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Rubber Floor Ramps Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.7 / 5
Rubber Floor Ramps
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Customer Rating 4.7 / 5

Customer Questions

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Does it work with the 3/8" Heavy Duty Rubber Rolls? 3/8" is actually 9.5mm and wondering if it will go that large?
Jeff Smith
Our Rubber Floor Ramps will work with our 3/8" Heavy Duty Rubber Rolls.
Which size should be ordered to use with your 1/4" thick Regrind Rolls?
The size ramp you would use for our 1/4" thick Regrind Rolls is our 4-6mm Ramp. 1/4" is approximately 6mm in metric measurements.
Does The 7-9 mm ramp works with the 3/4" thick rubber mat?
Our 7-9mm Rubber Floor Ramp will not fit on our 3/4" thick rubber mats.
I have 1" Fuji Tatami mats and need to add approx. 40' of transition ramps to stop the mats from shifting forward. How are the rubber floor ramps secured to the concrete floor below?
You can secure our Rubber Floor Ramps to the concrete with double-sided​ tape or with a pressure sensitive adhesive.
What is the best method to cut this ramp material, I am trying to cut 45 deg angles and finding it to be difficult, I tried a miter box and saw but it binds or pinches causing resistance and making it very had to cut.
The best way to cut our Rubber Floor Ramps is to use a band saw. If you don't have a band saw, a sharp utility knife can be used with a straight edge. Several scores will need to be made to get through with this method.
Will the ramps work with the 1/2 inch rubber rolls?
Our Rubber Floor Ramps will not work on a 1/2" thick roll.
Does the 7-9 mm ramp work with 1/2" thick rubber pavers (mat)?
The 7-9m ramp would not work with our 1/2" thick products. A 1/2" is ~12mm.
do they make a transition for 1 inch thickness rubber matting?
Our Rubber Floor Ramps transition only up to 9mm
Would this work to transition from a 3/4" mat down to a 3/8" mat?
You can use our Rubber Floor Ramps to transition from a 3/4" mat to a 3/8" thick mat. You will want to use our 7-9mm thick ramp. Some changes will need to be made to make this ramp work for your application.
I am looking for a transition for a 1 3/8" mat. Will this work?
Myke Epps
Our Rubber Floor Ramps can be used with flooring 3/8" thick and thinner.
What size will rubber floor ramp work with a 3/4" mat?
Brian f Bechtel
Currently, we do not have a Rubber Floor Ramp that will fit a 3/4" tile.
Can you tell me if this product is UL listed approved. Thanks
Our Rubber Floor Ramps are not UL listed.
What centimeter thickness would best fit a .50" thick rubber floor gym tile?
Our Rubber Floor Ramps are not thick enough to be used for 1/2" thick flooring. You would have to purchase our 1/2" Rubber Floor Ramps for that thick of a product.
How far does the ramp extend beyond the edge of the floor for the 0.375" thick ramp? I see that the width is 3" and it looks like half of the ramp slides under the flooring, so I'd guess that 1.5" extends out from the flooring edge?
Our 4-6mm ramp sticks out about a 1/2" longer than the floor, and our 7-9mm ramp sticks out about 1-1/2" from your floor.
Do you have a rubber transition ramp for a 3/8" rubber floor transitioning to a 7/8" tile bathroom floor?
Stanley Parker III
We don't have a threshold made of rubber that can be used for this, but you could get a threshold constructed with tile that can be used to achieve what you are looking to do. You can check out all the options we have on our Trims and Moldings page.
If my 8mm floor is contained so that it won't move, is it still recommended to glue these ramps? Will it work to place glue in the groove so that it attaches to the rubber flooring? Thanks.
We recommend gluing the ramps to keep them in place. Doorways and entrances get a lot of traffic, so the ramps have a higher chance of moving. You can use double sided tape under the ramps if you so choose. We don't recommend placing glue inside the ramp groove as the flooring may not connect properly with the ramp.
Hello. I have 1" 2x2 rubber tiles. would this product work with them? Thank you
Unfortunately, we do not have a ramp for that thickness.
I need a transition strip for 12mm rubberized flooring.
Susan Cox
You can get a 12mm Rubber transition strip with our 1/2" Rubber Floor Ramps.
Will your floor ramp work with your 5/8" rubber flooring?
Mendy weinberger
Our Rubber Floor Ramps will not work with our 5/8" flooring. The thickest thickness that these ramps will work with is 3/8"
If we install the rubber flooring with your double faced tape, can the ramp be installed with it also? If not, how much Poly adhesive would be needed for around 100 LF of rubber floor ramps?
Rod Girkin
You can install the Rubber Floor Ramps with double-sided tape. If the ramps were to come up for any reason, we recommend using our Seam Sealer glue to hold them down. It's very similar to caulk and would help to keep the ramps down permanently.
How do I keep my rubber ramp in place?
When using our ramps in areas with moderate to heavy traffic, we recommend using double-sided tape under the ramps to help keep them in place. If the ramps were to move still, we recommend using some adhesive under the ramps. You would want to use a pressure sensitive adhesive.
How long is this strip for $37.99?
Marcia DeVrires
Our Rubber Floor Ramps are 12' long.
Do you have one that fits 1/2 inch rubber flooring?
Richard Kitzer
We do offer a Rubber Floor Ramp for our 1/2" thick rubber products. The 1/2" version is called 1/2" Rubber Floor Ramps.
Can I use it with 1' MMA mats?
Our Rubber Floor Ramps can't be used with our 1" MMA Mats. We offer ramps for these tiles which are available on the product page.
Can this transition strip hold up to being used at the end of a garage application with a car driven on it daily?? The strip will only be exposed to the the outside only when the door is open. Thank you!
Eddy Valenz
Yes you can use our rubber floor ramps in this application.
Can this be used outdoors (garage door lip)?
You can use our Rubber Floor Ramps outdoors as a garage door lip. You will need to glue the ramp down with our Seam Sealer glue to keep it in place.
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