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Raised Grip-Loc Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
Raised Grip-Loc Tiles
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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Why are these for inside use only? I want to use them on my balcony over a rainwater drain so that I can place a plastic storage unit on top to allow for drainage.
evan borochina
We recommend our Raised Grip-Loc Tiles for indoor use because they are not UV stable so, they will fade in direct sunlight. You can use these outdoors but know; they will fade.
Thinking about using "Raised Grip-Loc Tiles" to line boat storage compartments. Are these easy to cut so that I can get a nice fit?
Our Raised Grip-Loc Tiles are very easy to cut to fit with a sharp utility knife and a straight edge.
For use in shower, are the Raised or Designer Grip-Loc tiles more comfortable to walk and stand on? How flexible are each of these? Are they a soft or firm plastic?
Gaynelle St. Julien
The Designer Grip-Loc Tiles would be more comfortable to stand on in a shower. The Raised Grip-Loc Tiles have a raised pattern on the top that may not be as comfortable underfoot. These tiles are very flexible as they are made from a soft EVA plastic. You can cut and fit these tiles to any desired shape easily with a sharp utility knife and a straight edge.
Other than the color dye fading, could these tiles hold up to long-term sunlight exposure? The EVA material seems (according to various other websites) to be UV resistant, and your own Grip-Loc tiles (also made from EVA) are recommended for outdoor use. I particularly want the raised texture for traction underfoot in my sailboat cockpit. If I don't mind the cosmetic degradation, could this product be suitable? Thanks.
Our Raised Grip-Loc Tiles are recommended for indoor use, but you can use them outdoors. Some EVA products feature a UV-resistance chemical that helps them keep their color in direct sunlight over time. Our Raised Grip-Loc Tiles are not treated with this and thus will fade over time in direct sunlight. Other than that, these tiles will perform exceptionally outdoors.
Is there a weight limit on your grip lock flooring system?
We do not have a specific weight limit on these tiles, but they can handle people, furniture and other items on them. They will not be able to handle a car on them, so we do not recommend using them in areas where a vehicle will drive over them or park on them.
Can I connect the "raised grip-loc" tiles with the "rugged grip-loc" tiles?
Ingrid Schroeder
You can interlock the Raised Grip-Loc Tiles with the Rugged Grip-Loc Tiles.
How big are the perforations?
The perforations in our Raised Grip-Loc Tiles is about a 1/2" wide.
I am looking for flooring for a low-impact workout space in my basement, but I currently have semi-plush carpet installed. How would these hold up being installed over the carpet?
You can install our Raised Grip-Loc Tiles over low plush commercial carpet with ease, but over plush carpet, these tiles may not perform as well. This is because when the pad under the plush carpet gets depressed, the tiles could separate creating a potential tripping hazard.
I understand they will fade outdoors in the sun -- but will they become brittle and break or crack?
Our Raised Grip-Loc Tiles will not become brittle, break or crack when left outdoors in the elements. They are very durable and will withstand all that Mother Nature can throw at them. The only thing you will notice is that they will fade a bit.
Can the raised grip-loc tiles be used on a silver tar rooftop?
You can use our Raised Grip-Loc Tiles outdoors on a tar rooftop as these are made from EVA, which is a softer plastic and will not damage the roofing surface. These tiles are not UV stable and have the potential to fade over time. Also, since they are made from a softer plastic, they will expand and contract a greater rate than our harder plastic tiles. Other than that, these tiles would work excellently and are very easy to clean and maintain. Also, they are more comfortable underfoot than our hard plastic tiles.
Can I used these raised grip tiles for dogs? Like a dog house, dog run, dog kennel and dog play area?
The Raised Grip-Loc Tiles are recommended for indoor use only and may not meet your purpose. For dog houses and play areas, you could use the Rugged Grip-Loc Tiles. These tiles are UV stable making them great for outdoor use, mold and mildew resistant as well as slip-resistant.
How thick are these tiles?
Anthony Byars
Our Raised Grip-Loc Tiles are 1/2" thick. You can find more product information on the "Details" tab on the product page.
Is the tile sturdy enough for outdoor court?
Our Raised Grip-Loc Tiles are not UV stable and hence are recommended for indoor use only. For outdoor courts, our Outdoor Sports Tiles are a great product and are very easy to install. Please see them here
Do you have any of these rubber tiles with larger square openings? We love yours better than the other products but need 1"x1" squares in order for the pool to fall through in the kennel.
Alicia Laster
Unfortunately, we do not have tiles with 1"x `1" squares.
What is the dimensions of the little squares inside the 12”x12” tile?
The little squares are 1/2" x 1/2".
How flexible is the Raised Grip-Loc Tile product? Does it feel more like a softer vinyl product or a rigid PVC product. I'm ALMOST ready to place an order . . . but hoping that the sample gets here sometime soon. Thanks.
Rebecca S. Johnson
The Raised Grip-Loc Tiles are very flexible as they are made from a soft EVA plastic. However, if you're looking for something more flexible, please see our Soft Flex Tiles which are made of a durable blend of flexible PVC.
Hi want to use this for animals. What are the dimensions for the open part of the grid?
We wouldn't recommend these tiles for animals since their raised surface may cause discomfort to their feet/paws. Please see any of our other flat-top tiles like Rugged Grip-Loc or ProFlow which would work best in this scenario.
What size are the tiles
Each tile is 12"x12".
Can I use this product to raise the floor of my shower for wheelchair accessibility??
Yes, you may use these in the shower. However, if you're looking for a ramp so the wheelchair could go up the floor, you may use our rubber floor ramps for this purpose.
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