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Vented Grip-Loc Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.9 / 5
Vented Grip-Loc Tiles
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Customer Rating 4.9 / 5

Customer Questions

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Can these be used over a deck that is covered with rolled roofing material? There are slight raised seams where the rolls overlap.
Our Vented Grip-Loc Tiles can be installed over a deck is covered with rolled roofing material.
Can vented drain tiles be installed over crushed gravel?
mike pons
Our Vented Grip-Loc Tiles can be installed over crushed gravel that has been compacted and is flat. There is still potential for the tiles to get embedded in the gravel if a car were to be driven over them, but they can be installed over it.
I'm deciding between these and the vented grid loc tiles. They look very similar. Is the main difference that these are mildew and mold resistant? Do they have the same feel (walking on) as the vented grid loc tiles for the garage?
The main differences between our Vented-Grid Loc Tiles and our Vented Grip-Loc Tiles are the colors and that the Grip-Loc Tiles are made to be used outdoors and are UV stable in direct sunlight. They are both mold and mildew resistant and hold heavy loads. They are both installed in the same way and can be installed together.
I have a slate walkway and steps to my front door. Unfortunately, the walkway slopes slightly down to the first step. Despite drainage grates on either side, water still collects there and it can become very slippery. Would it work to install these tiles in that area?
Linda Roberts
Our Vented Grip-Loc Tiles can be installed on a sloped walkway to create a slip-resistant surface to walk on. These tiles are vented allowing water to flow through the floor, so water will on pool on top of the flooring surface.
Can these tiles be installed on a rooftop under artificial turf and stay outdoors during all seasons?
Martin Lange
We don't recommend installing our Vented Grip-Loc Tiles over an EPDM roof since the tiles do have the potential to damage the roof, but people have used them on these types of roofs with much success. These tiles can be used outdoors all year long and are UV stable ensuring the color will not fade drastically in direct sunlight. Since they are vented, they will not impede the draining ability of the turf during rainstorms.
How well do these stand up to bleach and cleaning?
The use of bleach will not damage our Vented Grip-Loc Tiles. These tiles are very durable and are resistant to most household and vehicle chemicals. These tiles are very easy to clean. The best method for removing debris from the tiles is to use a hose.
We need to add to our driveway. Would these tiles be sturdy enough to park a car one?
Can these tiles work for parking
You can drive a car over our Vented Grip-Loc Tiles. These tiles are made from the same material as all of our hard plastic garage tiles.
How do you cut these tiles?
Cutting our Vented Grip-Loc Tiles is very easy. When you come up to a wall or object, don’t worry. Just measure the area and cut the tiles with a tile cutter or a power saw with a fine-toothed blade and put the trimmed tiles into place.
How much will these expand with a 60-degree temperature rise?
kim kuhn
Our rule of thumb for expansion and contraction is that a product under extreme conditions would expand or contract up to the thickness of the product. So for this product, we would say that the tile could expand up to a 1/2".
Can the vented tiles be used on inside shower floor?
You can use our Vented Grip-Loc Tiles indoors and out. These tiles are made from a harder plastic, so they will not be as comfortable as our other Grip-Loc Tiles.
Would this be safe to install under astroturf for pets?
Young Choo
Our Vented Grip-Loc Tiles would be safe to install under artificial turf for pets. These tiles are vented allowing for any liquid to pass through properly and will provide a solid base that will add support to your turf for you and your pets.
Do these tiles get hot during the day? I'm looking to go around a pool and will def utilize these as long as they stay cool.
Our Vented Grip-Loc Tiles will get warm in the sun but will be cooler than concrete in the middle of the day. The colors offered do not get as hot as darker colored tiles. To keep these cool, just spray them down with water every so often during the summer. Since they are vented, they will still be very slip resistant even when wet.
I need a temporary deck and a way to protect the grass, will this protect at least most of the grass under it?
Our Vented Grip-Loc Tiles will act as a barrier to protect the grass underneath it. Since these tiles are vented, the grass will still get ample sunlight and water. The only thing you will notice is that where the tiles impact the grass that there will be impressions of the tiles.
Can you install these on uneven surfaces?
shawn peterson
Since these tiles are only 12" x 12" and are hard plastic, installing them on an uneven surface may cause some installation issues. You may get some buckling at the point of unevenness, or the tiles may not interlock properly or at all. We would recommend using something to try and level the subfloor before installing these deck tiles.
Are the tiles easily taken up if need be?
Our Vented Grip-Loc Tiles can be easily installed and removed. When removing, we recommend using a paint can opener to remove the tiles if removing a tile in the middle of the floor.
I live in Montana. We have snow. Will this work?
Lee Muraoka
Yes, the Vented Grip-Loc Tiles can be used in snow.
Can these be used as a breathable sub layer under laminate wood floor in a basement for occasional water issues from low water tables and high rain issues?
Yes, our Vented Grip-Loc Tiles can be used under laminate wood floors.
I have a dirt walk way leading up to my deck. It gets muddy when it rains. Will these work on top of the soil if level
Yes, Vented Grip-Loc Tiles can be installed on top of leveled soil. Since these tiles are vented, they will allow water to pass through them.
do you still carry black? and are these tiles 1/2" thickness?
stan cohen
We do not carry black Vented Grip-Loc Tiles but you may see our Vented Grid-Loc Tiles which is a similar product that comes in black. Both tiles are 1/2" thick.
Which product do you recommend for a concrete basement floor that at times is damp. I never have standing water. Carpets get moldy and smell. I want something breathable and easy to clean.
Our Vented Grip-Loc Tiles can be used on the basement floor. These tiles are very easy to install and easy to clean. You could also look at our Rugged Grip-Loc Tiles, ProFlow Drainage Tiles & Designer Grip-Loc Tiles.
The vented tiles for around the pool. How are they to walk on barefoot?
Our Vented Grip-Loc Tiles are designed for use around pools, so walking barefoot on them wouldn't be an issue as they are comfortable to walk on. We would recommend getting a sample to see if you like how it feels underfoot.
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