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AcoustiCORK R60 Underlayment Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
AcoustiCORK R60 Underlayment
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$363.00 Roll
reg: $1.21 sqft
roll $484.00
Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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Do you make an underlayment that insulates to keep the cold from coming through the floor
Our AcoustiCORK R60 Underlayment does help to insulate your floor from cold air coming up from your subfloor. The R value, or insulating factor, for this product is 3.125.
We have a condo with concrete floors between the units and we keep our condo rather cold (68 degrees) and the lady below keeps hers rather warm causing her ceiling to get soggy and her paint bubbles. can this product help? can we put 2-3 layers down?
Underlayment can help with some heat transmission, however, this sounds like there may be other underlying issues happening. We recommend contacting your condo association to discuss this issue.
What is the main difference between 6mm Eco-cork and Acoutic cork R60?
david e barber
6mm Eco-Cork Sheet comes in sheet sizing, at 24" x 36", one order equals 25 tiles. AcoustiCORK R60 is a rolled underlayment that is available in 2 sizes. Both would need to be adhered with a urethane adhesive and a vapor barrier would need to be added as well. We do not have sound test ratings for the 6mm Eco-Cork Sheet Underlayment.
Can the AcoustiCork R60 product be used under carpet if I'm looking to reduce sound transmission between floors or do you have a different product you'd recommend for undercarpet applications. This is for a residential wood subfloor application.
For broadloom carpet rolls, foam pad is the recommended underlayment.
Does it need to be glued even if you have a wood subfloor? I want the best sound muffler.
You don't have to glue our AcoustiCORK R60 Underlayment. Depending on the type of floor will determine the type of installation recommended.
Can I use AcoustiCork R60 underlayment under vinyl plank flooring?
Snehal Patel
You can use AcoustiCORK R60 Underlayment under vinyl plank flooring.
I am purchasing about 100 SF of Berber Carpet Tiles for my RV. Will this AcoustiCork R60 work under the tiles?
You can use AcoustiCORK R60 Underlayment under carpet tiles.
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