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Century Outdoor Living Deck Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
Century Outdoor Living Deck Tiles
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$44.90 Case
reg: $5.99 sqft
case $59.87
Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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Can this product be installed to cover an uneven patio? Or possibly on top of a layer of gravel to level out the old patio?
Don Collins
The product must be installed over a level, solid, and dense subfloor surface to ensure continued interlock.
Can this be used over an existing concrete patio?
HI, can the century outdoor living deck tiles be installed over epdm roof? thanks, Lex
Lex Tu
This product is NOT designed to work with any roof top applications (customer would proceed at own discretion). NOTE: this product will expand and contract with the temp (any substrates which create too much traction will cause warping).
How best do I cut pieces on an angle for the final install?
You can use a jigsaw and then a palm sander or a Dremel tool to smooth the edge.
Can these be laid directly on ground?
Deck tiles are recommended to be installed over any dense, solid and level surface to ensure continued and successful interlock.
I would be laying this tile over a concrete outdoor patio, how would the rain drainage work? During heavy rain storms, would the tile patio lift up from the concrete?
The deck tiles are heavy and would not life up from the concrete.
Are there female and male edging parts available for this type?
For the Century Outdoor Living Deck Tiles, we currently do not have any female and male edging. If you need edging, we do provide edging on our Helios Deck Tiles.
I need a product that I can install on a balcony that is weatherproof and will give a waterproof finish to the underside If you are able to help Regards Chris
Chris Lambden
Our Century Outdoor Living Deck Tiles can be easily installed in your balcony and are weatherproof and very easy to install. These tiles will let water pass through them, allowing superior drainage. Please call us directly if you need more information.
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