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12mm Pre-Cut Rubber Underlayment Questions & Answers

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12mm Pre-Cut Rubber Underlayment
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

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While looking at the 6 and 12 mm rubber underlayment, it's recommended for sound suppression, would the regular pre-cut rubber rolls or the heavy duty rubber rolls (I was thinking 3/8") also help with sound? I am on a second floor condo and would like to install this under carpet to block sound from below and not have my footsteps or running around bother the 1st floor neighbors. Thanks, love the site!
Our rubber rolls do help to reduce sound from traveling from floor to floor, but our rubber underlayments are specially designed and tested for noise reduction. The underlayments are recommended for this use. Glad you love our site. We love it too!
Can this be used under carpet?
Yes, rubber underlayment can be used underneath carpet.
What is the density of this rubber for carpet purposes? The guides I have read suggested 19-22lb density for slab rubber under carpets.
The density is 47 lbs per cubic ft.
is this rubber underlay suitable to be used in an outdoor (frequent rain exposure) location glued down, to a painted wood surface, with outdoor carpet tiles glued on top of the rubber underlay?
Our rubber underlayment has not been tested for use in outdoor applications.
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