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COREtec Plus 5" Waterproof Vinyl Planks Questions & Answers

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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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What type of rugs are recommended on Coretec wood look floors?
It is recommend that non-staining vinyl-backed mats or woven rugs are to be used on vinyl flooring. Never use rubber-backed or latex-backed mats as they can permanently stain your floor.
We are building a house in Colorado and we will have in floor hydronic heat. Can we install this product with this in floor heating system?
COREtec Plus can be installed over radiant heat using the floating pr glue down method. Turn the heat off for 24 hours before, during and 24 hours after installation when installing over radiant heated subfloors. Floor temperature must not exceed 85°F (30°C).
What type and brand rug pads are best for the cortex plus vinyl plank flooring
Avoid rubber backed mats. See our Mohawk Home Dual Surface Rug Pad on
How do you care for it? what products used in cleaning? Thanks.
Engineered vinyl planks are very easy to care for. Typical maintenance includes: - Cleaning up spills immediately to prevent damage to the floor. Daily or weekly vacuuming or dry mopping of dirt, grit, dust etc. - Use felt pads under chair and furniture legs to prevent scratching of the flooring surface. - When mopping, use a damp and never a wet mop. Use clean water and a diluted floor cleaner. Do NOT use harsh cleaners or chemicals on the floor. Do NOT use abrasive scrubbing tools. Do NOT use detergents, abrasive cleaners or “mop and shine” products
Just finished putting Coretec down in our basement remodel. We have a large oak roll top desk. I am concerned about it leaving dents. Will dents appear? What do you suggest for padding under the desk? On another note. What is the best way to move the desk across the flooring?
While it is unlike that the COREtec floor will dent under weight, we do recommend using felt furniture pads to protect your floors from damage often caused by scratching of furniture. Don't push or pull items across the floor. If possible, use an air sled or even a dollie to move heavy items. You can also place plywood sheets down first and move the object over the plywood sheets.
In most vinyl planked room I have seen there is an obvious repeat of the printed layer, even though effort has been made to spread out the patterns. There were only 7 different print patterns in all the boxes of Cortec that I recently installed. The patter may have been shifted by 1/3 the plank, or reversed for interlocking, but it was still very evident. Is there a way to determine how many patterns are used by the maker of vinyl planks, such as a code on each box? How can this "repeat" that yells "FAKE WOOD" be best avoided? Thanks Leo
Some manufacturer spec sheets include the plank repeat count. You just would have to find the spec sheet if it is available. Typical pattern repeats are around 7 or 8 planks.
which direction should the planks run, across or length ways?
Gene Arthur Martin
Typically planks are installed with the length of the room, to give the room a larger feeling.
Can I use a steam cleaner to mop the floor?
Edie Marion
Please see manufacturer maintenance PDF for information. Do NOT use detergents, abrasive cleaners or “mop and shine” products.
I understand that the material is waterproof, but is it recommended for full bathrooms where there would be a tub and toilet? Not as much worried about the material, as I am about water getting underneath the material.
The COREtec planks can be installed in full bathrooms with a tub and toilet. The locking mechanism on the COREtec is very tight, you should not have any issues with water getting under the material through the product. You should however consider using silicone caulking where the tub meets the planks so that you do not have an open are where water could potentially get underneath.
Can these vinyl planks also be installed on the wall? For example, if I wanted to instal it as a half wall in the bathroom or as a baseboard thought the apartment.
Sounds like a unique application! Vinyl flooring is very versatile and a suitable material for wall applications.
I have COREtec Plus flooring and my wife wants to know if it would be safe to use a Shark steam mop for occasional cleaning.
Steve W.
Please see manufacturer maintenance PDF for information. Do NOT use detergents, abrasive cleaners or “mop and shine” products.
Your "How To" install video shows the flooring butted up to existing baseboards. Is that the standard/required practice? I intend to install baseboards after the flooring is installed, with the baseboard resting on the flooring. Is that okay? Also, can you caulk the crevice between the baseboard and flooring for a liquid-tight joint?
In a real world installation, you would install the planks underneath the baseboards to allow for the proper expansion/contraction space. Base boards must not be fixed in a way which restricts the movement of the floor (ex. nail through the floor). If you would like to caulk the visible gap between the baseboard and the flooring, you certainly can.
Is Swiffer jet for wood or the regular Swiffer jet suitable for use on the Coretec Plus floors? Thank you!
Swiffer wet jets are safe for regular cleaning on most flooring surfaces including vinyl. Remember to always clean up large messes or spills immediately.
Can just on plank be replaced if damaged? How easy is it to replace a damaged plank?
One piece can be replaced, it can be tricky. You would need to cut out and remove the damaged piece. Typically on a replacement piece for an interlocking vinyl plank, you remove the interlock portion to more easily fit in place.
Saw a 12mm core-tec floor today in the store. What's the difference between it and the 8mm shown
MM is typically used in reference to the thickness of the plank or tile. It sounds like what you were looking at would have been 12mm thick, whereas our COREtec flooring that we offer is 8mm thick. 12mm thickness is more commonly found with laminate flooring products.
Is it true the Coretec plus doesn't expand or contract? Confused by this and using 1/4" spacers. And, it does not have to go through an acclimation period? Thnx
The COREtec does not expand or contract under normal conditions. We do still recommend the 1/4" space around your install in the rare instance there is come expansion in the floor. To ensure a proper install we do recommend an acclimation period of 24-48 hours as there may be an extreme environment change between warehousing and your home.
What are actual brands of cleaning products we can use on our vinyl plank flooring? I hear non abrasive and diluted, but what are actual store bought brands which work best?
Clean the floor using a properly diluted Neutral pH cleaner in cool water or ready to use spray cleaner that will not leave a residue such as Bona Professional Series Stone, Tile, and Laminate Cleaner in a pre-mixed spray bottle.
Can it be installed over a ceramic tile floor (bathroom) or does the tile need to be removed?
COREtec can be installed over an existing tile floor, it will not telegraph.
Is this scratch/scuff resistant and what is the warranty for scratches/scuffs?
While COREtec Plus products feature a 20 mil durable wear layer, no vinyl product is 100% scratch proof. If you need to fix a scratch, you can use a repair putty that is approved for vinyl floors to help fill it in. For further information regarding the COREtec warranty, please visit the Warranty Info are above.
What is the AC rating of Coretec?
AC Rating is typically used when referring to laminate flooring products. COREtec is a vinyl product, with a 20 MIL wear layer of 2 coats UV-cured acrylic. This means that it is durable and commercially rated for heavy foot traffic.
I'm installing coretech in our basement. Do you recommend a a vapor barrier?
Vapor barriers are recommended whenever installing over a concrete subfloor.
Hello, I an thinking of having Cortec Plus installed in my father's house in a basement. During the last hurricane we had flooding. They say the water came through the walls. Will the water get under the tiles?
Wendy Bridges
The interlock on the planks is very tight, but it is not impossible that water could get under around the perimeter of the floor. Coretec is 100% waterproof, so there shouldn't be any damage to the planks. You would want to pull them up and clean beneath so that water doesn't sit there.
Is the cor tec plus certified by theNACFA.?
Coretec is CARB Compliant and GREENGUARD GOLD Certified.
I have a outdoor covered patio in Honolulu Hawaii. I have extra Coretech-plus flooring from doing our main house and was thinking of using the extra flooring and install it over our wood decking on the patio. While it is covered and out of the main sun and weather, it will get wet from the hard blowing rain and be more exposed to the elements than an interior installation. Would the flooring work for this application. I understand that there could be issues in the future with mold/mildew growth under the floor from water between the floor and decking, but I think the flooring would be just fine?
This is a very unique application, and we do not typically recommend installation of the vinyl planks outdoors.
What type of rug pad?
Avoid using rubber backed mats as they can stain the flooring surface over time.
How thick is the cork underlayment ? Can I also add additional 2mm of cork underlayment ?
Coretec Plus 5" planks have 1.5 mm cork underlayment attached.
do you install cortec flooring before kitchen cabinets and appliances ?
You can do either, there are pros and cons whichever way you choose.
If installing over existing ceramic tile, do the grout lines need to be filled in (around 1/4 inch wide and 1/8 inch deep)?
COREtec can be installed over existing ceramic tile floors as long as there is no large damage causing the subfloor to be severely uneven.
We recently had some minor flooding in our basement and pulled up the carpet and pad. Now we are considering what to put down. Is there a way to install the Vinyl plank so that will not allow water to be trapped under the flooring? i.e. could we use a silicone caulk at the wall/floor point both under and on top of the planking and behind the baseboard to "seal" against water getting under? Do you have a "best method" to seal as well as possible against water being trapped?
Generally we'd recommend gluing the floor down, but we don't recommend gluing in a basement as it is difficult to control moisture coming up through the slab when it's below grade and the adhesive has a tendency not to cure. Flexible silicone could certainly be used around the perimeter; however, that will do nothing if there is excess moisture coming up through the floor. We also recommend sealing the concrete prior to laying the floor.
How do I remove a scratch?
If the scratch is light and only in the poly finish on the top, you can try some Hilway Direct Floor Finish Matte to protect it and fill it in. You can find that here: If it's into the vinyl, there is a vinyl repair kit, but the gloss level may be different. That's available here:
How will the COREtec Plus hold up under ADA ware? I use a walker and use rolling office chairs in the kitchen where I am considering installing this product. Suspect over time this will evolve to wheelchairs. Even my old (1920) solid oak floors splinter from constant use of the office chairs.
We recommend using chair mats underneath rolling chairs as over time the wheels can damage the surface of the floor.
Can this flooring be installed over radiant heat? I am looking for a product to replace a tile kitchen floor. We have dogs that drip water all over the floor
COREtec is approved for installation over radiant heat. Radiant heat systems must have a minimum of 1/2” separation from the product. Maximum operating temperature should never exceed 85°F (30°C). Use of an in-floor temperature sensor is recommended to avoid overheating.
I have concerns about knee issues. I plan to use Coretec Plus Dakota Walnut in all the upstairs bedrooms and hallway. Do you recommend adding extra cork in addition to the cork underlayer that already comes with the product? My husband and I are seniors
The manufacturer recommends no additional underlayment. It can cause the floor to break and come apart.
i have a new construction that has tile flooring throughout the first floor . my tiles have a hollow sound to them and some are making a popping sound when you walk on them , can cortec be installed over them , thus eliminating the hollow sound and popping sounf from underneth it ?
Coretec can be installed over tile. The hollow sound is likely spots underneath the tile where no mortar was spread. We have not tested if installing Coretec over hollow tile installations.
If I'm installing over concrete how "level" must the floor be and I understand a vapor barrier is necessary? Would planks or squares be better if the floor is not exactly level?
Planks or squares will not make a difference. Per the installation instructions, subfloors need to be flat and level to 3/16" over 10'. Any humps or dips should either be ground down or leveled using a Portland based self leveling compound.
Are Coretec floors UV cured and are they low VOC, what thickness is the polyurethane layer???
Coretec Plus products have a Wear Finish of 2 coats UV-cured acrylic. These products are GreenGuard Gold Certified.
Will using Whisperpad premium underlayment cause the planks to not stay locked?
COREtec Plus 5" planks already have underlayment attached, so an additional underlay would not be necessary.
Can this floor be installed over a subfloor that is not even? Will it bend over time to conform to imperfections in the subfloor?
These planks can handle minor imperfections. However, please see the Coretec installation PDF for more detailed information.
Can I use kitchen chairs on rollers on Cortec plus? Thank you
Doug Pauley
You can use rolling kitchen chairs on Cortec Plus 5 vinyl plank flooring. This floor is a commercially rated floor and has been built to withstand a high amount of traffic.
what is considered extreme temperature of room?
Gene Arthur Martin
]Maintaining an optimum room temperature of 70° F and a humidity range of 30-50% is recommended. Please see the installation PDF for further information.
I will be installing on top of wood floor of a house built on piers do I need to install a vapor barrier between LVP and wood plank sub floor?
Gene Arthur Martin
We do not recommend a vapor barrier over a wooden subfloor.
Our Retirement community has a building with a card room, an exercise room and a gym equipment room that all need floors replaced due to hurricane Irma. Is CoreTec suitable for them.
Rick Ciarcia
This flooring would be suitable for a card room, but typically we would recommend a different flooring surface for rooms with equipment will be used.
If you have a basement that occasionally has water issues, would this floor allow any water that comes up underneath to evaporate without damaging the flooring?
The COREtec is a waterproof floor, but not a mold and mildew proof floor; as such, any water that seeps in through the concrete underneath will not evaporate out through the seams. Long term exposure to moisture may result in mold and mildew formation. The floor would need to be taken up and laid flat, cork side up, in order to dry out both the flooring material and the subfloor and minimize the formation of mold and mildew on the flooring.
Are these Coretech XL Plus planks compatible with under floor electric heating?
Coretec planks have been approved for use with heating. Please see the installation PDF for further information.
I live in Georgia and would like to install this in my screened patio room. The base is the original concrete slab. Occasionally rain blows in and wets the perimeter of the floor. Is this product an option for this area?
Coretec planks have not been approved for outdoor use or screened patio uses.
Can this be used in a home that is not climate controlled all year round?
COREtec Plus is stable between 32 and 140 degrees. You can glue down the COREtec Plus if the temperatures are going to be below the 32 mark.
how do I remove adhesive from coretec
Remove adhesive residue using a clean cloth dampened with mineral spirits. Follow instructions on the manufacturer's label .
Can you install cabinets, island, appliances on top of this floor?
Yes you can, it is recommended that you glue those areas down.
Do you need a moisture barrier under this product?
As an extra precaution, we recommend 6mm plastic. However, if you choose not to use a moisture barrier, with will not void your warranty.
Can I put an additional underlayment?
Adding any additional cushioning will void the warranty. If you have a wooden subfloor, you can add a layer of plywood to raise it up. Over concrete it gets a bit more complex, but it would need to be something rigid, like a layer of cement on top or a cement board.
Will a gas log fire with enclosed doors cause the planks to warp? It is at one end of the room.
Sarah Ann Seitz
If the flooring material is close enough to the heat source, then yes, the floor will deform. There will need to be a minimum 18" separation between the flooring and the fireplace.
Can we put a gas fireplace directly in front of this flooring... It says its ok for the fireplace but we are concerned about what will happen to the flooring with the het
If the flooring material is close enough to the heat source, then yes, the floor will deform. There will need to be a minimum 18" separation between the flooring and the fireplace.
Is this Coretec made in the U.S., i. e. none of it in China?
COREtec is not currently made in the USA, but that may change in the future.
what type of adhesive is recommended to secure the baby threshold to the planking?
You can use adhesive caulk or wood glue.
I have a half circle to tile in kitchen.. How do I cut arcs in tile pieces?
mark r levenhagen
You can make specialty cuts carefully using a saw or using a blade.
I have steam cast iron radiators. Is it ok for the legs to be in contact with Coretec Plus vinyl flooring since they get very hot. Does a barrier need to be put in between the legs and the flooring? If so, what would you recommend? Thank you
Providing the temperature of those legs does not get above 85 degrees, it should be fine. If the legs will be hotter than that, then yes, there should be something heat proof between the radiator and the flooring.
This would be going in the 2nd floor of our home. I know it has a cork backing, but has anyone also used an additional sound absorbing underlayment? I don't want to hear heals upstairs, and I don't want a hollow sound that laminate has.
The manufacturer does not recommend using additional underlayment with the COREtec floors.
Does Coretec waterproof flooring have a green score or a floor score?
COREtec flooring has both, GREENGUARD Certification as well as Floor Score certification.
I had Coretex plus flooring installed a year ago and I love it. However, the felt pad on one of my dining room chairs slipped off and I did not notice it until I saw some scratches on the planks. What is the best way to remove these scratches?
There are several vinyl flooring scratch repair kits that are available. Be sure to select one specifically for vinyl and in a color that matches your floor if available.
Is there ever any need to use a sealer on these planks?
The planks do not need to be sealed.
Can this flooring be installed in a 3 season porch where it will be protected from the elements, but may have temperature fluctuations over time? We do not plan on heating during the winter.
The material is stable from 32 to 140 degrees. The flooring must be maintained in accordance with USFloors maintenance instructions.
I know that a vapor barrier is recommended when installing COREtec over concrete. Can I just use for the vapor barrier the 6 mil plastic sheeting sold at the big-box hardware stores? And should I tape it to the concrete or just let it float? Thanks.
Any vapor barrier thickness should be suitable. You can tape it to the concrete or tape the sheets together, creating a floating barrier. Either way is fine.
Can I use coretec over electric mat floor heating system
M rak
COREtec is approved, please see detailed installation instructions for thorough information.
C an this product be used in basements. Are there any special installment precautions to prevent floor up moisture problems?
Michael Edward Ryan
Yes this product can be used in a basement. Please see the manufacturer installation PDF for detailed instructions.
Just installed this floor. Looks great but shows every little bit of foot traffic. How can I avoid this? Maybe apply some kind of finish? Please advise.
Please see the maintenance PDF for detailed information. It is recommended to use walk off mats at every entryway.
Can it be used in a garage for parking cars
No, this is not a suitable application.
Can I use my Bissell Crosswave on my new LVP floors? Also can I use their multi surface cleaner?
Please see manufacturer maintenance PDF for information. Do NOT use detergents, abrasive cleaners or “mop and shine” products.
Can 30# felt be used as an underlayment for Coretec Plus 12mm?
Richard Garlock
COREtec Plus already has underlayment attached. The manufacturer does NOT recommend using an additional underlay.
how long has cortex been using the cork backing? what are the reviews about the cork backing product.
Cortex has been using cork backing since the start of this product. One of the owners of Amorim Cork bought into the company and applied the cork backing. It helps the floor to become more sound proof.
Can I use a Shark 2 speed sweeper on these floors? I purchased it from Walmart. Thanks.
Yes, You can use vacuums to keep dust and dirt off the floor. Just not treated dust mops are allowed on the floor.
Can I install this product in an non controlled room that goes from 32 to 100 f depending on year season??
This product is not able to be installed in those types of temperatures however coretec does make a rigid core that is able to be installed in this environment. Try the COREtec Pro Plus Rigid Core Vinyl Planks.
What is the mil on Gold Coast Acacia?
Lisa Shively
This is a 8 mm thick plank.
How do you place the trim piece over the edge of a step door on the Cortec flooring? I E. Over the toe kick of the stairs.
A Coretec stair nose would be held on with adhesive so when replacing you will want to extract the trim along with any additional adhesive leftover before installing a new stair nose.
Can I install in a home I turn the heat off in winter months
COREtec floor covering is an interior product and must be stored/installed in a temperature-controlled interior environment, maintained between 55 and 85 degrees F or 13°-29°C. Be sure before installing to allow the product to acclimate a full week before installing it.
Thinking of ordering "Ruggables" for area rugs and runners. Are the Ruggables matts ok to use on Cortec flooring?
Yes, Rugables are ok to use on Cortec flooring.
I bought the brand new Bissell Crosswave Max to take care of my floors - I am partially disabled and would make cleaning so much easier. May I use it on this floor with the special formula for hardwood floors? Also, in a small, I mean small, home, does a narrower or wider plank look better?
Please reach out to Bissell directly, since the hardwood formula may not be the best choice for vinyl. They do carry a multi-floor formula that should work, but we'd recommend you talking to them directly since they'd know their product best. As far as the plank widths are concerned, it is totally your preference since both widths have their own charm, and some people just prefer one over the other. However wider planks are known to make smaller spaces appear bigger and are pretty popular at this time.
Can flooring be installed over existing floor, and also tiled kitchen?
Marie King
Yes, our Coretec Plus 5" Waterproof Vinyl Planks can be used over existing flooring and tiles.
What type of wheels are needed on desk chairs to protect the Coretec PLus? Should I use rubber, nylon, or plastic?
Wheels can be of any material as long as you use a chair mat under the chair. With vinyl, we highly suggest using chair mats to save your floor from scratching.
Where is this Cortec Plus flooring made?
These planks are made in China.
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