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Hobnail Carpet Tile - Overstock Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.8 / 5
Hobnail Carpet Tile - Overstock
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Customer Rating 4.8 / 5

Customer Questions

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I see grey tile in some of the photos, but I don't think I see it as a color option. Is the grey I see in the photos the "gunmetal" color?
The grey color you see in the photo is Gunmetal . Due to lighting and the direction in which the carpet is laid determines the brightness of the carpet's color.
Do you know how many ounce carpet these squares are? We generally use a 26 ounce carpet in our halls and we are looking at this as an alternative possibly.
Granite Management
Our Hobnail Carpet Tile is a 14 ounce carpet.
Can these be installed on a wood deck around a swimming pool? Does water drain easy thru them?
Carol Wendte
These tiles can be installed on a wooden deck. They will not hold or absorb water.
Im looking for a tile for my basement.Does this tile Have a rubber type backing?
Hobnail tiles do not have a rubber backing but work wonderfully in a basement.
will these hold up in an outdoor setting with rain and running water
Our Hobnail tiles are approved for outdoor use.
My new construction home in MA is almost finished and I'm planning on adding a basic rec. room in the basement that will have a ping-pong table and exercise equipment. Are these tiles a good option for putting directly over the basement concrete floor or would vinyl planks be a better choice? I love the price point and ease of installation of this product and I think the carpet tiles look pretty good, too.
These carpet tiles can be laid directly onto concrete.
Our basement currently has old linoleum tile. Could these carpet tiles be installed over the top?
Wesley Westhoff
As long as your subfloor is level, clean, and has no major issues you should be fine to install these over as you please.
would these be appropriate for a garage floor, i.e., would they hold up to being parked on?
Tami Schaible
This would work fine.
How are these on accumulating static?
Our Hobnail Carpet Tiles would accumulate static at the same amount standard carpet would.
What is the dimensions of one box of 16 tiles?
The box size for one box of our Hobnail Carpet Tiles is 20" x 20" x 5".
Can these be used in a garage over concrete? We keep our garage very clean but do park 2 cars and a golf cart in the garage.
Our Hobnail Carpet Tiles can be installed in a garage and can be driven over. They are very easy to clean with a vacuum, broom or hose.
Are these safe to use as an area rug over hardwood floors? Will the hardwood show damage after they are removed?
Since these are peel and stick, a residue may remain on the floor if removed. Instead of adhering directly to the wood floor, you could use carpet tabs to 'float' the tiles as an area rug.
Can you tell me if this can be laid over a padding of any sort? If so, what thickness is recommended and what type of pad material is best for this adhesive to adhere to?
Typically these tiles are installed directly to the subfloor without any padding.
I'm looking to use these tiles to replace an old carpet in a bedroom. We'll pull the existing carpet and carpet nails. Do I need an pad or liner if these are going onto plywood? If yes, what type of liner?
These tiles are typically installed directly to the subfloor.
Is a subfloor needed when installing over a wood deck with slats?
Typically you want to have a smooth, level surface to install over
Can these tiles be laid on top of your 2 mm underlayment which would be installed over a flakeboard subfloor?
These self adhesive carpet tiles would be suitable for installation over 2mm underlayment over your subfloor.
I am installing this flooring in a small restaurant dining area. I was wondering if you think it can handle that kind of traffic?
The Hobnail tiles are durable, but not built for high traffic environments, so you may have some issues.
What is the thickness of the Hobnail carpet tiles?
Hobnail carpet tiles are ~1/4" thick.
Can I install a moisture barrier underneath the carpet tiles, i.e. vapor barrier? Will that cause any issues with the tiles adhering? I sometimes have moisture coming up from the concrete slab in the basement and want to be sure no mold and mildew will grow underneath.
You should be fine to adhere these tiles directly to a moisture barrier.
Are these thick enough to lay over tile floors or will the grout lines eventually show through?
These would not be suitable for that application.
Are these machine washable? If you pull them up will they restick in place?
No these are not machine washable.
Could these be used as temporary flooring over old carpet? Would they leave a residue on the old carpet when removed?
This would not be recommended.
Most of your answers suggest that these tiles should be applied directly to a sub-floor. However, would it work just as well to apply these over the 2mm foam underlay? I'd like to have some additional insulation over the cement floor.
These tiles can be installed over virtually any subfloor that is clean and level. That should work fine.
Could this be laid over your silent silver underlayment? I am putting this in a concrete floor room and would like to provide a little more cushion and added warmth.
Yes, the tiles can be put over a thin foam underlayment.
Is this product low VOC?
How difficult is it to remove these from a concrete floor? I rent a house and was thinking about them for part of the basement, but when I move out I would probably have to uninstall them. I wouldn't mind unless it would be long/tough process.
These tiles can be pulled up / removed without too much difficulty.
will these tiles hold up in our harsh Canadian winter in an outdoor setting
These tiles have been approved specifically for outdoor use and should be fine in your setting.
Can these tiles be installed on top of existing low pile carpet, which is glued to the basement cement floor (hard to remove).
We don't recommend that. You can place a plywood or OSB subfloor over top of your existing carpet flooring then put the tiles on that.
Can I install these carpet squares on a porch? The deck of the porch is made of pressure treated wood.
Yes, these tiles are great for outdoors.
Can Hobnail Carpet Tile be installed on top of deck boards? Outside deck?
Jacob Craven
Will water seep through these or will it pool up on top?
These tiles are permeable and do not have a backing layer that would stop liquids from seeping through.
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