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Solid Peel & Stick Tile Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.9 / 5
Solid Peel & Stick Tile
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Customer Rating 4.9 / 5

Customer Questions

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Hello.. Do you have any other colors in the solid peel and stick vinyl tile?
Arturo Diaz
Unfortunately no, the only colors offered for the Solid peel and stick tiles are black, white, and checkered.
I rent and wanted to know if I buy this will it remove easily and will it leave a sticky residue?
Peel and stick tiles are made with durable adhesive to ensure a strong bond to the ground beneath. If you can pop up a corner of the tile and pull it up, you may have residue left underneath that needs to be scraped away. To remove dried glue from the floor you can use either acetone or mineral spirits. You would put either on to a rag and wipe up the dried glue. You would then follow that up with a dry rag to clean off any residue. If there is still some residue left, you can use water to wipe it up. You would then follow that with a dry rag.
Will these tiles hold up in a home garage with a car parked on them.
We have had many customers purchase these low cost tiles for use in home garages, although the tiles can experience difficulty in sticking when used in excessively hot or cold environments. White can also be a bit difficult to clean.
Are these vinyl tiles groutable?
These tiles are not groutable.
Are these black and white vinyl tiles able to be grouted? Or, can they only be installed touching each other?
Thinner tiles such as peel and stick are not typically designed to be grouted.
Can these peal and stick tiles be installed over existing linoleum flooring?
Yes you can. Be certain the floor is clean and level.
Is it advisable to stagger seams or necessary to stagger seams when laying peel and stick tile?
In most installations, customers install the tiles with seams directly aligned. If you would like to stagger the seams, you sure can.
When wet how slippery are the tiles with shoes? Do I need to add some anti-slip coating to the tiles?
You should not allow your peel and stick tiles to get too wet. The possibility of slipping could happen with any flooring, please be sure to be careful and clean up and spills immediately. We do not have any specific testing for slip resistance or recommendation for coating.
should the concrete garage floor be sealed before installing the peel and stick black and white vinyl tiles? If so what type of sealer?
Mike Floyd
If your concrete slab has any moisture issues, be sure to treat it with a moisture barrier. For garage application, we also do recommend going with a higher quality garage tile or roll that is better suited for garage use.
Do I need to remove the current vinyl flooring ?
The tiles should be installed on a flat, clean subfloor for best results.
Why do these have the California Prop65 warning? I was considering buying these for my garage but not sure if there is any dangerous out gassing due to the prop65 warning label.
The California Prop 65 Warning must be stated on any product that may be known to contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, or birth defects or other reproductive harm.
How suitable are these tiles for northern states? In Wisconsin, garages get quite a bit of snow, salt, an dirt during winter.
We recommend going for a more durable garage tile or garage roll.
Can I use the tiles for a covered patio floor in Arizona where outside temperatures can be extreme?
This tile is not approved for outdoor use
Would I be able to lay wood flooring on top if I decide to upgrade in the future?
You will need to check with the manufacturers installation guidelines for the wood flooring to make sure it would not void any warranties.
What about winter?I live in the northeast and we get snow ,ice and tons of salt etc caked on our cars. Will this clean off the tiles? My floor now is a black stained mess from this.
We would recommend choosing a different tile that could withstand the more drastic weather issues. Any of our more rugged garage tiles should be suitable for that type of situation. You would just need to clean them with soap, water and a hose.
I'm looking at these tiles as an option for an unfinished basement floor. It's not the greatest surface for smoothness, and has some paint stains. If I make everything reasonably smooth, will the adhesive stick to embedded paint?
These tiles are very thin. If you do not have a completely flat subfloor, you may experience telegraphing of the imperfections through your vinyl tiles. The cleaner and smoother the subfloor, the better.
Do you have any clear coat that can be applied to these peal and stick to create a top coat to protect them?
We do not offer any type of coating option.
Hi. So, are these water resistant enough for use in a residential kitchen? And can they be installed right on top of existing linoleum floor?
Peel and stick tiles will work fine in a home kitchen environment. They can be installed right over linoleum floor - make sure the subfloor surface is free from imperfections as this product is thin and will telegraph any subfloor issues.
i was just wanting to know if the white colored tiles are glossy?
These tiles do have a bit of glossiness to them. We recommend ordering a sample so that you can see it in person.
Can you stick these on top of plywood? I'm planning on using these for an outdoor shed with a floor made out of plywood. Thanks
Edwin Torres
Yes, please see installation PDF for detailed installation instructions.
you picture a tile with 2 black and 2 white squares...would that give me a 6" checkerboard design, instead of the normal 12" checkerboard? have pretty small bathroom, so looking for a smaller square pattern. also should this be laid on an under lament? The floor there now is an old tongue/groove wood flooring.
This tile will be a 12" square tile with a 4 square pattern each at 6"x6". No, you do not need an underlayment however you will want to make sure all planks are secured by nailing or screwing the floor down. Countersink each nail/screw and fill with latex. The surface needs to be completely clean and free of pain, varnish, or wax and completely seal all areas with a suitable latex sealer.
We are having a new home built which will be ready approx. the first week of June of this year. The finish of the concrete will be "Broom Finish". Is this an acceptable surface for the vinyl peel and stick tiles?
Gerald Pepon
We recommend having a smooth and level surface to install our Solid Peel & Stick Tiles. Broom finished surface won't be the best surface for these tiles.
What thickness is the tile? Is the white true white or greyish looking?
These tiles are 1.2mm thick and are white.
Are these tiles shiny or matte? Are they completely flat or have variations
Our Solid Peel & Stick Tiles are shiny and have some textured variations.
Do you have to put an adhesive under tiled
Hilda DeLoach
Our Solid Peel & Stick Tiles come with glue backing, so all you only need to do is simply peel the back sticker and place the tiles on a clean subfloor and apply some pressure on them so that they adhere to the floor.
Does the black & white checkered peel & stick tile come in smaller squares?
Sarah Frampton DiPaola
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