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HotShot Hockey Floor Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.8 / 5
HotShot Hockey Floor Tiles
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Customer Rating 4.8 / 5

Customer Questions

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I bought the hockey tiles. Do you suggest using a rubber hammer to lock the tiles together?
Our HotShot Hockey Floor Tiles do not need a rubber hammer to interlock them. Just simply step on the tiles at the locking mechanism and they will lock together. You can use a rubber hammer if you like, but it is not necessary and a lot more fun to stomp on the floor.
Can you drive and park on these with your vehicle? We would be putting them in the garage and we'd rather not take it apart constantly. Thanks.
Our HotShot Hockey Floor Tiles are a hard plastic polypropylene tile able to handle the weight of a car.
Can these tiles be left outside year round? Will they hold up to rain and snow?
Our HotShot Hockey Floor Tiles were designed to be used indoors only.
What type of finish do these tiles have? Are they shiny or matte?
Our HotShot Hockey Floor Tiles have a semi-matte finish.
Can these HotShot Hockey Floor tiles be used for roller skating with regular indoor roller skates or would they be too slippery?
Our HotShot Hockey Floor Tiles were actually made to be used with regular indoor roller skates or rollerblades. These tiles would not be too slippery for either.
Can you use this product for a probable roller rink?
Lisa De Greef
You can use our HotShot Hockey Floor Tiles as a roller rink floor.
Can I use a regular ice hockey puck on this, would it slide well?
You can use a regular ice hockey puck on our HotShot Hockey Floor Tiles. It will not slide as well as it does on ice, but it does slide very well for inline hockey play.
Do you have to use a polish on the tiles every so often? If so what kind, and how often?
You don't have to use polish on our HotShot Hockey Floor Tiles.
Can I use my regular goalie gear on these tiles?
You can use your regular goalie gear on our HotShot Hockey Floor Tiles. The only thing we do not recommend are ice skates.
Can you put these on top of any surface or just concrete?
Our HotShot Hockey Floor Tiles can be installed over any hard, flat surface. Examples would be concrete, asphalt, wood subfloors, and the like.
What temptress are the outdoor tiles rated for? Will they stand up to 120 F plus?
The Hot Shot hockey tiles are not meant for an outdoor application. However, we do offer outdoor sports tiles that are made for all types of temperatures that may interest you.
Is the indoor tile and the hockey tile made of the same materials (is there a difference)?
Our HotShot Hockey Floor Tiles and our Indoor Sports Tiles are made from the same material. The only differences are the look of the tile and the size.
The description says these can be used for other sports. Would they be appropriate for a mixed-use, hockey and basketball floor?
Our HotShot Hockey Floor Tiles can be used for any sports surface, but have been designed for use as a hockey floor.
Any idea how these would work installed over carpeting?
You can install our HotShot Hockey Floor Tiles easily over low pile commercial carpet. Over high pile, plush residential carpet, there is potential for the tiles to separate when the pad is depressed. This could create a potential trip hazard, so we don't recommend installing these tiles over plush carpet, but customers have installed them over it with success.
We have a slight lip or height difference between the two concrete slabs in or basement. 1/4" - 1/2" Will these tiles work over that?
We recommend installing our HotShot Hockey Floor Tiles over a flat, hard surface. Some surface imperfections are fine, but extreme imperfections of a 1/4" or more will cause the tiles not to interlock properly.
Can these tiles be placed on top of an indoor synthetic turf field?
Kelly Schaible
You can install our HotShot Hockey Floor Tiles over any hard, flat surface. We have had customers install these tiles over natural grass and synthetic turf with success. We don't recommend installing these tiles over these products due to stability issues that can happen with the flooring surface in extreme weather conditions.
I just bought these tiles and accidentally put a few together backward, is there any way to take them apart without breaking the snap locks?
If you install our HotShot HOckey Floor tiles incorrectly, you can take them apart the same way you would when you initially are trying to install the tiles. The tabs on the tiles will not break when you are trying to separate the tiles. To see how to separate the tiles properly, we recommend watching our install video.
Will real pucks slide as well on your tiles as they would on a glossy finish hdpe shooting pad or tiles? It seems that competitor products have more gloss to them.
You can use real pucks on our HotShot Hockey Floor Tiles. Our customers have used standard NHL pucks and green biscuits.
Please confirm that the tiles you would send match the picture exactly. The ones pictured are older and I bought them from Hockey Shot years ago. I wanted to replace 30 of them but Hockey shot no longer sells them. Please confirm they match the picture. What is your return policy in case they do not work with my existing tiles? thanks for your time, Mike
Mike Cunneen
Yes, the Hotshot Hockey Floor Tiles are the same as pictured. There may be a slight color variation due to different lots, but it's the same tile as we have in the pictures.
I am looking to build a rink to use 12 months a year. Do you have tiles kids can rollerblade and play ball hockey on. Then do you know if I can lay ice on top of it. There would be a liner over the tiles just want to know if it can be done if they can stay out in the winter
Hotshot Hockey Floor Tiles can be used for regular rollerblading and ball hockey, these have been designed for use as a hockey floor. We wouldn't recommend using these tiles outside since these are designed for indoor use only.
Can they be used as sub flooring over carpet for dance? Like ballet or jazz?
Yes, these tiles may be used as a subfloor over the carpet, as long as the carpet is low pile since high pile carpets can feel squishy underneath and the tiles may not stay properly interlocked.
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