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Lawn Pad Questions & Answers

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Lawn Pad
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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I am looking to make an indoor putting green. If I order the putting turf and this 3/4 lawn pad, would I glue the turf directly to the pad. And, if so, can it then sit directly on top of my floor so that it is movable?
You can glue the turf to the Lawn Pad. You would just use a pressure sensitive adhesive to bond them together. Once they are glued together, you can then place the turf on any surface you choose.
Will this foam retain moisture and grow mildew or mold?
Our Lawn Pad will not retain moisture and is mold and mildew resistant. The Lawn Pad is porous.
If this pad is laid underneath artificial turf, how does it drain? Thanks.
Our Lawn Pad is somewhat porous allowing water to flow through it to the ground underneath.
Would the 1-1/8" thick pad be ok for a putting green application? I'm looking for a pad to be used in a play area by young children and as a putting green.
Our 1-1/8" thick pad can be used under a putting green in a play area where kids will play.
I am looking at the 3/4 inch pad, but what is the length and width of the pad?
Tam Trinh
Our Lawn Pads are 7.5' x 3' in size.
Is this material easily able to be sliced to fit a specific shape, or does it crumble?
You can easily cut our Lawn Pad to fit an area with a sharp utility knife and a straight edge. Even though this product is made of foam, it will not crumble when cut.
Can this be used under Pet friendly turf? Will the pad hold the urine smell and bacteria?
Our Lawn pad can be used under a pet-friendly turf. This pad will not hold the urine smell and bacteria. This product is commonly used as a drainage and crushed aggregate replacement in agricultural uses.
Is this a suitable underlayment for pet synthetic turf?
Our Lawn Pads are great as underlay under our Pet Turf. These pads are non-absorbent and will help to add cushion under foot.
If I place this under turf on concrete with a drain in the middle, will it let the water flow underneath? I'm worried it will impede the flow, always be wet, and become moldy.
Our Lawn Pad is somewhat porous allowing water to flow through it to the ground underneath. It will then flow to the drain if there is a slope to it. Our lawn pad would dry over time and would not become moldy. This product is mold and mildew resistant.
I am planning a duel use area that will be used for play and pets. How well does this pad stand up to pet odors?
Our Lawn Pads are porous and will allow for any liquids to flow through, but some organics from urine can over time get trapped in the pad. To help combat this, we recommend placing a layer of our Zeolite Max between the padding and the turf and to also add Zeolite Max as part of your infill system for your turf. This will help neutralize the odors that come from urine.
I am looking to install artificial turf on a flat rubber roof. I'd like to ensure drainage happens. Can I use the lawn pad as my base? Is this safe for a rubber roof or do I need to use drainage tiles that are "rubber roof approved"?
You can install our turf over our Lawn Pad and achieve the proper drainage you desire. Our Lawn Pads are porous and allow water to flow through to the subfloor below properly.
Should the fabric be installed up or down
The fabric must be installed down since this fabric prevents any additional plants and weeds from growing through the base of the synthetic grass.
I am looking to make driving range mats for my ladies golf team. wondering if this pad in 3/4" would be dense enough to simulate natural ground.
David Schwartz
Our Lawn Pads won’t be dense enough for this use. However we do offer pre-made putting green mats that could work great for your team, please see here!filter=870
what is the fall rating for your 2 and 1/4 inch pad?
It would be 8' - 9' fall rating.
Can this be installed outside over concrete?
Yes, you may install the lawn pad over concrete.
Won't the lawn pad be visible from the sides if the grass is the exact same size as the pad? How do I prevent that, or does this not happen?
If you are looking to make the lawn pad even with the grass, you may use an extra inch to cover the sides of the pad and tuck the turf in or you may even try to set the pad lower into the ground and then install the turf over it.
Hello. Can I install this product on an exterior backyard concrete slab? If so, would I glue it down or would I install it in a dry application as a floating pad?
Yes, you may install these pads over concrete. Either installation type would work, you may either leave it floating or glue it down. Please see detailed installation instructions under the "Installation" tab on the product page.
Hello, what sizes do these pads come in? It is not clear. The website has one size, and in the Q&A, it says something different. Thank you very much.
The pads are 7.5' x 3' in size.
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