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Launch Turf Rolls Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
Launch Turf Rolls
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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How would this hold up to being rolled out when needed, and then being rolled back up when not used? I need something to roll out on a paved driveway for sled work. Thanks.
You can easily roll up and out our Launch Turf Rolls. These rolls will not be ruined from doing this.
Can this product be used outside? How does it stand up to sun?
Our Launch Turf Rolls can be used outdoors. These artificial grass rolls are made with polypropylene which is a UV stable fiber. This means this turf will not fade in direct sunlight.
How do you clean sweat out of it? Can it be cleaned with a carper steamer? Can it be installed directly onto cement? And what do you attach it with?
We recommend cleaning our Launch Turf Rolls with a solution of warm water and household detergent and either mopping the floor with it or hosing it down. These fake grass rolls can be installed over concrete and can be adhered to it using double-sided tape or adhesive.
How does this turf work on a wood floor in the gym? We are wanting to install an indoor batting cage but want something to protect the floor.
Our Launch Turf Rolls can be installed over plywood and would perform the same as it would over concrete or any other hard, flat surface.
How does the Launch turf preform with heavy Prowler use?
Health Designs
Our Launch Turf Rolls were designed with daily use of a sled in mind. Our Launch fiber is very durable and can be used indoors and out.
If I am wanting to lay the launch turf down directly beside the 8 mm strong rubber tiles, do I need a divider of any kind? It's all going on top of a garage floor, so would I need any edging around the borders?
You would not need to put a divider of any kind between Our Launch Turf and our 8mm Strong Rubber Tiles. They can just butt up next to each other. If you are going wall-to-wall with your flooring, you would not need to put any edging around the flooring. If you aren't, then a beveled ramp may be needed depending on the height of the floor to reduce the tripping hazard.
I'd like to install artificial turf in my garage gym. However, I need to be able to park a car on it. The turf will likely get all the normal dirt, mud blobs, and snow chunks that come with parking a car. Do you have a turf that is soft enough for exercise, but tough enough to park a car on? Do you have one that's easy to keep clean?
Todd A Adams
You can install our Launch Turf Rolls in a garage gym. You can park a car on these turf rolls, but due to the weight of the vehicle, you may see where the car is parked after it is moved. This can be fixed by brushing it with a broom. To add more comfort to our Launch Turf Rolls, we would recommend adding out Gym Turf Pad under the turf for added bounce and comfort. Keeping this turf clean can be a little tricky as some dirt and debris may get caught in the turf, but with a power washer or hose handy, you would be able to remove any stuck on dirt and debris. For larger debris, you can just use a leave blower to remove it.
Can the Launch Turf be glued or taped down on our current rubber mat flooring ?
Yes, you may glue or tape down our Launch Turf Rolls over your rubber mat flooring, however, the glue may leave marks on your rubber flooring. Using our double-sided tape would work best, you may use it only on the ends of the turf and tape it down that way.
Do all your turf options come in other colors besides green?
Our Color Turf Rolls come in blue & pink colors.
can you paint yard lines, ladder drills, etc. on this turf
mark phaup
Yes, you may use appropriate turf paint to draw lines on them.
What is best way to install to cement (glue or tape) when going to use for sled push with launch turf?
Terry Bachman
You may either glue the turf down or simply use a double side tape along the perimeter to keep the turf in place. These can also be laid down without using any adhesive.
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