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Dance Floor Kits Questions & Answers

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Dance Floor Kits
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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What is this modular floor made of?
The tiles are manufactured with a high-grade polypropylene and have a vinyl top surface that replicates the look of wood.
If I want to put this floor on a plush carpet then which product do i need to use? Please share the product link or information. TIA
Dance floor kits can generally speaking be installed and used just fine over a dense, low pile type carpet. Over a high pile carpet, We would recommend putting down some plywood board to make sure you have a sturdy foundation underneath the tiles and that they do not come undone.
Can this be use on a concrete surface or is it better to add additional rubber flooring? Also does the surface need to be perfectly flat?
You can most definitely install this directly over concrete. A thin rubber underlayment could be used to help to mitigate the sound of the tiles on the concrete. The surface should be nice and flat so that the tiles do not become interlocked when in use.
How do the kits come, do they come in something that I can use for storage & transport, is the white easy to keep white?
DJ Rockalot
Dance Floor Kits are shipped in cardboard boxes. These tiles can be cleaned with a soap and water solution.
I want to use this floor over low pile carpet for a rolling cabinet. Will the floor tiles remain flush as wheels are rolled across it? Will the surface deform under pressure? Each wheel would be supporting about 100 lbs of cabinet, but a ballerina on pointe would weigh more than that in the same area, so I was thinking this might work. More worried about whether rolling across two tiles would be a problem, as well as, the long term effects of cabinet wheels sitting in one spot for a long period of time.
Dana Cordes
This use should be fine.
We are wondering what thickness of plywood is recommended to use this floor over a carpet. Is there a thickness that works best?
If the carpet is a high, plush pile a thicker would likely be better as it would lay more flat.
Are edge pieces included?
Edging is included for all of our Dance Floor Kits. The edging will consist of enough edging to go around the whole floor.
I want to use this dance floor for tap practice. Can this flooring be set on top of my existing wood floors without damaging them or would I need to place something between my wood floor and this dance floor? Thanks!
We would recommend putting some type of protection down when using this product as to not possibly damage your wood floors.
I am interested in the portable dance floor kit. What I am looking for is a floor that can be easily put together or taken apart to be stored so that my daughter can dance in our living room. Is this meant to be put together and left in one piece, or is it easy to break down into the individual tiles and stored?
The tiles can be left set up or can be taken apart and stored for later use.
I don't have the space to leave this out permanently. Can this easily be disassembled and reassembled? And will it stand up to this kind of use? Also, I have downstairs neighbors, will this absorb sound so my steps don't disturb them?
Dance floor kits can definitely be disassembled and reassembled. You may place a rug, carpet pad, or something cushioned like our subfloor tiles to help absorb some of the sound for folks on the floor below.
What are the benefits of using this floor vs dancing on tile or carpet? Does it take pressure off joints the way a raised wood floor does?
These tiles are not specifically designed for pressure relief. Dance Floor Kits are a great portable dance floor solution for use at events as well as in the home for personal practice. It provides a flat, durable surface for several dance styles.
On the 10'x10' kit, is the actual dance floor that dimension with the edge pieces being outside of that? Or is the 10'x10' dimensions counting the length of the edge pieces?
Brian Wolken
The size refers to the 1' x 1' tiles. Edge pieces would extend the size.
Does this work over top of grass for an outdoor dance floor for a wedding?
The tiles work best with a subfloor surface that is dense, compact, and level so that the tiles can stay together.
Hello, I want to put this in my garage for line and ballroom dancing with some friends. Possibly some hip hop. What would be best for about 15 people? My garage is big enough for 1 car and a motorcycle,
Lanesha Becton
The rule of thumb is ~ 9 sq ft per couple. So you would want a dance floor size of ~ 68 sq ft of larger.
I typically rent a 16 x 16 floor - can I purchase one that large? How is it stored? Is there a bag that it come with? THanks!
Hilary Boucher
You can find larger dance floor sizes in our Practice Dance Floor Kits page.
if say you buy a 5x5 kit, can you add to make it bigger later if you want? Like if you had more room down the line, could it be expanded to 10 x10 if you wanted to purchase another 5x5 and add it to the existing floor?
Michelle Wilson
Yes, you can add Dance Floor Kits to Dance Floor kits.
Can the dance floor kit have black and white tiles?
The dance floor kits are not currently available in black and white tiles. You may choose our Modular Grid Loc tiles for a similar look.
Hi - can you feel the gaps/ridges in between the tiles ie. does it feel 'seamless'.? We need the dance floor for ballet turns and ridges wouldn't work so well. Thanks
The tiles are not seamless.
We have just built a patio room with aggregate concrete for floor....will your floor kits work over exposed aggregate?
The flatter the subfloor surface, the better. High points can make it tough to keep the interlocking piece together.
What size dance floor would be appropriate for 30 guests?
The rule of thumb is ~ 9 sq ft per couple. So you would want a dance floor size of ~ 135 sq ft of larger assuming they would be all be on the floor at the same time.
Does the 3’ by 3’ floor come assembled with the black edging?
Our Dance Floor Kits do not come assembled. Assembly is required. With your shipment, you will get all the tiles that you need to complete your install. This would include the tiles and edging needed to create the dance floor kit in the size purchased.
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