Dirt and dust will flow through these deck tiles as well.
I currently have teak tiles in my master bath shower, could these be used indoor?
Our Naturesort Deck Tiles can be used indoors.
These tiles would be used on an upper (totally exposed to weather) deck. Under the tiles would be a plywood deck covered with a rubber bladder. Would you suggest covering the deck in the winter (yes we do get some snow) with a tarp (on the order of a pool winter cover) or will they be okay without covering.
You would not have to cover Naturesort Deck Tiles during the winter. These tiles are made from recycled plastic and bamboo and are able to withstand the toughest of winters.
We want to use this as a deck outside our RV. We plan to level the ground and make a sand base for the tiles. Will this work?
Our Naturesort Deck Tiles (6 Slat) will work as a temporary outside deck for your RV. These tiles are resistant to mold, mildew, and water and are very easy to install and remove. For a longer installation, you would want to install the tiles over smooth concrete.
Can you use these on Stairs?
Deck tiles can be installed on any level surface.
I am interested to know if these tiles hold up to animal waste. I have a old dog who tends to use the current patio area as her go to spot, we are looking to up date the area with tiles and are wondering if these would hold up to this kind of treatment.
They should hold up just fine, as these tiles are made to hold up to the hard environments that the weather can offer. We would recommend to quickly hose down any areas shortly after as to keep the tiles clean.
How do they stick to the surface? are they self-adhesive? Also, can I use a box cutter to cut the tiles to allow them to fit properly? I am using them for a concrete balcony.
These tiles are installed by interlocking each tile to the one next to it. A box cutter will not these tiles as they are very thick, you will need to use a tile cutter.
How hot do the tiles get in the sun?
The tile may get slightly warm in direct sunlight, but will be cooler underfoot than other surface types.
I’m thinking of making a deck area in my yard. Can I put these down over grass or is there a preferred method for using directly on the ground? Thanks for any info you can provide! -Fran
Deck tiles can be installed on any level and compacted surface. Grass would not be recommended.
How do you transition the edge? Do they make matching pieces?
Unfortunately the tiles do not have matching edging.
Can I install Naturesort Deck Tiles over my exterior treated wood deck ?
Robin Hughes
Deck tiles can be installed over any level, dense surface or subfloor.
If applying these tiles over an existing, weathered wooden deck floor, does the existing deck need waterproof staining or any other prepping prior to installation of the Natursort deck tiles?
These tiles allow water to flow through them, so any subfloor beneath will continue to get wet. You just need a level, solid surface to install the tiles over.
Can these be installed over a concrete slab iat ground level ? What about drainage .
Lois Willett
These tiles can be installed directly over concrete. The tiles do allow water to flow through them.
Two questions. Can the tiles be cut to fit around uneven edges? there an edge finishing piece so that it looks nice from side?
The tiles can be cut and there are not edges available.
Can these be used over a less than smooth concrete surface? And how well do they drain as I have an enclosed porch with a screen roof, and currently it drains under each corner post
The tiles are slatted, so they will drain through. The tiles will work better, the smoother and flat the surface.
Here in Florida we are concerned about sun fading of the tiles. Also, with the heat, will they buckle and puff up?
joseph benedetto
Naturesort deck tiles are designed for and approved for outdoor use in warm climates.
is it mildew free
Mirian Soldineer
The tiles are mold and mildew resistant.
I would be installing these tiles over a wood deck. Do these tiles get hot (to the feet)? The deck is in the sun all day (no coverage).
The tiles will get warm underfoot but should be overall comfortable.
Can the tiles be installed directly over a tpo roof - or would a protective membrane be needed to prevent damage to the roof?
To install Naturesort's Deck Tiles over a tpo roof or any rubber roof, we would recommend placing a protective membrane like our rubber underlay under the tiles to protect the roof.
is there an edge trim for this tile ? 3/4" is a thick edge that might be a trip hazard how can i avoid that ?
We do not have a trim/edge for the Naturesort deck tiles. We do not currently offer a reducer piece that is for 3/4" product.
Can you install this on epdm? (Rubber roof)
No, the bottom of the tiles have pointed pieces that may pierce the EDPM.
Can these tiles go over a epdm roof? (Rubber roof?)
No, the bottom of these tiles can pierce epdm roofing.
There is an expansion joint under my deck that may need to be accessed. Can the tiles be removed to access the joint and replaced once the work is finished?
Yes, our Naturesort Deck Tiles can be easily removed and re-installed as needed.
Can the Helios edge/trim pieces be used with the Naturesort deck tiles?
No, Helios edges cannot be used with Naturesort Deck Tiles.
Can these tilea be installed on a Foam roof?
Christine Meeks
We do not recommend installing these tiles on a foam roof since the back of the tiles is made of hard plastic that may eventually pierce through the foam. Please use our Soft Flex Toles for this purpose.
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