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Premium Indoor Sports Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
Premium Indoor Sports Tiles
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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Do regular hockey pucks slide across this?
Regular hockey pucks can slide across our Premium Indoor Sports Tiles.
What happens if a liquid gets on this type of flooring (someone spills a drink, etc)? Thanks.
If you spill a liquid on our Premium Indoor Sports Tiles, nothing happens to the tiles. The tiles are non-porous so the liquid will just sit on top of the tiles. We do recommend cleaning up spills promptly as they can become a slip hazard for anyone playing on the surface.
Does this floor need an underlayment? Do you have options for lines and cut outs for volleyball etc.?
Teresa Hamilton
Our Premium Indoor Sports Tiles don't need to be installed with an underlay, but we do suggest one for added comfort and bounce. The underlayment acts as a shock absorber helping to protect your joints while at play. You can paint lines onto your floor, or you can use tape. We recommend using a two-part polyurethane paint to paint lines on your court. For any cut outs, you can use our tile cutter or a table saw to create the cutouts that you need.
What is the difference in the regular indoor sports tiles and the premium sports tiles? Also, can the titles be placed on current gym floor tiles or will we have to pull the floor up?
Larissa Thompson
The main difference between the Premium Indoor Sports Tiles and the Indoor Sports tiles is that the Premium version has more color options. They are both made from the same material and perform the same. The tiles can be placed on any existing flooring that is flat. There is no need to remove the existing floor.
Can the premium and the standard tiles be used interchangeably?
No, these tiles have different locking mechanisms so won't interlock with each other.
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