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Agility Turf Rolls Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.8 / 5
Agility Turf Rolls
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$35.88 Roll
reg: $3.99 sqft
roll $47.84
Customer Rating 4.8 / 5

Customer Questions

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Can the agility turf be installed directly on top of current existing rubber gym flooring and would double sided carpet tape be fine for this type of installation?
Nick Godau
Our Agility Turf Rolls can be installed over existing rubber gym flooring and double sided carpet tape can be used for installation. If movement does occur, adhesive may be needed for a more permanent hold.
What is the difference between the launch turf (3/8") and the agility turf (without pad) that's also 3/8"? Basically, why is agility $3.29/sq ft when launch is $2.69 and they're the same thickness?
The main difference between our Agility and Launch Turf Rolls is the fiber. Agility is made with a nylon fiber whereas Launch is made with a polypropylene fiber. Nylon is a more expensive fiber to use and is more durable, but can't be used outdoors due to fading. Polypropylene is a cheaper fiber, but is still very durable and is great for use outdoors and indoors.
What type of adhesive do you recommend? Thanks.
We recommend using our 5900 Series Adhesive for our Agility Turf Rolls.
Is this heavy duty enough to be used as a golf mat? I know it says putting mat but I am interested in hitting irons and wedges.
Our Agility Turf Rolls can be used as a golf mat.
Can you apply crumb rubber infill for a lower impact feel?
You can use rubber infill with our Agility Turf Rolls for a lower impact feel.
Can this be used on top of grass outdoors in a batting cage area. Will this hold up to metal cleats and the wear of hitting baseballs off it?
You can use our Agility Turf Rolls outdoors, but they will fade in direct sunlight. These turf rolls are not meant to be used where metal cleats are going to be used but can be used where soft cleats are used. We would not recommend using this product in a batting area on a baseball field.
Can these mats be disinfected? With what product?
Yes, the Agility Turf Rolls can be disinfected with our Turf Fresh spray. This spray has a disinfecting action that removes unwanted bacteria and odor from the turf. The Turf Fresh is non-toxic and pet-safe.
Can you bounce a basketball on the agility turf with cushioned back? Will balls bounce on the turf?
Julie A Blankenbaker
The ball will have some bounce back on the Agility Turf Roll, depending on the force thrown to the ground. However, it will not have the same bouncing effect as a hard surface such as concrete.
I was interested in the low pile 3/8" agility turf for my basement but I have reservations on seaming the pieces together. Any suggestions or installation instructions I can review before I decide on tackling this project? I appreciate your time.
You may check out the "Installation Info" tab and the "Turf Installation" video on the product page for more information on installation. If you watch the Turf Installation video at 1:01, it will show you the steps to seal the turf which is fairly easy. You may also call us directly if you still have questions.
Can you park a car on indoor turf laid in a garage?
Charmion Freifeld
You can park your car on turf, however just like with real grass, the turf blades will flatten over time and there is no guarantee that the blades would recover to their original form.
Can you wear football cleats on this turf
Soft cleats would be okay to use on Agility Turf Rolls. If you're looking turf specifically for football cleats, please see our cleat-safe turf here!filter=307
How wide is the 12' roll?
Stacy Pablo
Agility Turf Rolls are 12' wide. You may choose your own length when ordering the product.
Can the turf be rolled up and stored in between use?
Don Super
Absolutely! You may easily lay the product down (do not glue it) when in use and roll it up and put it away once you're done.
Can you just roll out the turf over existing floor and not use any adhesive? Use for a workout room that is temporary
Yes! You may simply roll these out and then put them away as needed.
What is the turf made of? Is it non toxic? Thank you
These rolls are made of Nylon and they are non-toxic.
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