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6.5mm Coin Flex Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
6.5mm Coin Flex Tiles
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$134.00 Case
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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Can Coin Flex be used on my boat deck?
glenn edward hageman
Our 6.5mm Coin Flex Tiles can be used as flooring on a boat deck. Since these tiles aren't UV stable, they will fade over time in direct sunlight. These tiles are great for this application as they are very easy to clean, are slip resistant, and will not harbor any mold or mildew.
What are the temp limits for this? Looking to do a screened in patio that sees temps down to -5 during the winter. Little to no rain gets in unless very windy then just a misting. Just want to make sure this isn't going to get real brittle in low temps (NW Ohio area). Thank you Troy.
Troy Butts
Our 6.5mm Coin Flex Tiles would be able to handle the conditions found in your screened in porch. These tiles are meant to be installed in garages which are typically not temperature controlled.
We have a basketball hoop in the garage (for the winter months). Will my boys be able to bounce the ball on the mat and continue to dribble if I install this as a new floor in the garage?
You can bounce a ball on our 6.5mm Coin Flex Tiles.
Want to put these in an auto dealers office. Can heels walk on this type of flooring and not puncture it?
Terea stewart
Heels will not puncture our 6.5mm Coin Flex Tiles. These tiles are made from a very durable flexible PVC plastic and can withstand not only the weight of a car but also can withstand the pressure brought on by a jack stand.
Do you need to glue these tiles in place?
Our 6.5mm Coin Flex Tiles are interlocking tiles and do not need to be glued to keep them in place. The weight of all the tiles interlocked together keeps the flooring in place.
Which tile is preferred for a residential garage, a soft tile or a rigid tile?
Any of our tiles can be used for both residential or commercial use. What type of tile a person goes with depends on what is going on in the garage. If you are using your garage as a shop where car jacks will be used, we recommend using our flex tiles as these are better suited to handle these without cracking. You can use a car jack on our hard plastic tiles, but you will need to place a plywood board or steel plate under the jack to diffuse the weight. Also, if you are going to be on your feet a lot in your garage or on the ground, we would recommend our softer flex tiles as they will provide you with added comfort underfoot. Our hard plastic tiles can be made comfortable underfoot and less noisy with a rubber underlayment. If you want to create unique patterns in your garage, then you will want to go with our hard plastic tiles. Also, if you have a car with performance tires, we would recommend our hard plastic tiles as they will not get stained by the tires.
Do these tiles expand and contract in heat and cold?
Our 6.5mm Coin Flex Tiles do expand and contract when hot and cold. To help mitigate the effects of this, we recommend placing a 1/4" perimeter gap around your floor.
What is the maximum temperature these tiles will tolerate, and for how long? Example: 200 degrees F for 6 hours, etc.
Robert Burleson
The melting point for PVC, which is the material used to make our 6.5mm Coin Flex Tiles is 212°F - 500°F.
I have some unusual bump outs in my garage, how easy is it to cut these 6.5mm thick tiles and what is the best method of cutting them?
Tricia Douglas
Flex tiles can be cut using a sharp utility knife or one of our tile cutters.
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