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Daytona Turf Rolls Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
Daytona Turf Rolls
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$20.25 Linear Foot
reg: $3.60 sqft
linear foot $27.00
Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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Can it be used in snowy climates?
Our Daytona Turf Rolls can be used in both hot and cold climates and is heat and frost resistant. These turf rolls have been installed all over the US and Canada and have performed exceptionally.
Can you lay turf direct on bare ground?
You can install our Daytona Turf Rolls over bare ground, but we recommend installing over a base of crushed granite so that the turf will drain properly during rainstorms.
Can you use this product inside a bathroom around a whirlpool tub? Can it be glued down ? If so, how would you match the horizontal and vertical corners? Thank You
Gerald Brinson
You can install our Daytona Turf Rolls indoors around a whirlpool tub. It can be glued down, and we recommend using our 5900 Series adhesive. When installing the turf, graining will not matter much since you will want to brush the turf and also add some infill to get the turf to stand up like natural grass, thus hiding the seams.
Hi, can this be used for events? We are a company that rent tents for events, and would like to buy a thicker and hight class Turf like this one. Thank you.
Sarai Flores
Our Daytona Turf Rolls are great for high traffic and are perfect as turf for events of all sizes.
Does the Daytona have drain holes? The sample we ordered did not have any.
Yes, the Daytona Turf rolls have drain holes.
Can this turf be used on a roof deck? If so, is fill required, or can you use subfloor tiles and lay the turf over?
Yes, the Daytona Turf Rolls can be used on a roof deck. You may want to use this turf along with our Flo Through turf subfloor. Easy to install, this foam pad will not only help to move water off your roof but will also add extra comfort underfoot. We recommend using double-sided tape or glue to keep the turf in place.
Since this is going to be used in an enclosed Childs play house I am wondering if there’s any toxicity or significant offgassing
Our Daytona Turf Rolls are non-toxic and are safe for children. These rolls also do not contain lead or any other heavy metals.
I am using the Dayton Turf on a roof deck with a drainage tile underneath. Do I need to use infill for this and if so, how much for 460 sq feet?
With our Daytona Turf Rolls or any artificial grass, you don't have to add infill. You can install the turf without it. The infill just helps to keep the turf blades standing up and aids in drainage. Please use the flooring calculator on any of our infill product pages to calculate how much infill you would need for your space. Typically, a 50lb bag of infill covers approximately 33sq ft.
can this be used on partially sloped ground
Yes, these turf rolls can be used over sloped grounds. You'll just have to install them properly.
Can the Daytona Turf Rolls be placed over rubber (tire) mulch placed in a child's playground?
If you're looking to simply place the turf rolls over mulch, then yes, you may do that.
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