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3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.8 / 5
3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles
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Customer Rating 4.8 / 5

Customer Questions

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I recently saw this tile in a gym. I love the way it feels under foot. Do you make this for a kitchen floor?
Our 3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber tiles can be used as flooring in a residential kitchen. These tiles will provide comfort under foot and are slip resistant when wet.
I am looking for a floor for my basement that could leak under severe conditions as we are currently having in Missouri. Are these rubber tiles suitable?
Our 3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles are great as a basement floor. Since these tiles are interlocking tiles, they would be easy to move if and when your basement floods. If these tiles do get flooded, they can be moved and then placed outside to dry. Once dried and cleaned they can be placed back in your basement like new.
Are these tiles good for high-impact, aerobic exercise? I want to make sure there is enough cushion to protect joints.
Our 3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles would be great for high-impact, aerobic exercises. These tiles would provide you with a lot of shock absorption and are very easy to install and maintain. We also do offer an extensive line of high impact flooring, so if there are other colors or more cushioning, we have tiles and rolls that would be perfect.
Bought the sport-lock tiles for a workout room in my basement. Question I have is to confirm if the arrows on the bottom side of the tiles mean anything for installation, or if I can lay the tiles however they work the best. I figure these were just part of the manufacturing process, but I wanted to check before I started the install. Thanks.
The arrows on the bottom of the 3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles are there to ensure that grain of your floor goes in the right direction. We typically recommend that all of the arrows go in the same direction. This will ensure that your flooring appears to be as seamless as possible. But this is not always possible. So if you do have to put the arrow in a different direction, the tiles will still interlock but the floor may not look as seamless. If you have to do this, we suggest doing it in areas where the floor will not be seen.
what do you recommend for cleaning these floors?
To clean our 3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles, we recommend the use of a mild soap and water solution for stuck on stains with a synthetic mop. For dirt and debris, you would just use a broom. A steam mop is also, very effective on these tiles.
How strong is the odor and how long after installation before it is no longer noticeable? Is there any way to expedite the out-gasing? Thanks.
Our 3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles do have a mild rubber smell associated with them. This smell, on it's own, will dissipate after a few weeks of installation. To help speed up this process, we recommend mopping the floor with a mild soap and water solution and letting the floor air dry. This step may need to be repeated for people who are sensitive to smells.
We just installed the gym tiles, very strong in odor. What is this made of and what are the hazards?
Our 3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles are not hazardous and are made from recycled rubber with a urethane binder to keep the tile together. To help to mitigate the odor of the flooring, we recommend mopping the flooring with a mild soap and water solution and then letting the flooring air dry. This may need to be done a few times to eliminate the smell.
Will these stain carpet? Was first looking at rubber stall mats that warn of natural oils staining carpets underneath.
Our 3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles will not stain carpets in most installations. If you are concerned that these tiles might stain your carpet, we recommend placing a plastic sheet between the rubber the carpet to minimize that risk.
Two questions... 1) does the floor have a rubber smell, or does this disappear? 2) We have wood floors. Can I lay this directly over with no issue or potential damage ?
Our 3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles do have a slight odor to them that can be mitigated by mopping the tiles with a mild soap and water solution and letting them air dry. These rubber tiles can be installed over hardwood flooring without causing any staining to the wood, but if you are concerned about this issue, we do recommend placing a plastic sheet under the tiles to protect your hardwood flooring.
Are these mats phthalate and formamide free?
Our 3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles are made from recycled rubber tires, so they would be phthalate and formamide free. These two plasticizers are typically found in foam products to help make the softer.
Is this project good under pets? How does it stand up to cat urine?
Our 3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles are great as flooring where pets will be. These tiles are resistant to moisture and will keep the urine on top of the floor for some time. When using this flooring where pets will be, we do recommend using our floor finish and sealer. The floor is somewhat porous, so this will help to fill in those pores. Without the sealer, liquids will not go through the floor but may get in the floor and dry there leaving any salts behind.
Can these tiles be placed right over a plywood floor that is new construction?
Our 3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles can be installed over any flat, hard surface. So our rubber tiles can be installed over a plywood floor.
I see your other comment indicating these are slip-resistant when wet. Are these also slip-resistant when dry?
Our 3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles are slip resistant when either wet or dry. Why we highlighted that these tiles are slip resistant when wet is that rubber is actually more slip resistant when wet. Most surfaces when wet are less slip resistant, which makes rubber flooring a great flooring option for areas where water will be present.
What is the bottom of the tile like? Is it flat or does it have groves/channels for air flow?
The bottom of our 3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles are smooth.
We intend to lay on top of vinyl floor. are the edges tapered? or do you sell edge ramps?
The edges of our 3/8" Sport-Loc Rubber Tiles are not tapered. To get a tapered edge, we recommend purchasing out Rubber Floor Ramps.
HI there - I am looking to specify the rubber tiles on a wall application in a residential basement/indoor baseball area. Is that possible? Or not recommended? Please advise. And if so, what adhesive should my installer use? thanks
You can install our 3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles on a wall. To keep the tiles on the wall, we recommend using our Polyurethane Adhesive.
Do the rubber tiles come with edge pieces to finish off the look. I'm nervous about having the edge of my gym flooring be uneven
Each 3/8" Sport-Loc Rubber Tile comes with removable edging so you can create a finished look. Each tile can be made into a corner, border, or center tile.
What is the difference between the "sport lock" and the rubber-gym tile? I'm looking for a black, 3/8" tile but can't find any description of the differences.
The differences between the 3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles and our 3/8" Rubber Gym Tiles is that the Rubber Gym Tiles are a vulcanized tile. That means they are non-porous and are denser than the Sport-Lock Tiles. This gives the Rubber Gym Tiles a leg up when it comes to dropping heavy weights. The Rubber Gym Tiles also are a different size compared to the Sport-Loc Rubber Tiles. The Sport-Lock Tiles are 3' x 3' while the Rubber Gym Tiles are 2' x 2' and 4' x 4'. The other main difference is the surface of the tiles. The Sport-Lock Tiles have a flat surface that helps to give you a more consistent look whereas the Rubber Gym Tiles have a textured top which can give you a very inconsistent look. Both come in corner, border, and center tiles, but the Sport-Lock Tiles have an added feature having two removable border pieces. This means any tile can be made into a corner, border, or center tile, whereas the Rubber Gym Tiles would need to be ordered in that manner. The last difference is that the Rubber Gym Tiles can come beveled. This could be beneficial if you are trying to match up the tiles to another flooring surface or at entryways.
Would this flooring work well for heavy lifting? If I were to drop a weighted barbell, would it damage the floor?
You can drop heavy weights on our 3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles. This thickness is the most common thickness used in commercial gyms. We typically say you can easily drop 100 lb dumbbells on these tiles with little concern of damage occurring to the subfloor under the tiles. Since a barbell with plates typically diffuses the amount of weight placed at one spot of the floor, you can drop a weighted barbell with no worries to damaging your subfloor.
If the tiles are 3'X3' - when you add the edge piece to a tile, now much extra length does it add to the total as my room is exactly 9'X9,' but I am afraid the edges will add an extra couple of inches when attached and then it will not fit?
When you interlock our 3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles, you will lose about an inch. This inch is made back up by the edging. So you would need 9 tiles to cover that space.
I bought these for a home gym. Look great and working well. I have some left over and need a mat for under and around an outside gas grill to protect a stone patio from grease spills. Could I use these for that?
You can use our 3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles as a mat by an outside grill to protect your stone from grease. These rubber tiles are very slip-resistant even when wet and are only semi-porous only allowing dried grease to get caught in the surface of the tile. These tiles are very easy to clean and can be sealed to ensure no grease gets stuck in your floor with our Rubber Floor Finish and Sealer.
Can you install this over carpet? I am building a home gym, and wonder how this will work if placed over carpet. I will be placing a squat stand/bench and barbell with bumper weights on it.
Our 3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles can be installed over a commercial grade, low pile carpet with ease. When placed over plush, residential carpet with a thick pad, these tiles can separate a bit creating a tripping hazard. This is due to the thick pad being depressed under the flooring. You can still install these tiles over this type of carpet, but we don't recommend it.
can I put heavy gym equipment on this floor and can I lay it directly on cement
You can drop heavy weights and equipment on our 3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles. This thickness is the most common thickness used in commercial gyms. These tiles can be laid directly on cement.
Are these easy to cut? I have support poles in the basement that are round. Suggestions on what to do when I get to them.
You can cut our 3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles very easily with a sharp utility knife and a straight edge. Make sure you follow the cardinal rule of measuring twice and cutting once.
Are the Sport Lock rubber tiles porous or non-porous?
Our 3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles are semi-porous. These tiles will not allow water or other liquids to flow through to the subfloor, but can over time allow liquids and salts to get in the floor.
Can I use this 3/8 in my garage and be able to park the car on top of it?
You can install our 3/8" Sport-Loc Rubber Tiles in a garage, but we wouldn't recommend it. Since these are tiles, there is potential for the tiles to come apart during certain moves when driving into your garage. If you just pull in and out of your garage, installing these tiles would work just fine, but if you turned the wheel for any reason, then the tiles would have the potential to come apart. Parking a car over the tiles will not damage the tiles in any way. The only issue that you may run into is that if your car were to leak oil, that over time the tiles may break down. To prevent this, we recommend installing our Nitro Rolls or one of Auto Floor Guards mats under your car.
We are interested in using these for an exercise room near a pool, so swimmers will be coming in and out to drop off equipment. We love that these will help avoid slipping. Do they dry quickly (we worry about mold growing from damp, dark areas)?
Our 3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles do dry fairly quickly as long as there is good ventilation. Our rubber flooring is mold and mildew resistant, so that wouldn't be a concern unless there were some food or other organic matter on or under the tiles. Water may get under the tiles, so if that were to happen, we would recommend pulling the tiles up periodically and drying them under the surface.
Is it possible to or recommended to put some type of sealer on the tiles?
You don't have to seal our 3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles, but if you wanted to you can with our Rubber Floor Finish and Sealer.
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