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2mm Pre-Cut Rubber Underlayment Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.9 / 5
2mm Pre-Cut Rubber Underlayment
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Customer Rating 4.9 / 5

Customer Questions

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Does this rubber underlayment require a moisture retarder when installed over concrete floors and under floating engineered hardwoods? The concrete subfloor is on the 2nd level of a condo building.
It is recommended to include a moisture barrier when installing over concrete.
I am installing carpet tiles on a concrete floor which is in a room off of my garage. Should I use rubber underlayment to help with keeping the floor warmer and if so, is 2 mm thick enough?
Pam Palanza
A 2mm rubber underlayment would definitely help to keep the floor warm.
what about smell on rubber underlayment? Degradation? Harmful chemicals? tk
The rubber underlayment will have a slight rubber smell due to it's natural composition. No harmful chemicals or worry of degradation.
can this product be used for setting tile on top
You can most definitely use a rubber underlayment with the installation of ceramic or porcelain tile flooring.
Can I use this rubber underlayment with vinyl tile?
Rubber is not a suggested underlayment for vinyl tiles. We recommend either a cork or foam underlayment.
Is it suitable for installation under vinyl click-lock? Can it be installed on top of electric floor heating mat?
We typically recommend a cork of foam underlayment for use with vinyl floors. The Rubber underlay can be installed over floor heating.
Can this be used outside under artificial turf?
Yes, you can.
I want to use flooring for teaching exercise/dance classes on rough pavement. Will the 2mm rubber hold up to jumping, turns, and running on an extremely rough surface? 5/6mm?
This would be a fine underlayment option for this use. We'd recommend putting down a dance roll product over top of the underlayment, as it would not be suitable to dance directly on top of the rubber underlay.
would this work well for installing under a hard-plastic type of garage floor tile? I want to deaden the sound of the tile while walking on it.
2mm Rubber Underlayment is great for use underneath garage tiles for making the tiles quieter.
I am considering using the 2mm rubber underlayment over a radiant heat flooring system and under laminate flooring. I need a low r value to help conduct the heat into my floor. What is the R-value of the 2mm rubber flooring?
The R-Value for our 2mm Pre-Cut Rubber Underlayment and our rubber flooring is typically around 1.100.
If I have hardwood floors, is it OK to use the rubber underlayment then roll out marley flooring on top for dancing?
You can use marley on top of rubber underlayment with no problem. We'd recommend using a protective layer between the underlayment and your wood floors to protect against damaging your wood floors.
Would this be suitable to use on a compacted gravel foundation for modular sports court tiles?
You can use our 2mm Pre-Cut Rubber Underlayment over compacted gravel under our Sports Tiles.
I just purchased a couple of boxes of adhesive Carpet Tiles from you. Now I am thinking of an underlayment. Will these Carpet tile stick to this underlayment?
Our peel and stick carpet tiles can be adhered to a rubber underlayment.
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