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PlayTime Interlocking Playground Tiles Questions & Answers

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PlayTime Interlocking Playground Tiles
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$37.98 Tile
reg: $12.67 sqft
tile $50.64
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Customer Questions

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I would like to know how tall these tiles are. I am looking to purchase these tiles within the next day.
Our PlayTime Interlocking Playground Tiles are available in the following thicknesses: 1.5", 2.25", 2.75" and 3.25".
Can these be installed on top of flagstones. Our backyard is all flagstone but would like to install these rubber tiles in an area for kids to play in.
As long as your flagstone is flat our PlayTime Interlocking Playground Tiles can be used in your kid's play area.
I understand from a user of these tiles that they are designed to be painted, that they can be painted and that you sell a specific type of paint to use. Please advise. I am also interested in finding out the cost of the paint.
For painting anything on our Rubber Flooring, we suggest using a polyurethane based paint.
How porous are these tiles? I'm looking for something that can be outside in a rainstorm and dry quickly without the possibility of getting moldy.
Our PlayTime Interlocking Playground Tiles are water permeable meaning they will allow water to flow through the tiles. These tiles will dry fairly quickly after a rainstorm.
I would like to put a wooden playground set on top of the tiles. Will the tiles hold the weight of the playset without being damaged overtime?
Our PlayTime Interlocking Playground Tiles were designed to be used as flooring in commercial playgrounds, so any playset whether wood or metal can be installed over the tiles without damaging them.
Are these mats lead and BPA free? Are they made from recycled tires?
Yes, PlayTime Interlocking Playground Tiles are lead and BPA free and are made from recycled tires.
I am wondering about the density of the interlocking tiles. Do they have a padded feel or are the ridged?
These tiles are made of rubber, so the top of the tiles do have a slightly padded feel but are dense overall.
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