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Wonder Edge Questions & Answers

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Wonder Edge
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Customer Questions

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Can this be used as a border for mulch etc.?
Jeanine Jenovino
Our Wonder Edge can be used as a border around mulch and other areas of your yard. This product is made from flexible plastic and can be cut and formed to fit virtually any space.
Can I use it to replace a failing border around my existing turf?
Yes, our Wonder Edge can be around existing turf. This edge is installed at the edge of your turf and allows you to easily tuck your turf within the wonder edge's borders.
What is the edging made of
The wonder edge is made of plastic.
Do you have any video of how to tuck the turf into the wonder edge?
Cindy Carter
You may see our installation video on the product page or use this link
Can the wonder edge be cut? Do you need corner connections?
Yes, Wonder edge can be cut easily since it's made of plastic. Every Wonder Edge unit ships with an internal connector.
Can you install wonder edge to existing turf that has been installed for about a year?
Yes, you may use wonder edge around existing turf, as long as you are able to tuck the turf ends into the edge as required for installation.
Can this be used to separate your artificial turf from your neighbors lawn?
Yes! This edge can be used to create a boundary along your turf and can be used to separate your turf from your neighbor's. However, please note that this product sits on the turf level, and doesn't have much height so it may not look like a typical boundary. You may use our Polyboard for this purpose if you need the boundary to protrude out and show.
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