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Soft Flex Tiles Questions & Answers

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Soft Flex Tiles
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Customer Rating 4.6 / 5

Customer Questions

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Looking at the Soft Flex Tiles for a shower floor. It says they are "soft to walk on and mold and mildew resistant", but nothing about Slip/Skid resistance. Are these tiles slip resistant?
Our Soft Flex Tiles are slip resistant. These tiles are vented allowing water to flow through and under the tiles to a drain. This keeps water from pooling on top of the tiles creating a safe and slip resistant flooring surface.
Do you have to use the female and male edges to keep the tile together? My shower stall is 3-foot x 32" square,
You do not need to use the male or female edging on our Soft Flex Tiles to keep your flooring together. The tiles themselves interlock tightly together.
Does the soft flex tiles come in an evergreen color? are the male and female edges beveled?
Our Soft Flex Tiles do not come in Evergreen, and the male and female edges are beveled.
I want to put your soft flex tiles on the floor of my pontoon boat. They will be exposed to direct sunlight. The current surface of my pontoon gets too hot to walk on in bare feet. The only purpose in using your tiles would be to have a cooler surface to walk on. Can you assure me that the surface of the soft flex tiles will not be hot to bare feet?
The Soft Flex Tiles will be cooler than you pontoon boat floor in direct sunlight.
Can the tiles be trimmed to fit using a box or linoleum knife? Is there a better tool to use than the knives mentioned?
You can use any type of utility knife to cut our Soft Flex Tiles. These tiles are made of flexible PVC and are very easy to cut. With a sharp utility knife and a straight edge, these tiles cut just like butter.
Want to use on a wood deck so you can walk on with bare feet but will these soft tiles hold up to sitting patio furniture or lawn chairs on them?
You can install our Soft Flex Tiles on a wood patio where furniture will be. These tiles are softer underfoot compared to our hard plastic tiles but are still durable enough to have furniture on them. The vents on these tiles are pretty small, but we would recommend picking up any chair as to not damage the flooring or scuffing it.
How should I clean this mat? Can I use something like Lysol to disinfect it and how often should I clean it? I want to use it in the shower to enhance safety and prevent falls.
You can clean our Soft Flex Tiles with mild soap and water or with Lysol to disinfect them. These tiles are vented and are very comfortable underfoot making them great for showers. These tiles are also very slip-resistant, even when wet making them the perfect choice for any shower where you want to add safety and prevent falls.
Does this flooring have any available edging for edges that are exposed?
We provide edging for our Soft Flex Tiles on our product page. Right below the add to cart button you will see them. We offer both male and female edging for this product.
My walk-in shower in basement slants to the drain in the middle of the room. Would these tiles still work?
Since these tiles interlock with each other, the tiles may not slope down to your drain properly. You can either tile over the drain with these tiles, depending on the size of the slant, or you can leave a hole where the drain is located.
What are the size of the holes in these tiles?
The size of the holes in our Soft Flex Tiles are approx. 8mm in size.
How soft is soft?
Our Soft Flex Tiles are not super soft. We describe them as soft as they are more comfortable underfoot compared to our harder plastic tiles. They are essentially very flexible and will give a bit when walked on.
Do the Soft Flex Tiles have tapered edge pieces?
The edges that are provided with our Soft Flex Tiles are tapered edges. You can purchase these in the on-page accessory area on the product page.
I’m interested in ordering the soft flex tiles, but my shower floor is white, does the light grey look more white then grey?
To get the true color of our Soft Flex Tiles or any of our products, we recommend getting a free sample of the floor. You then will be able to match it up to your walls, decor, and more.
Can you stack several layers of rubber tile on top of one another in order to raise the height of a shower floor?
We don't recommend installing several layers of our Soft Flex Tiles on top of each other as you may run into stability issues, but you can do that to increase the height of your floor.
Was wondering if these tiles could be installed directly into the ground in front of an outdoor shed as a walkway in and out of the shed. They will get wet because of my sprinklers near by.
Our Soft Flex Tiles can be used outdoors in front of an outdoor shed as a walkway. These tiles are very durable and will be able to withstand the elements. They are very easy to install and maintain and can be replaced easily if damaged.
My father in law has a large walk-in shower. Would the entire floor surface of the shower need to be covered with tiles to prevent the tiles from slipping? Or will they stay in place if we put them in the middle of the shower floor? He sits in the shower, so he might push on them with his feet.
You would not have to install our Soft Flex Tiles wall-to-wall to keep them in place. You can install them in the middle of a space, and the weight of the floor will keep the tiles in place.
We have a grassy area between our pool pump and pool that is usually wet and sometimes muddy. Is this the best type of tile for us to use?
You can use our Soft Flex Tiles as flooring in the areas that are wet and muddy. Since these tiles are vented, there is potential for you to still get muddy, so these may not be the best solution to your issue. We do offer deck tiles that may be better suited for your installation. You can find our range of deck tiles on our Composite Decking page.
Are these tiles safe to use for sports activities?
Our Soft Flex Tiles are not as durable as our standard sports tiles, so we would not recommend them for standard sports use.
I've had these since last September and really like them. I was wondering if they'd be ok to clean in my dishwasher? Thanks for a great product.
You can clean our Soft Flex Tiles in a dishwasher. They are dishwasher safe.
What is the best way to clean underneath the tiles?
To clean under out Soft Flex Tiles, you can easily lift up the tiles to clean under any tile that gets some buildup over time. Since these tiles are vented, you can also use a pressure washer to clean between the vents.
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