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Jamboree Playground Tiles™ Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.8 / 5
Jamboree Playground Tiles™
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Customer Rating 4.8 / 5

Customer Questions

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I'm planning on buying the 2.5 inch Jamboree tile for about 1000sq area. Can I install it over compacted dirt?
Our Jamboree Playground Tiles can be installed over compacted dirt or gravel with the use of quad blocks. These installation accessories are recommended for this thickness of tile.
We would like to install this on the bathroom/shower floors in our cabin. It can be very damp because it's a small area. Would the 2.5 in tiles allow for proper drainage and can these be cut to size?
Our Jamboree Playground Tiles are porous and allow water to flow through the tiles. So they will drain properly in your shower. We also do offer a wide range of shower tiles that you may be interested in on our drainage tiles page. Our Jamboree tiles can be cut to fit with the use of a large bread knife or band saw.
How do you recommend to install reducers and corners for 2-1/2" tiles? How to fix it in place? There is no way to use Blok connectors, so I am stuck with it.
To adhere the ramps and corners you will want to use our polyurethane glue or seam sealer. Just apply the glue to the side that butts up to the tile, press and hold and the ramp and corners will bind to the floor.
We are looking for something to place under a pool for our toddler. Unfortunately, our backyard has more concrete than grass and with 4 dogs, we do not want her on the grass in the backyard for obvious reasons and don't like the lack of privacy in the front yard. We let her splash around in a blowup pool, but she likes to get out now and then - so we need something under and around the pool so if she falls, she will not get hurt.
Our Jamboree Playground Tiles work perfectly for this application. Our Jamboree Tiles have a fall height rating, so if your little one were to fall, they would not be seriously hurt. Another great fact about our playground tiles is that they are made from rubber. Rubber is more slip resistant than concrete, and when wet, rubber becomes more slip-resistant making it the perfect flooring option around water. If the flooring were in direct sunlight, we would recommend going with a color other than black.
Is this easy to take up? We would probably want to take up yearly to clean and disinfect sufficient underneath since this would be inside a bathroom.
Our Jamboree Playground Tiles can be easily removed and replaced.
Do these tiles get hot in the sun? We're looking for something to put over a concrete slab that will be cool enough to go barefoot...San Diego...
The tiles when in direct sunlight will get warm under foot. Black will be the hottest color by far. To keep the tiles cool, you can run a hose over the flooring surface. Rubber is more slip resistant when wet, so the floor will not present a slip hazard for anyone at play.
Do these meet the requirements in the C.P.S.C's Public Playground Safety Handbook for safety/fall zones?
Our Jamboree Playground Tiles do meet the requirements for safety/fall zones.
Does this flooring system meet ASTM F1292 standard?
Our Jamboree Playground Tiles do meet all ASTM F1292 standards.
I am planning to put these in our playground. But that has stones laid out now. Do I need to make sure that all the stones are removed first ? Also I keep getting lot of weeds in that area. Once I lay this , will there be issue with weeds?
As long as the stones are flat, you can place our Jamboree Playground Tiles over them. If they are not, then you would need to remove the stones. Once installed, most weeds will die since there will be no sunlight and very little space for the weeds to grow.
Can I install the tiles on grass in my backyard?
Our Jamboree Playground Tiles can be installed over the grass in your backyard. We do recommend placing a weed barrier under the tiles to keep the grass from growing through your new playground flooring.
Can I install the tiles on concrete?
You can install our Jamboree Playground Tiles over concrete, and that is the preferred installation subsurface.
Can I use this floor for a tennis court setup in my backyard? Will the tennis ball bounce on the surface?
You can use our Jamboree Playground Tiles as a tennis court in your backyard. The ball will bounce like it would on a concrete surface on these tiles.
Can the jamboree mats work on paver with a swing set attached?
Our Jamboree Playground Tiles can installed over pavers. As long as the subsurface is flat, these tiles can be installed over it.
Can the tiles be installed over asphalt?
Our Jamboree Playground Tiles can be installed over asphalt. We do recommend not to install the tiles over fresh asphalt as the oils in the asphalt will break down the tiles over time.
Do the connectors create any unevenes at the joints? And, can these be left out over winter in the snow?
The connectors for the Jamboree Playground Tiles do not create uneven joints. The tiles will interlock tightly with either the dowels or quad blok connector. These tiles can be left outside all year long. They are made from the same material as your tires and will last in all types of weather.
Are the quad block connectors included with the order (if so how many) or are they purchased separately?
Quad Block Connectors are not sold with the flooring but have to be purchased. You will want to order the amount of Quad Block Connectors as tiles purchased.
Can these pavers be placed over a concrete walkway that missing some concrete in a certain area of it, where the ground is showing? And can they stand up to snow melt during the winter months?
Our Jamboree Playground Tiles can be installed over any flat, solid surface. As long as the flooring surface is flat and even you can install the tiles over a mix of concrete and exposed ground. These tiles are great in all types of weather and have been installed all over the US and Canada. Since these tiles are made from rubber tires, the snow will just melt off the tiles as the weather warms leaving the tiles just like they were in the warmer months of the year.
Can these be installed over crushed stone?
We recommend installing our Jamboree Playground Tiles over a solid flat surface such as concrete or asphalt, but these tiles can be installed over compacted crushed gravel.
Do you have any tiles thick enough to meet an 8' or 10' fall height?
The highest fall height rating our Jamboree Playground Tiles meet is a 6' fall height. To get a higher fall height rating, we recommend checking out our PlaySafe Interlocking Playground Tile lines.
Do these titles have any chemicals in them that require notification under California Proposition 65 like some of your other play ground tiles.
Our Jamboree Playground Tiles do not require notification under California Proposition 65.
How hard are the 1" tiles to cut? Built a swing set for my son, and it has a 6' diameter round tower with an open bottom. Would like to cover the inside area with this to prevent grass/weed growth.
Our 1" Jamboree Playground Tiles are fairly easy to cut with a band saw or large bread knife. If you use a bread knife, make sure you bring plenty of elbow grease to cut through them.
I am looking for something to lay down on a compacted dirt area in an outdoor weightlifting Gym. Will these mats handle the dropping of Dumbbells weights?
Our Jamboree Playground Tiles can handle the dropping of weights on them. They some of the thickest tiles we offer and will provide you with great shock absorbency.
Does the tile have enough air circulation? If water puddles and gets trapped underneath the tiles I don't want it to mold and create a mosquito hangout spot.
Depending on your installation, air would be able to flow under our Jamboree Playground Tiles allowing for quick evaporation of any water under the tiles. Since these tiles are made from rubber, mold and mildew will not grow on them. In most instances, there wouldn't be enough water pooled under the tiles to create a mosquito haven.
Can these tiles be installed outside over Durock cement boards which are attached together with special tape for Durock and thin set?
Our Jamboree Playground Tiles can be installed over Durock cement boards or any other hard flat surface.
What is the warranty on these tiles? Does it cover fading and discoloration?
Our Jamboree Playground Tiles have a 5-year warranty which is a manufacturer's warranty. It covers manufacturing defects. Our warranty does not cover color fading or discoloration. Since these tiles are painted, they will fade in direct sunlight over time.
How do you anchor down playground tiles? If a large storm, “a hurricane,” came through, how do they anchor to the ground?
The best way to anchor our Jamboree Playground Tiles is to adhere the tiles to a concrete pad fully.
Can the Jamboree Playground tiles be placed over a concrete patio to convert the area into a 6 month - 36-month-old playground area?
You can install our Jamboree Playground Tiles over any hard flat surface such as a concrete slab, asphalt, or compacted dirt or gravel. These tiles will provide ample fall height ratings for young and old alike.
Are the tiles waterproof? Do they come with a cancer warning?
Our 2.5" Jamboree Playground Tiles are not waterproof. They are porous on purpose as to allow water to flow through the tiles so that water does not pool on the surface of the tiles. These playground tiles were designed for outdoor use, so this is important when using these tiles in areas where kids will be playing whether rain or shine. This helps to ensure that the tiles won't create a slip hazard. These playground tiles are very safe and do not come with a cancer warning. All of our products are tested on a regular basis to ensure the safety of them for our customers.
Are corners and edges purchased separately?
We don't offer any corners for our Jamboree Playground Tiles. We do sell ramps for these tiles which would be the edges for this product, and they would be sold separately. You can cut these edges to create the corners around the flooring. To cut these tiles and the edges, we recommend using a sharp serrated bread knife.
When not in use for a playground, can we occasionally use to park a car on this? Can this flooring handle the weight of a car? Also, do we have to realign when turning the wheels?
You can drive a car on our Jamboree Playground Tiles. These tiles are durable enough to handle the weight of a car. The only thing you will want to be mindful of is if your car drips oil. Oil over time can cause the tiles to breakdown. When driving on these tiles, you don't have to realign when turning your wheels.
Can this be installed on top of concrete? If so, how is it glued down and will water drain?
You can install our Jamboree Playground Tiles over concrete. If you would like to glue these tiles to concrete, we recommend using our Polyurethane Adhesive. The tiles would still allow water to flow through them, and the water would channel out from under the tiles to the ground that surrounds it or to a drain. These tiles have feet that raise the tile in height. This allows for there to be channels even when the tiles are being glued to a subsurface.
Could you put a shed on top of these playground tiles?
You can install a shed over our Jamboree Playground Tiles.
I want to install these under a play set on a wood deck. Will these allow enough drainage that the wood does not rot over time?
Our Jamboree Playground Tiles are water permeable and allow water to flow through them to the subfloor below. If you are concerned about the wood rotting under the tiles, we would recommend placing a plastic sheet under the tiles with holes in strategic spots to allow the water to flow where you would like it to.
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