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Rubber Pavers Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.1 / 5
Rubber Pavers
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Customer Rating 4.1 / 5

Customer Questions

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I would like to use these pavers to put under a pavilion that is 20x40 feet in size. It is used to have picnic tables under and right now there is only dirt for a flooring. Would these work without a concrete base? Kathy
Rubber Pavers can be installed without a concrete base. Please visit the Installation Info tab above for detailed instructions.
Can these be used in a driveway over cement?
glenda s antcliff
You can use our Rubber Pavers in a driveway over cement. The only thing you will need to be concerned about is if your vehicle leaks oil. Oil will break down the pavers over time. So if you do have oil leaking from your car, we recommend cleaning it promptly as not to allow it to affect the pavers. All you would need is to hose down the pavers with a mild soap and water solution.
Can you install rubber pavers around an in-ground pool?
John Shaw
You can install our Rubber Pavers around an in-ground pool. These tiles are made from rubber which is very slip resistant, even when wet. These pavers are also somewhat porous allowing water to not pool on top of the flooring surface. These pavers are also resistant to mold and mildew growth and very easy to clean and maintain.
Can I use the rubber paves to make a basketball court? How will this affect the bouncing of the ball?
You can use our Rubber Pavers as a basketball court. The tiles were not designed for this use, but a basketball would bounce on the tiles.
Are the pavers permeable?
Charles Boston
Our Rubber Pavers are water permeable.
Do you sell the paver edging as well?
Rebecca Bassett Nunery
A reducer can be purchased with our Rubber Pavers. This reducer is 2.5" x 39" long and is 7/8" thick. This reducer would have to be glued to the edge of the pavers. We recommend using our Polyurethane Adhesive or our Seam Sealer.
Do the pavers release any chemicals into runoff?
Our Rubber Pavers are safe and will not release any chemicals.
What color is shown in the stable? (Terra Cotta Regrind or Terra Cotta)
The image of our Rubber Pavers in the stable is our Terra Cotta color. No regrind colors are shown.
How big are your Rubber Pavers?
Our Rubber Pavers are 7-3/4" x 6-1/4" in size. They are in a dog bone shape.
What is the difference between Terra Cotta and Terra Cotta Regrind?
The Terra Cotta is one solid color whereas the Terra Cotta Regrind can have other colors in it as the base material is just scrap rubber material that can have any colors in it. Both products will perform the same and have the same great benefits. The only difference is the consistency of the color.
Can the rubber pavers be used under a swing set/play area?
You can install our Rubber Pavers anywhere outdoors and under swing sets/play areas. These rubber tiles don't have a fall height rating so they will not be the best choice under a swing set or play area. We would recommend using one of our Playground Tiles in these areas as they are fall height rated and will keep kids of all ages safe while at play.
What is the difference between the green and regrind green? thank you, r.thomas
Ron Thomas
The difference between the Green and the Regrind Green in our Rubber Pavers is the actual look of the pavers. The paver colors that state regrind has reground up rubber in them, giving them a less consistent color. In these pavers, you will see different colors of color flec. Our standard colored pavers have a consistent color to them. Both pavers are made the same way and have the same properties and are installed the same way. The only difference is color consistency.
Can you make a circular path to create around a 15' circular above ground pool?
You can create a circular path around a pool with our Rubber Pavers. You can cut our Rubber Pavers with a band saw to get the desired look you are wanting.
Can I use these pavers on top of a new roof?
You can install our Rubber Pavers as flooring on a new roof. These rubber pavers can be installed loosely or installed with double-sided tape or glue. They are water-permeable, allowing water to flow through them and under to allow your roof to drain properly.
Is it recycled rubber?
Our Rubber Pavers are made from the treads of recycled truck tires.
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