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Intensify Turf Rolls Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
Intensify Turf Rolls
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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Do I need to put infill into the artificial grass and what kind of infill ?
With our Intensify Turf Rolls, you don't have to use an infill, but you can. There are a number infills you can use depending on the type of application. For landscape purposes, we recommend using Silica Sand. For athletic use, we recommend using Rubber. For putting green use, you can use a special infill made for putting greens or silica sand.
Do I need to put infill into these artificial grass, it will be at my patio. What kind of infill should i put ?
You don't have to use infill for this type of application, but the infill we do recommend would be a Silica Sand infill.
Can I use this to cover my patio and how long will it last?
You can use our Intensify Turf Rolls to cover your patio. This product can be used indoors and out. Depending on the amount of traffic and proper maintenance, this product can last for several years without needing to be replaced.
Can this be installed in a garage where a car will be parked? Can this be cut to size?
We don't recommend having cars driving over our Intensify Turf Rolls on a daily basis, but these rolls can be installed in a garage where a car may be. Our Intensify Turf Rolls are 12' wide and can be cut to any whole foot length. To cut these turf rolls to fit, we recommend using a sharp utility knife and a straight edge.
Hi, How does this get adhered to the ground? Do we need some sort of glue? What is needed to have it installed? This will be for my outdoor terrace but the foundation is uneven. Will this intensify the unevenness or make it better?
To install our Intensify Turf Rolls to a concrete pad, you will want to use our 7700 Series adhesive or our Polyurethane Adhesive. To install these rolls, all you would need is a sharp utility knife and a straight edge. For full installation instructions, please refer to the installation tab on the product page. The turf will be able to install over uneven ground and depending on how uneven the floor is, may or may not accentuate the unevenness.
Does it have to be glued down? Are there other options? Can it be rolled out and just used like that?
You don't have to glue down our Intensify Turf Rolls. You can loose lay these turf rolls, or you can use double-sided tape. Many of our customer loose lay the rolls so they can easily roll them back up or move them in and out of their studios.
If I want one strip of turf for sled pushes, can I lay it on the top of my rubber flooring without adhering it down?
Yes, you may lay this turf without permanently installing them. You may use a double-sided tape on the perimeter if needed to keep it from moving.
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