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Ribbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.4 / 5
Ribbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship
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Customer Rating 4.4 / 5

Customer Questions

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Hi, We would like to put the carpet tiles over small tiles that have a wide grouting between them that dips a little inbetween. So it is not an even surface. Would this cause issues with installation as well as the final product?
Our Ribbed Carpet Tiles can be installed over tile with wide grout lines. As long as the grout lines and the seam of the carpet do not occur in the same area, you will be fine. An underlay can be used over your tile flooring making your installation of your carpet tiles worry free.
We're putting these over a concrete slab with residue from linoleum tiles. What ind of padding would we need between the tiles and the floor. How would the padding stay affixed to the floor?
The best type of underlay under our carpet tiles is a rubber underlay. To affix this or any other underlay to your concrete slab, we recommend using double sided tape or free floating it.
I plan to lay these carpet tiles over a rustic wood floor. When I remove the tiles, will the adheasive easily clean off the wood flooring?
Ceslie Armstrong
The adhesive on our Ribbed Carpet Tiles is a releasable adhesive, but can leave a residue behind on the floor. To remove this residue you can use Goo Gone or WD-40 to help remove the residue. You then wipe up the area with a dry cloth. Repeat this method until the residue is gone.
Looking for flooring for upstairs in our cabin in Alaska. At this time we are keeping cabin above freezing when we are not there, but that may change. Would the adhesive hold up to freezing?
The adhesive on the back of our Ribbed Carpet Tile will hold up to the freezing temps.
Can this carpet tile be installed over an underlayment?
Our Ribbed Carpet Tiles can be installed over an underlayment. The only type of underlay we don't recommend under these tiles is carpet padding. This is due to the thickness and softness of carpet padding. It can cause the tiles to separate which can cause a tripping hazard.
I'm looking to install carpet tiles on 2 walls in my showroom to hang plaques with velcro so they can be easily put up and taken down when needed. The wall is a rough textured surface. What is the best way to hang the carpet tiles on our walls? What would you recommend to make sure the tiles adhere to the walls?
Trophy Shop
To put or Ribbed Carpet Tiles on the wall you will want to make sure the wall is clean of any dust and dirt. Next, you will want to place the tiles on the wall and take a roller and apply pressure to the tiles on the wall; This helps ensure the adhesive bonds to the wall. If the initial amount glue on the back of the tiles is insufficient for your application, we would recommend applying a spray on pressure sensitive adhesive to the wall and repeating the process of rolling the tiles to the wall.
Hello, thinking of doing my garage/man cave with these tiles. how well will they stick to the bare concrete floor? also, how will do they do if we drive a dripping wet vehicle into the garage, will the get moldy? how well bonded to the floor are they if we turn the steering wheel and the tires twist?? will they pop out ? how easy are they to vacuum if get saw dust on them?
Our Ribbed Carpet Tiles will stick to concrete, provided that the concrete is clean. They will not mold, however, these are not typically recommended for use where a car would drive over them.
Are these tiles Green Label or Green Label Plus certified for indoor air quality by the Carpet and Rug Institute?
These tiles have not been put through the CRI testing certification.
These are going to go in a locker room setting. Sometimes after practice our feet are wet and we will return to our office. Will these hold water or will they dry quickly?
These tiles are great for low traffic spaces where feet may be wet and they won't hold water.
Can you place these carpet tiles directly over a plywood subfloor?
You can place our Ribbed Carpet Tiles over a plywood subfloor.
can you put the ribbed carpet squares directly on top of OSB subflooring?
crystal fields
Ribbed Carpet Tile can be installed directly on top of OSB subflooring.
I need 12" X 12" tiles are they available ?
carol luna
Our Ribbed Carpet Tiles only come 18" x 18" but if you need a 12" x 12" tile we do have our Berber Carpet Tiles that are that size.
How to clean and what type of cleaning product?
Our Ribbed Carpet Tiles can be cleaned like any other carpet. We recommend vacuuming the carpet on a regular basis to keep your carpet free of any dirt or debris. We also recommend using a carpet shampooer from time to time to keep your carpet looking like new longer.
Can it be direct glue down over sealed concrete?
Our Ribbed Carpet Tiles have an adhesive backing on them, so no extra adhesive is required. But if you would like to add more adhesive, you can. These tiles can be installed over a sealed concrete subfloor.
Can your carpet tiles be applied to concrete basement floor with hot water heating tubing in it? Will the heat affect the adhesive or the carpet?
Our Ribbed Carpet Tiles can be installed over a concrete basement floor with hot water heating tubing in it. As long as the subfloor is free and clear of any dirt, dust, and debris, these tiles can be installed over pretty much any flat surface.
do these have glue on the entire back of them or are these ones you use the glue pieces to put 4 together at the corners?
jan miller
These tiles have adhesive on the back of the tile.
Can this be placed over a uneven concrete basement floor?
You can, but you will likely experience telegraphing of the subfloor's imperfections.
Can these be used in a garage and be driven on?
Steve Jordan
These are not typically recommended for use where a car would drive over them. We would recommend choosing one of our higher traffic rated peel and stick carpet tiles for this use.
can these tiles be placed over existing carpet?
It would be best if these adhesive carpet tiles were installed over a flat, level and dense surface.
I would like to install this carpet in my basement. I previously had some old carpet tiles in the basement and when I removed them they had white possible mold on the backs. Can these tiles be installed in a damp basement ? Should I pretreat the floor first?
You can but we would recommend putting down a vapor barrier over the concrete or sealing your floor first.
Can these work on deck wood that our Florida room floor is?
These tiles should be able to stick to a wood deck.
Can ribbed carpet tile be placed over painted concrete basement floor?
These tiles can be installed over virtually any subfloor that is clean and level.
Can these carpet tiles be installed over an existing indoor glue down carpet in an office? Removing the existing over plywood is very difficult.
We would recommend choosing a product with a more commercial type glue down application for that purpose.
If I needed to cut part of the carpet for an exact fit, would I be able to do so and what tool could I use to get it done with?
Yes, these tiles can be easily cut using scissors or a sharp utility knife.
The concrete on our porch is not smooth. It has a gritty finish like sandpaper. Will these carpet tiles adhere well to that type of surface?
We usually recommend the smoother the surface, the better.
We will be using this product at an FAA facility, do you have product and safety data sheets available?
We would recommend using a commercially rated carpet tile for your application, our Ribbed Carpet Tile is only a residential rated tile.
I want to put the carpet tiles on my front porch, but it is just plywood. What can I put down ahead of the carpet tiles to ensure they adhere to the floor?
Anthony Canevaro
These tiles have a peel and stick backing and will stick to the floor on their own.
How stain resistant are these tiles? In particular, pet accidents? Thanks!
They are stain resistant but they are not stain proof. Mild pet accidents should be fine and easy to clean up. If not, tiles can always be easily replaced.
Do the carpet tiles come with padding?
Mariesa hess
No, these carpet tiles are not padded.
Can you tell me how well these tiles do on radiant heated concrete? How will this impact the adhesive knowing floor temps can get pretty warm? I’ve seen old floor tiles raise the adhesive through the seams but not sure if that is just the wrong spec or simple old adhesive technology.
Our peel and stick carpet tiles are suitable for installation over radiant heat flooring. The adhesive should not come up through the tiles.
Hi, I am planning to install these tiles over ceramic/ porcelain tiles in the basement/ kid playroom of an apartment I am renting. When I'll leave the apartment, I will have to remove the tiles, how difficult will that be? Is there going to be a lot of adhesive on the porcelain/ ceramic tiles below?
The adhesive on our Ribbed Carpet Tiles is a releasable adhesive, but can leave a residue behind on the floor. To remove this residue you can use Goo Gone or WD-40 to help remove the residue. You then wipe up the area with a dry cloth. Repeat this method until the residue is gone.
Can this carpet be used in garage ?
Yes our Ribbed Carpet Tiles can be used in a garage. They are resistant to staining and oils. If a tile does become damaged you can easily remove and replace.
what is the thickness of the tile carpet
Thickness - ~1/4" pile height
I'm looking for a carpet that is ok for a bathroom floor. Something that is mold resistant what do you suggest?
Duane C Charles Watt
This carpet tile is mold and mildew resistant, suitable for a bathroom installation.
how are these with liquids does it go through to the floor
Since there is no true backing on these tiles, there is nothing stopping liquids from flowing through the tiles.
Is there an edge transition strip to use on an open edge?
We do not have an edge transition for this tile since they are very thin.
I’m planning to install these tiles in my garage.. will the tile lift with the pressure from car tires turning on the floor. And will the tiles be easy enough to lift if I had to change one in the future
Rich Sanossian
You'd want to refrain from turning your tires on the floor as that can potentially move the tile. You will be able to easily remove by hand by starting at one corner of the tile and lifting up.
I have to replace the carpet on my above ground aluminum pool decking would the ribbed carpet stand up to large amounts of water and weather?
Joan M Fischer
These tiles will be fine with water however may fade over time in the sun.
Will the ribbed carpet tiles stick to an OSB sub-floor that has a floor primer on it?
Our Ribbed carpet tile can be installed on OSB board. We'd recommend testing a small area with the floor primer first before doing the whole floor.
Are these tiles soft enough for children's bare skin? These would go in a reading area for my daughters and they often have bare legs and feet.
Yes, this tile is often used in children's rooms by our customers.
Can theses tiles be cut to fit in a closet
Yes these tile can be easily cut using a pair of sharp scissors or a fresh utility knife.
Would these tiles be suitable for an old pontoon boat floor?
These tiles are not fade resistant so they will lose their color over time.
Can this carpet tile be installed in a RV?
Is the carpet on a rubber backing? Does the entire back have adhesive?
This peel-and-stick carpet does not have a rubber backing. There is adhesive coverage on majority of the backing.
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