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WellnessMats Granite Collection Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.7 / 5
WellnessMats Granite Collection
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$139.95 each
List Price: $186.60
Customer Rating 4.7 / 5

Customer Questions

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How do I get a sample of the color of the Wellness Mat Granite Collection copper color? I would like to make sure the color works before ordering.
You can get a sample of the WellnessMats Granite Collection by contacting one of our Flooring Heroes via phone, email or chat.
Do the mats move around? or do they stay put like gel-pro?
Our WellnessMats Granite Collection mats will stay in place just like Gel-Pros. These mats feature a non-slip top and bottom surface which ensures these mats will not slip even in moist conditions.
Is this available in 3’ x 6’? Or 4’ x 6’? The space between my island and sink would make the 2’ x 6’ not look proper. Thanks
WellnesMats Granite Collection only comes in the following sizes 2' x 3' and 2' x 6'.
Are these safe for vinyl flooring? Won't leave a stain?
Lee Rutledge-Falcione
WellnessMats are safe to use over vinyl. They will not stain the flooring. Since vinyl flooring typically has a wear layer, this protects the flooring from getting stained. If you are concerned that your flooring may get stained, you can place a plastic sheet or area rug mat under the mat.
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